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HACKER is an exciting game that tells you in detail how to build your first computer. Solve logical equations, win the game with Them ! And all for one purpose, collecting your own virtual, but computer.

• Collecting the computer.
• Logical equations.
• Game Nim.
• Many more interesting things.


Welcome to Nail Salon! Choose a polish nails design in your FAVORITE color!
It’s a wonderful day at the nail salon in this whimsical nail design game. Start by taking your character to the spa for a lovely hand spa. Exfoliate your hands to remove dry skin, then treat with luscious moisturizers and natural oils. Buff your nails and prepare your cuticles for a precious and fun manicure. Choose from lots of different nail polish colors to paint your nails. Explore neon colors or try glittery looks. Paint each nail carefully and stay in the lines! Then, it’s time to design beautiful artwork for each nail. Add shiny decals and pretty studs. Paint on stripes or polka dots in rainbow colors. Top off each nail makeover with fun decorative charms to create a unique look all your own! You’re sure to be a popular nail artist in this girl’s game. Beautiful work, superstar! Product Features:- Nail spa and makeover- Lots of nail polish colors to choose from- Design fun decorations for each nail with various patterns and stylesHow to Play:- Tap to select colors, patterns, charms and decals- Swipe to paint nails and..
Video game for children that rescues ancient sounds of the chonta marimba.
Oí Marimbí is an adventure video game for children from 7 to 10 years old, it arises from the interest of rescuing the ancestral sounds of the chonta marimba, with the intention of providing new spaces to safeguard the music of the Pacific. The journey in Oí Marimbí begins when the player is invited by Marimbí, to cross rivers, estuaries and mangroves in search of an authentic marimba teacher. Throughout the tour, the player has the opportunity to practice and improve his interpretation, through the Oí method, following the advice and challenges that his teacher gives him until the player and Marimbí feel the progress in his interpretation and the appreciation from your teacher. Oí Marimbí offers a playful experience based on a learning process closer to the traditional methods of the Pacific and far from European musical annotation. The app can be found with these words: oí marimbi, oímarimbi, oi marimbi, oimarimbi, marimbi, marimba, chonta
Solve puzzles by placing tokens down to help you capture poachers!
RANGERS is fun for all ages! Each level presents you with a new challenge where you have to guide your ranger through an obstacle course to capture all poachers. Sound easy?It's not.In order to reach the goal, you have to place the tokens in a potentially correct order, take a picture and watch as the ranger moves and shoots nets to capture poachers. Look out, though! The poachers will be trying to capture the rhinos that may be present on some levels.WARNING! Some devices have issues scanning the tokens, so make sure you can scan them by printing the tokens available here: Tokens are currently only available for purchase in South Africa.PLAY THROUGH THE LEVELS!Solve your way through multiple levels of varying difficulty and unlock new maps!A TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY!Get a little help from your friends by solving maps as a group! Strategize and place the tokens together, as a group, to help get through the more difficult maps.
Linda is stuck in Datová Lhota and only you can save her!
Zlosyn Janáček nalákal Lindu do počítače a tam ji uložil a zahesloval. Zachránit ji můžeš jenom ty. Vrhni se do dobrodružství mezi soubory, ale dej si pozor na zákeřné viry! Hra navazuje na pořad České televize Datová Lhota.
