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Pure 365 App is a service that provides water-related life information such as block chain-based water quality information, rate inquiry, and water supply information.

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Manage your online Crédit Mutuel Mobile in a few clicks!
Mettez votre opérateur mobile dans votre poche avec l’Espace Client Crédit Mutuel Mobile!Maîtrisez votre consommation- Consultez vos consommations voix, SMS, Internet, hors-forfait où vous voulez, quand vous voulez- Vous avez consommé tout votre forfait ? Rechargez directement dans l’application, simplement et immédiatement- Gérez en quelques clics les options souscrites sur votre ligne ainsi que vos abonnements SMS+ et Internet+ Mobile Gérez votre offre- Envie de nouveauté ? Changez d’offre ou de mobile à tout moment sans quitter l’application et en profitant de tous vos avantages (ancienneté, points de changement de mobile, etc…)- Accédez à tout le catalogue d’options de votre opérateur et activez les quand vous en avez besoin : option internationale pour les vacances, contrôle parental pour le premier mobile de votre aîné, …- Consultez et modifiez vos informations directement dans l’application - Consultez l’ensemble de vos facturesRestez mobile- Votre mobile n’a pas accès à Internet ? S’il s’agit d’un problème de configuration, votre Espace Client va le régler- Identifiez-vous une fois pour toute ou à chaque lancement de l’application : c’est vous qui choisissez- Gardez le contact avec..
Bright and fast flashlight. Front LED and screen light as a torch & blinking LED
About Flashlight A flashlight app with much more features. Turn on your flash quickly. Complete combination of most lighting devices in one app. Whenever you need light whether you are in dark and you need a simple flashlight or you are at party and you want a multi colour light or disco light for dancing. If you need to turn on the light fast, this app has a feature that allows you to turn on the flash with pressing both volume buttons at the same time, just like a physical flashlight with physical buttons.Features: 1. You can turn on the flash by pressing "volume buttons", even when you closed the app or screen is off! 2. You can turn the front LED on! (For devices with front flash). 3. Home screen widget for turning on the flash. 4. Screen light for devices without flash. 5. Fast flasher for parties! (Blinking flash). 6. Flashing with music (the light blinks with music beats!). 7. "Magnifying glass" with light. you can even use it as a periscope for watching under cabinets andin the..
Draw your signature on your device and export it for use in documents
Usa la pantalla táctil de tu dispositivo móvil para firmar y exporta la firma para insertarla en documentos
Appodixi is IAPR’s official app for verifying the authenticity of receipts.
Appodixi is IAPR’s official application, that enables citizens to verify the authenticity and content of the receipts from cash registers, that they obtain for their transactions in Greece.It can scan every receipt that contains a QR code. When a receipt is not transmitted or discrepancies are detected, users can send it to IAPR – anonymously or by name – for further inspection.
Summon Monsters like a boss with Master Summoner PFRPG 1e
Speed up summoning monsters in PFRPG 1eSupports Summon Monster and Summon Nature's AllyFind stat blocks easily, use the automated dice rollers, and track hit points easily. Use a wide range of options including Augment Summoning, Versatile Summoner and alternative Adventure Path summons.
Disposal in the city of Osnabrück is child's play with the OSB waste collection app.
