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Unlock the power of QR codes with our versatile scanning app. Seamlessly scan QR codes for instant access to information, websites, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to scan and decode QR codes, enhancing your convenience in a digital world. Discover a world of possibilities with the simplicity of our QR code scanner.

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RControl turns ANY alarm panel into a SMART security system.
Your alarm panel, only smarter! Turn any alarm panel into a SMART security system with the RControl mobile app for AndroidNote:The RControl application requires an M2M Services cellular communicator, properly connected and configured with your alarm panel, and valid account credentials. Feature availability varies based on system, equipment, and service plan. Contact your alarm installer or write to us at for more information. • Remotely arm and disarm your alarm system (supports Arm Stay, Arm Away and multiple partitions). • Monitor the status of your alarm system and specific zones.• Bypass zones.• Get real-time notifications for selected events.• Review 12 months of event history.• Open doors and control home appliances• Control multiple locations from a single account.To access a demo version of the application, please use the following credentials:User: demo | Pass: demo | Arm PIN: 1234
Smart tool is an All in One app and provide daily life functionalities.
♣ Smart Tools ♣ Smart Tools is the most useful and handy application which offers more than 20 tools like Flash Light, Compass, Ruler, Calculator, Speedometer, Sound meter, Stopwatch etc.Smart Tools, a multi measuring tool to measure everything you will ever need. It is a collection of different tools, that used in daily life. No need to download separate applications, Just download this All Smart Tools, All-in-one application. Currently, there are 20+ smart tools in one place to use easy.All Smart tools uses In-Built sensors of the device and provide most accurate measurements. It comes in handy for wide range of users from students to Engineering professionals.Smart tool is an All in One Application. You do not have to download separate standalone utility applications for your daily use. Using this application will save you a lot of device memory, time and effort.Smart Tools has beautiful design interface with functionality in just one small app.Smart Tools is the best smart tool box app offers more than 5 cool smart tools like Torch Light, Front Flash, Magnifier, Ruler, Thermometer and Mirror smart..
Download + Upload files to your mobile device using your PC web browser and WiFi
--No more USB cables!WiFi File Browser allows you to download and upload files to your mobile device by using your favourite web browser without the need of a USB cable.The application main focus is to deliver high speed file transfer to users.☆Many user reviews state that this is the fastest WiFi file transfer application☆Free version included features: ✔ Download and upload multiple files at the same time without any size limits (bulk download and upload) ✔ Upload compressed ZIP files that are decompressed on the device maintaining the original folder structure ✔ Data transfer statistics (Current session only in Free version) ✔ Browse your mobile device in both Details and Thumbnails view ✔ Open known file types directly in web browser (images, PDF, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) ✔ Manage your SD Card, Battery Level and WiFi signal strength ✔ Runs as a Background Service ✔ Non-english characters full support ✔ Supports all major ZIP applications (7-Zip included)Pro version included features: ✔ Hide files and folders from computer WiFi browser access ✔ Search files and folders from computer WiFi browser access ✔..
Check and verify root access on your Android phone or tablet.
Check Root Status is a simple app that allows Android users to check if their OS is rooted or not (Check for SuperUser/SuperSu).It will help you find out if the device is properly rooted so that you can have full access to your system. The benefits of rooting your device is the ability to flash custom firmware (roms) as well as enjoying the installation of Play store apps that need root privileges.NOTE: This app does not root your device or change your system files. It is used solely to check if your device is rooted or not.
★ Measure the sound level with Sound Meter application! ★
★ Sound Meter (SPLsound pressure level) is an app which can measure the actual sound level meter with decibels (dB). Sound meter is also known as sound level meter, decibel meter (dB meter), noise meter, sound pressure level meter (spl meter).★ It uses your built-in microphone and shows a reference. We had calibrated many android devices with the actual sound level meter with dB.★ You have to know that the built-in microphones were aligned to human voice (300-3400Hz, 40-60dB). Therefore the maximum values are limited by the hardware limitation, and very loud sound (100+ db) cannot be recognized.★ Remember that it's only a device for fun and please use it as an auxiliary tool.★ Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) according to American Academy of audiology:140 dBgun shots, fireworks130 dBjackhammers, ambulance120 dBjet planes taking off110 dBconcerts, car horns100 dBsnowmobiles90 dBpower tools80 dBAlarm clocks70 dBtraffic, vacuums60 dBnormal conversation50 dBmoderate rainfall40 dBquiet library30 dBwhisper20 dBleaves rusting10 dB – breathing★ If you have any problems, contact with
Follow the public progress of your process.
