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Babies have always been a major part of my life. My first job was as an interpreter and tour guide for American adoption groups in China while I was a first-year English student at a university. I would accompany groups of adoptive parents to orphanages to pick up their children. Following this, I’d bring them to local authorities & consulates to complete their paperwork. Nothing is more beautiful than the outpouring of love & joy on the parents’ faces when they first see their long-awaited babies. That feeling really sticks with you.

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Babies have always been a major part of my life. My first job was as an interpreter and tour guide for American adoption groups in China while I was a first-year English student at a university. I would accompany groups of adoptive parents to orphanages to pick up their children. Following this, I’d bring them to local authorities & consulates to complete their paperwork. Nothing is more beautiful than the outpouring of love & joy on the parents’ faces when they first see their long-awaited babies. That feeling really sticks with you.

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App keeps closing unexpectedly and deletes entire cart! And the app doesn't sync with the cart associated with account open through website. Very buggy and clunky overall. Wanted to like the app, just having a hard time actually making a purchase successfully 🙁


I just love the material. I always get compliments on the fabric and fit. True to size. It's so stretchy you can use it past the normal time frame


The app frequently crashes or won't show my profile options. Many times items in my cart are either doubled or completely removed without reason.


Wow. A good variety of outfits that are wearable for more than a few weeks! Styles & fabric patterns that are CUTE & in style on boys & girls. Not dorky-thank you! Very stylish


I love Kyte Baby, but the app is trash, at least on my Galaxy s21 ultra. My saves do not carry over to the website if I open my account elsewhere. Furthermore, it keeps doubling, tripling, or quadrupiling the quantity of items in my cart and it's a pain to constantly go back through and individually decrease the quantities back to 1.


Products are good, but for the price you would think that you could use your rewards when they have sales. I guess it's preferred to have a customer pass on a $400 purchase than to let them use their $75 in rewards. No sale it is. This really turned me off from the brand. Probably will spend the reward on bRe minimum and be done. Rewards with strings. No thank you.


I also was unable to check out using this app. The payment platform also allows for only one discount per checkout. Meaning if you're buying discounted items on sale you can't apply your rewards that you've EARNED by spending money at their store. Please fix this.


Amazing fabric, soft durable and so cozy. Shipping isn't a long wait, plus even if it was it would be worth it! By far the best clothing for my little girl.


Always buggy. Today they pushed a notification for a sale, but why, when the app can't even be used? It forces users to the Play store to update but there aren't any updates. Constantly having issues like this.


It needs an update, but won't let me do the update!! I also completed a purchase and got an order #, but all my items remained in the cart and slowly sold out over time. I had to email to confirm my order. Not great.


Love the products but the app never works for me. When I go to my cart it glitches and keeps flashing. I try to click checkout but it never works. 😔


Horrible app. I can never actually check out and get the 1k points you're supposed to get for using the app for the first time. Unable to delete products from my cart. The loading sign just glitches and the shipping protection box blinks. Poor quality for sure and customer service is not helpful when I reached out. This brand has great quality products but customer service is always rude and unhelpful. Order from the website 😆


Love love love this company and ALL their clothes and accessories. Such great quality. I have a Google phone and this app does not play nicely at all. I was unable to check out and was not able to delete items from my cart without a huge hassle. Hopefully they fix the bugs because the company is so lovely!


I can't check out and takes forever to load any changes to the cart. Very frustrating.


Having tons of issues with this app. Unable to delete items from cart without having to close app then open again and completely unable to checkout. . . Once you hit checkout you just stare at a circle chasing it's tail endlessly. Such a bummer.


The app is as seamless as the website when it comes to navigating throughout. Beautiful, descriptive articles of clothing and the pictures really do showcase the colors well.


Unable to check-out using the app. Any time I try I get the spinning wheel on the page. Unable to toggle off routine protection. Super disappointing. I tried to use the app on drop day for an LE print and the app seems to release the new print a minute later than the website which could be the difference between getting an item you want vs it selling out in that time. Able to use the app to browse and see my orders/points but that's it. Very disappointing and I hope they fix those bugs.


Route package insurance won't toggle off. I wish Kyte didn't promote this add on. On the app, it won't toggle off. So frustrating.


Very easy to use , love how this gives the option to redeem points ! Rather than having to use a computer to access the site , I can use it on my mobile app !


Seems alright so far. Would be nice if there was a way to sort out all the sold out stuff or if it at least wasn't listed before what is not sold out. Also, the little icons to show the colors/prints for each item are little photos of the product and not a close up of the solid or color like it is on the website, and it is REALLY hard to see what is what. Other than that, please order more short sleeve jammies in the limited edition prints. ☺️