Mit der OSB-Müllabfuhr-App ist Entsorgung in der Stadt Osnabrück kinderleicht: Wir erinnern Sie nicht nur, Ihre Mülltonnen rechtzeitig an die Straße zu stellen, sondern wir zeigen Ihnen auch mit unserem Abfall-ABC, was Sie bei uns loswerden können. Wir navigieren Sie zum nächstgelegenen offenen Recyclinghof oder Gartenabfallplatz, Glas- oder Altkleidercontainer.Um die App zu nutzen, brauchen wir lediglich Ihre Straße und Hausnummer. Ihre Daten speichern wir nicht, sondern sie dienen lediglich zur Feststellung des Abfuhrbezirkes bzw. des Abfuhrtages. Auch für Ihren Nachschub an Gelben Säcken haben wir gesorgt. Sie können sich Ihre Abholkarten bequem zuschicken lassen.Funktionen• Abfuhrkalender: Lassen Sie sich in verschiedenen Ansichten Ihre Abfuhrtermine anzeigen.• Entsorgungsstandorte: Wir bieten Ihnen in der Kartenansicht neben einer Umgebungssuche Informationen über die folgenden Standorte: - Recyclinghöfe - Gartenabfallplätze - Abfallwirtschaftszentrum (Piesberg) - Altglascontainer - Altkleidercontainer - Ausgabestellen Gelbe Säcke / städtische Müllsäcke• Erinnerungsservice: Auf Wunsch erinnern wir Sie über Ihren nächsten Abfuhrtermin.• Abfall-ABC: Sie wissen nicht wohin mit dem Müll? Das Abfall-ABC hilft weiter.• Gelbe Säcke / städtische Müllsäcke: Bestellung von Abholkarten direkt in der App. Übersicht der Ausgabestellen.• Ansprechpartner: Haben Sie weitere Fragen? Das..
Provides airflow calculations for residential buildings using BSC-01 2013
Provides airflow calculations for specifying mechanical ventilation in residential buildingsCalculates required airflow based on conditioned area and occupancy using Joe Lstiburek's BSC01 2013 Ventilation StandardThe effective airflow for installed fans is calculated using the nominal fan CFM along with duct configuration and controlsDuct configurationsThe configuration of the fan duct work, specifically the orientation of the supply and return ducts to each other, determines the effectiveness of ventilation system. The duct effectiveness is multiplied by the average CFM (See Fan Controls below) to determine the effective CFM delivered to the Conditioned Space.Fan ControlsThe user can set the controls for all installed fansControls options are: Always on or ProgrammableProgrammable controls can be specified in minutes of runtime per hour or hours of runtime per dayThe Fan's nominal CFM rating is multiplied by the runtime fraction (hour/24 or min/60) to determine the average CFM of the fan.Tap the Copyright label to send Questions, Comments, and Complains to Engineered Solutions
High-quality IP video camera surveillance from your phone/tablet to your browser
OwlCam is a simple and easy-to-use IP surveillance camera for your Android phone or tablet.You can use OwlCam to convert your Android device into a surveillance camera, baby monitor, pet monitor, or just a fun spy-cam.OwlCam lets you remotely start your Android camera video feed and view from a web browser on your computer, tablet, or another phoneover your WiFi network.OwlCam also optionally allows you to pinpoint the location of your device using GPS and remotely ring the phone (even if the volume was off).Features:* Stream high-quality video and audio from your Android phone or tablet to your browser* Audio eavesdropping* Toggle between front or rear (if available) facing cameras* Motion detection with email alerts (including a photo snapshot)* Find and pinpoint the location of your device using GPS* Ring your phone* Send text-to-speech messages to your phone* Secure login using your Google Id* Many more features planned!Simple instructions:1. Install the OwlCam app on your Android device2. Sign into the app using your Google account3. Open your Chrome web browser on any other device to and sign in using..
makes sign unique by there unique styles & colors.create easy perfect signatures
Feature of Signature Maker :👉 Fancy and High Definition Graphics👉 Support Smart Workplace for Save Signatures.👉 More the 150 signature Fonts.👉 Support Handwriting Drawing Signature.👉 You can easily Share your created Signature with friends.👉 Multiple Color Picker for Text and Background.👉 Supported all screen size and android devices.How to create a stylish signature.👉 Enter your Name/Text in Text box👉 Click/Tap on Create Button.👉 If you want to share currently created Signature by clicking/tapping share button and share it with your friends via social media or Message then use title of app (share button is on the Top of the Screen).👉 Choose a Signature Style/Font (You can also Change Signature Size, Color from menu).👉 If want make a paint or handwriting signature Click/Tap on manual button, choose color along with pen size, and then paint/draw your signature.👉 Style of Signature is change in different ways it can be change from CREATE button, <> Next buttons or it can be change by simply touching Signature, by long tap on Signature it will save current Signature in external SD-Card/ Phone Memory with in..
