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In today’s busy society it is a common sight to use mobile phones irrespective of age, young or old. Today’s society is moving away from the ability to watch or listen to news, songs or entertainment programs, current affairs programs on the radio or television while at home or on duty. But Sihala FM Radio have the opportunity to listen to and watch all these programs on their mobile phones. At the same time, Sihala FM’s primary goal is to preserve the declining values, civility and culture by providing high quality and useful programs to listeners and viewers.

En Listen to the conventional radio stream
• View upcoming song / program
Qu Request songs
Interact with radio programs
Live Chat
• Follow your favorite songs and programs
• Receive notifications on special events organized by the radio station

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First Presbyterian Church of Victoria
Sihala FM enables anyone anywhere connect to Sihala FM Live stream
In today's busy society it is a common sight to use mobile phones irrespective of age, young or old. Today's society is moving away from the ability to watch or listen to news, songs or entertainment programs, current affairs programs on the radio or television while at home or on duty. But Sihala FM Radio have the opportunity to listen to and watch all these programs on their mobile phones. At the same time, Sihala FM's primary goal is to preserve the declining values, civility and culture by providing high quality and useful programs to listeners and viewers.Features:En Listen to the conventional radio stream• View upcoming song / programQu Request songsInteract with radio programsLive Chat• Follow your favorite songs and programs• Receive notifications on special events organized by the radio stationNews


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