Challenge your spatial reasoning skills with this game!
In this game, Doggo the origami dog takes players through exercises modeled after the folded paper test that is commonly used to assess spatial reasoning skills.In Folding Training the player will have to imitate a set of papers, folding a flat paper backwards and forwards.In the Test, the player will go through a series of questions, where the punched paper must be guessed from 5 different possibilities.Finally, in Master Mode, papers will be folded and punched procedurally, making the questions more challenging for the player.Paper folding is relevant to our daily lives, as we use this skill when wrapping a present, folding our clothes, making signs or envelopes, and doing paper crafts such as origami.
Lets explore with Abu and Nora to an adventure on learning Quran.
Welcome! Let's play and learn with fun!‘Rainbow Iqra’ is mobile game application to learn and read Quran. Iqra is a quick method to learn Quran and widely used within the South East Asia region. It consist of phonic method to construct words and pronunciation to learn Quran reading in a short time.
Learn and play! Drawings games for kindergarten kids and toddlers
🏆 Best Drawing App for your children🏅A ton of different fun pictures. This activities will keep your child entertained while developing creativity, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Our coloring game is great for both girls and boys of all ages and interests. It allows kids to color animals, dinosaurs, princesses, transport, aliens, sea creatures, robots and even more.Drawing game with different tools:★ Pencil★ Marker★ Spray★ Paint Bucket★ Textures and patterns★ Eraser★ Fun stickersThe game is designed to help your children to create beautiful draws in an easy way. You can always correct mistakes with “undo” button.DETAIL OF FUNCTIONS:- Simple interface, intuitive and suitable for children.- Different scenarios specially designed for them.- High quality color graphics.- Multilingual in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.- Melodies and soft background sounds.- And last but not least: All games are COMPLETELY FREE.☛☛☛☛Did you like Tiny Colors? ☚☚☚☚Please take a few minutes to leave us your comment on google play. In this way you will help us improve and continue creating FREE games for your children.If you are looking for children games for..
上毛新聞は、群馬県の地方新聞です。 上毛新聞のやぼうは、上毛新聞を普及させて群馬県内、 そして日本中の人々が上毛新聞を購読するようになるアプリです。
上毛新聞は、群馬県の地方新聞です。 上毛新聞のやぼうは、上毛新聞を普及させて群馬県内、 そして日本中の人々が上毛新聞を購読するようになるアプリです。 'シンブン'では、上毛新聞を集めることができます。 集めた上毛新聞を'フキュウ'で普及します。 目指せシェア率100%! まずは群馬県内の普及率を100%にしましょう! 'クイズ'では、群馬県クイズが遊べます。 たくさん正解すると、上毛新聞が発行する 子ども向け新聞「週刊風っ子」のキャラクター 「ピュルルン」のカードが手に入ります。頑張って全部集めよう! だいたいこんなかんじです。*アプリについてのお問い合わせなどは、全てRucKyGAMES宛にお願いします。
日本の47都道府県の1つ、山形を舞台にしたアプリです。 山形の特産品を集め、各地を山形にしたり、山形の各市町村のカードを集めよう!
日本の47都道府県の1つ、山形を舞台にしたアプリです。 山形の特産品を集め、各地を山形にしたり、山形の各市町村のカードを集めよう! ・しゅうかく 特産品を収穫してポイントを手に入れよう! 特産品は一定時間で出現します。  ポイントは各都道府県の制圧に使えます。 ・レベルアップ! 経験値を獲得してレベルアップしよう! 市町村カードを手に入れると、経験値を得られます。 一定量の経験値で、都道府県レベルがアップします。 レベルが上がると、特産品を収穫した時のポイントがアップします。 ・せいあつ ポイントを使って各都道府県を制圧しよう! 制圧することで、カードチケットが手に入ります。 日本全て制圧後、同じ都道府県を何度も制圧出来るようになります。 ・カード カードチケットを使って、市町村カードを手に入れよう! 合併前の市町村を手に入れると、平成の合併後の新市町村カードが出現するようになります。 ・ひまつぶし ミニゲームでポイントやカードチケットをゲット! 都道府県を制圧すると、ミニゲームが遊べるようになります。 ※平成22年(2010年)時点の市町村です。 2011年以降に合併・移行した市町村はカード化されていません。予めご了承下さい。山形県!!とどうふけんのやぼうシリーズの一つです。
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Learn how to build a cool computer!
HACKER is an exciting game that tells you in detail how to build your first computer. Solve logical equations, win the game with Them ! And all for one purpose, collecting your own virtual, but computer.• Collecting the computer.• Logical equations.• Game Nim.• Many more interesting things.


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