Cek kuota dan pulsaAplikasi cek kuota dan pulsa ini dibuat untuk membantu memudahkan mengecek kuota dan pulsa dari beberapa operator GSM yang umum di Indonesia. Operator yang disediakan diantaranya: AXIS, CERIA, FREN, INDOSAT, SMARTFREN, TELKOMSEL dan XL.Secara default sudah disertakan menu-menu pengecekan yang umum dibutuhkan. Namun jika ada menu atau perintah yang tidak atau belum ada, Anda dapat menambahkannya sendiri (cukup mengisi uraian dan memasukan kode USSD). Begitupula jika ada perintah pada menu yang kurang tepat, Anda dapat mengeditnya sendiri.Semoga bermanfaat. Terimakasih. :)## CATATAN ##- Tanpa aplikasi ini, Anda dapat melakukan pengecekan sendiri dengan mengetikan kode USSD pada menu Panggilan/Call/Phone smartphone Anda.- Jika Anda tidak perlu aplikasi ini, tidak usah di instal/download.- Jika takut kuota internet Anda terpakai sia-sia, tidak usah instal/download aplikasi ini.
Blockchain-based water quality information inquiry, fee inquiry and water supply information service
Pure 365 App is a service that provides water-related life information such as block chain-based water quality information, rate inquiry, and water supply information.
A service that provides real-time traffic information Busan Transportation, Busan (Busan Traffic Information) is.
부산교통정보(Busan Traffic Information)는 부산시 실시간 교통정보를 제공하는 서비스입니다.실시간 도로소통상황, CCTV 동영상, 버스도착 및 노선검색, 지하철 노선정보, 정류장정보, 공영주차장정보, 환경측정정보 등을 볼수 있어 종합적인 부산 교통에 관한 정보를 검색 및 확인할 수 있습니다.
사회적약자의 실종/사고, 응급상황 발생 시 무선(LoRa) 자가망을 통해 보호자에게 위치정보와 알람을 전송하는 안심 알리미 서비스 제공합니다.
스마트 안심알리미 앱은 각 지자체 부산광역시, 김해시, 양산시, 울주군에 설치된 로라(LoRa) 사설망을 이용하여 어린이, 치매노인, 지체 장애인 등의 사회적약자의 실종, 사고 등 긴급 상황이 발생할 경우 지급된 휴대용 로라 태그의 알람신호를 받아 보호자에게 앱으로 긴급알림을 제공 합니다. 태그의 GPS 신호를 이용하여 위치 정보를 실시간으로 확인할 수 있으며 긴급상황에 대한 대응을 신속하게 할 수 있는 서비스 입니다.- 대상 : 부산광역시 서비스 신청자 - 등하교 안심알리미 : 등.하교 정보 전송- 스마트위치 관리 서비스 : 위치관리, 안심/위험지역 알림- 지자체간 로밍 서비스 : 부산광역시, 김해시, 양산시, 울주군 4개 지자체에서 사용자의 타 지자체 이동에 따라 로밍 서비스 지원
Busan About 120 are available immediately call center services and chat services (counseling Tok) to.
부산광역시 120바로콜센터 모바일앱 사용을 진심으로 환영합니다.부산광역시는 보다 신속하고 친절한 민원상담 서비스를 제공하고, 시민 여러분에게 편의를 제공하고자 120바로콜센터 모바일앱을 제작하였습니다.부산에 관한 문의사항이 있을 때는 120바로콜센터 모바일앱으로 상담신청하여 주십시오.시민 여러분의 궁금증과 민원에 대해 늘 정성을 다해 친절하게 안내해 드리겠습니다.감사합니다.

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