Aplicativo leve e gratuito para realização de consulta de andamento de processos que tramitam no TJ-RJ (Tribunal de Justiça do Rio de Janeiro).- Acompanhe a movimentação de seu processo;- Ideal para advogados, partes e servidores;- Consulta pública.
Share your wifi network with laptops, pc,mobile, table no required any root path
WiFi Tethering is the best app for sharing internet connections. One device to another device has no root requirement. Use this WiFi Bluetooth Tethering feature and easily share the internet in laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.- WiFi Tethering is the latest upgraded version but here the main difference is wifi tethering all almost all devices is supported. So easy and very fast set up a wifi tethering app for all apps that can access the internet- Wifi Tethering is the best way to connect your device to the internet. After connection completed this WiFi Tethering act as a portable hotspot.- This wifi tethering app is quick started after you can enable wifi tethering. You don’t need to switch the internet connection on your device.*In this App Main Features:- Share your internet connection Bluetooth & WiFi Tethering- Using this WiFi Tethering application you can able to easily connect and manage multiple connections- Connect wireless and share internet on multiple devices.(No any root reequipment)*How to use Bluetooth Tethering :- On tap click on Bluetooth Tethering.- Turn on Bluetooth Tethering.- Do Not turn off..
Turn your phone into a speedometer and speed alarm.
Android users rejoice. Your phone is now a fully functional analog/digital speedometer. At the same time the app is also a speed alarm to save you from speeding tickets.Speedometer FeaturesThis app is a GPS Speedometer for your smartphone. The features include:* Analog and digital speedometer based on your mobile phone's built in GPS* Supports different scales including Kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second, miles per hour (mph) and knots speed scales.* You can change this scale any time on the move.* This mobile speedometer also features a speed alarm. Set a speed cap and your phone will warn you.* You can enable or disable alarm* Great design and easy to use application on all popular mobile platforms. Features in detailSpeedometerThis mobile GPS speedometer features a fully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digital speed display. Analog meter shows speed just like your car's speedometer using a dial and a needle. Digital speedometer will show current speed in digital.Where to use?Either you are in a bus, train or any other public transport and wonder what is the current..
Prepare a new SD card for your Raspberry Pi - no PC required
Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Pi direct on your phoneno storage needed.- No PC required !- Write Raspbian NOOBS / LibreELEC (KODI) / Ubuntu SD cards without root- Can use internal / external SD card or USB card reader- Write while downloadingdoesn't use up GBs of space of phone- Safeby default does not delete files on SD- Read/backup SD card (this feature needs root)Can automatically download, and install OS to SD/USBMore details:- Download OS images direct in the app- Write Raspbian NOOBS / KODI SD cards without root - Write SD Card direct from custom .img file or zipped .img (root)- Backup SD card direct to a compressed zip file (root)No root required for:-Writing NOOBS based OS to SD Cards (NOOBS / NOOBS Lite / PINN / BerryBoot /LibreLEC KODI )-Downloading OS filesRoot required for:- Backing up SD card to a zipped .img file- Writing custom OS .img to SD CardsRecommended to use an OTG USB cable and a USB card reader.Twitter: @mikered
Easy to get universal Remote in a smart device via Universal Remote For DEN
Universal Remote For DEN Is app to easily transfer your smart device into Remote Control for DEN. Use the universal remote control to control your TV with your smartphone. It is easy and simple yo change the device into a TV remote with a simple tap. The app allows one or more Remote to use the different remote in different DEN Device. All in one montage of the remote controller with our app. Use one of your smart remote through our one and only Universal Remote control app. Place your choice smart Remote Control in your Mobile Phone with the different brands through Universal Remote For DEN app. An application which is allows users to change your smart device into a Remote Control for with simple gesture touch. Universal Remote For DEN is easy to configure by the following two-step. Once you have configured this app with your DEN Device it can easily be found in your smart device. App with you can get real DEN Remote with all the functionalities keys which an ordinary Sky remote control can perform...
QR Code Scanner.
Unlock the power of QR codes with our versatile scanning app. Seamlessly scan QR codes for instant access to information, websites, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to scan and decode QR codes, enhancing your convenience in a digital world. Discover a world of possibilities with the simplicity of our QR code scanner.

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