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Genius Quiz Game DESCRIPTION

Real-time Multiplayer!
Challenge up to 3 players, the last one standing with the most points wins.

Questions only for the Intelligent!
Discover an exciting collection of questions and answers on various topics. Test your knowledge with questions about:

Hundreds of Questions!
New and interesting questions added daily, keeping you engaged and learning new things.

Solo Mode
Enjoy casual question-answering without pressure and have fun.

Show off how smart you are!

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Challenge your intellect and learn with Genius Quiz!
Real-time Multiplayer!Challenge up to 3 players, the last one standing with the most points wins.Questions only for the Intelligent!Discover an exciting collection of questions and answers on various topics. Test your knowledge with questions about: Science.Geography.Art.History.Trends.Hundreds of Questions!New and interesting questions added daily, keeping you engaged and learning new things.Solo ModeEnjoy casual question-answering without pressure and have fun.Show off how smart you are!

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