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Eugenia is a green space that provides a platform for creativity, recreation and networking

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Reimagining our future
Eugenia is a green space that provides a platform for creativity, recreation and networking

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An epitome of beauty. Cool breeze and awesome view. No words can marge enough to describe the place. seeing is believing 👍


Great ambience and good space,keep it up.


Affordable mbuzi deepfry. Accompanied by viazi tamu.


The best


What a wonderful place,relaxing & unwind at comfort gardens


Wonderful place,wonderful food,wonderful service,wonderful people! The place has my 100% recommendation.


I must first commend on the issue of space, the App doesn't require alot of it which s perfect for me 👏.It is user friendly basically anyone can comfortably navigate through it as it is so well guided through. Kudos to the developer for making our lives easier!🙌.


User friendly and elegant




Best park in kiambu county and its environs.i highly recommend it for anytype of occassions.kudos EUGENIA