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Main features of Music Downloader :

The App is free forever.
Support favorites function,fast favorite your love music songs.
Support download and play searched music.
More than a million high quality music tracks.
Powerful and fast download music engine, support downloading multiple music songs at the same time.
Download manager, easily manage downloaded music,you can play, delete, share, set as ringtone.
Wonderful play interface, support for playing online and offline.
All tracks are verified, and available for personal usage (not for commercial purposes!)

Music Downloader is provided by “”, ””.

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Need to play free music or download music whenever, anywhere? Download the Free Music Downloader App Now!Go & Download NOW! Enjoy in mp3 songs!Main features of Music Downloader:The App is free forever.Support favorite's function, fast favorite your love music songs.Support download and play searched music.More than a million high quality music tracks.Powerful and fast download music engine, support downloading multiple music songs at the same time.Download manager, easily manage downloaded music,you can play, delete, share, set as ringtone.Wonderful play interface, support for playing online and offline.All tracks are verified, and available for personal usage (not for commercial purposes!)Disclaimer:Music Downloader is provided by "", "".
Music Downloader can search music, download music, play music
Main features of Music Downloader : The App is free forever. Support favorites function,fast favorite your love music songs. Support download and play searched music. More than a million high quality music tracks. Powerful and fast download music engine, support downloading multiple music songs at the same time. Download manager, easily manage downloaded music,you can play, delete, share, set as ringtone. Wonderful play interface, support for playing online and offline. All tracks are verified, and available for personal usage (not for commercial purposes!)Disclaimer:Music Downloader is provided by "", "".

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This app downloads really fast BUT it is plagued with adds some you have to restart your phone to get rid of them a few artists it doesn't recognise I tried downloading bruno mars chunky and it never found the song and there are about 5 others I had the same problem but if it wasn't for the flooding of apps I would have given 4 stars


First song I put in ... Nope something happened with the server try again.. and again.. different song. .try again . Absolutely worthless. Unless you got this app to watch the ads it makes you watch and not download any music at all.. just watch ads. yay


Not willing to rate app as used to be amazing until they updated it and now its terrible. Long ads that pop up even when your listening to songs you want to download and again when you press download. Don't bother to download.. find a better app.


great app. free downloads on the music. I see people complaining about the adverts on the app but they forget that they downloading music for free. I think it's a small price to pay. Personally I think it's a great app and extremely easy to use


I wish I could give zero stars. Don't waste your time unless you really LOVE ads. A smart business model would be to allow your prospective customers to download several songs to make sure there aren't any flaws BEFORE bombing them with advertisements. I understand you have to pay the rent, but people don't like blindly paying for something that might not work properly. Give a small grace period so we can see if it works on our O.S.. No one wants to watch ten ads for one song.


Awful app, just AVOID!! Nothing but adverts every time it the app opened, everytime you try to download a song, the song is never downloaded but still got adverts in the way and they simply don't go once you click close in the corner, waste of time of an app, just adverts all the time..... joke don't waste your time and avoid the app!


Proper, proper music downloader. So far it finds the artist and song and gives me the option to download or play. I love that. Ads galore but I don't mind too much because I got what I searched for. Respect to the developers. I recommend your app to all. Thanks 😊


Music Downloader has revolutionized the way I enjoy music on my device. With its vast library and easy-to-use interface, finding and downloading my favorite tracks has never been simpler. I appreciate the lightning-fast download speeds and the ability to save music directly to my device for offline listening. The app also offers a variety of audio formats and quality options, catering to different preferences. Additionally, the built-in player allows me to listen to songs.


Best MP3 downloadwr there is. Quality is high and music comes out loud and not quiet unlike the other ones. Only issue I have is that on my Samsung phone I get to choose between 5 different servers when I look for a song, but using my redmi note 9 phone I only get 1 server to choose from to look for the same song. Not sure what is happening there. Could be a phone issue with the makers


I have used this app for YEARS and always gave this app 5 stars! Always had every song I searched for and downloaded to the files IN MY PHONE. Since a couple updates have happened, now you can ONLY download music to the app, there is no way to save it to your phone. It still has every song I have searched, but only being able to listen to the music, while in the app, online, is a total let down! Gave 2 stars because of the wide selection of music!


Brilliant. Have found everything that I have searched for. Download time is quick. I have downloaded albums/songs. Very easy to use and search for the music you want. It does contain Ads but they are normally short and sweet. I highly recommend this music downloader. I definitely give 5*. Never had any problems. Will continue to use 😉


I had downloaded this a few years ago then uninstalled. The major problem is it doesn't contain all the songs that I want to search, ads are bugging, and some songs that I've downloaded just play half. One advantage of this is that your downloaded songs would not delete themselves not like that other music downloader app that erases my music without my permission.


Well, the app does what it's supposed to do. However, there's ALOOOT of ads. I don't mind, because I get the songs I ask for. If there weren't as many ads, it would a 5-star rating. Also when I type, and make a mistake, it just doesn't do anything. My phone makes the click sound so I know I'm deleting something. But nothing happens. This also happens every now and then when I'm typing with no errors. The app is a bit slow, my clicks coming in a second or 2 later. But overall, I'd still use app.


I really love this app, I find all the songs I love and download them, the download process is super fast and I don't have to waste my time waiting for it to download, there is just one thing that I don't like and I'm sure others also find it annoying, the adds, there's just so many of them. The first few songs you download you don't have to watch an add that much but them bam, you have to watch an add everytime you download a song, whether it high quality or not. Please fix that, I really love


I saw 4* and thought I'd give it a go. Big mistake! I've been on android since it launched and I tell you I have NEVER in my life been bombarded with so many intrusive adverts! Full screen 45 second advert between every action or search with no skipping and then banners splashed everywhere on every screen. Appalling app. I uninstalled this without even getting to one song!


At first, it was acting a little weird. It would say that there wasn't a certain permission, or whatever. That my phone wasn't allowing it. But after a bit, it was working properly, and I was able to download the songs I wanted. Edit: I'm now trying to download more songs, and it's acting totally weird. It keeps saying that there's a new update needed, but every time I try "updating", there’s no update. Only two columns left, and I can't download what I want. Please fix this bug.


This app is disappointing now. I am tired of this app saying it needs updating whenever I open it and when I go to update, the option isn't there. It was great in the beginning. I like that it has most of the songs I wanted; but NO Beyonce songs. It says "no results for this search". Not one!! I used to listen to the music I download from the app itself and now when I select a song it won't play. I have no idea why and it's very frustrating.


Response 12/18: You didn't have the first 3 songs that I searched for, and they were pretty well known. I know you can link to a more comprehensive library of music than you currently have. It's just not good enough to install the app when you can get way more from the next free downloader. If you actually focused on UX by easing up on the ads, or change their timing, and having a deeper music library, you could own the other downloader apps out there.
Very sorry to hear that you don't like our app. Would you mind telling us what you dislike about it? Please write to us at [email protected]. We'll be grateful for your feedback.


Not even sure where to start with this one. Sound quality is good but when I looked up a song it came up with these weird songs I didn't ask for. I went to a different part and the song showed up but I couldn't download it. Not worth the time or energy. Also instead of the ad just being placed somewhere on the page it completely took over my screen and I had to wait to close it out.


the app that i was using before, the one you guys made impossible to use after displaying a popup you cant close? that was perfect. that app had so many songs, and i cant even change the download path so i cant play my old songs on the new app. just add the option to change the download path for it or make the old app accessible again, please, it was perfect before and now i cant use it