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WFP Operational dashboard
The United Nations World Food Programmesaving lives in emergencies and changing lives for millions through sustainable development. WFP works in more than 80 countries around the world, feeding people caught in conflict and disasters, and laying the foundations for a better future.
Be more productive by changing the way you use your phone.
Inspired by the works of ‘The Light Phone’, a decluttered launcher brings the smartphone functionality you need in a simple and elegant format, based on the philosophy of minimalism. Oh, and by the way, it’s all free.FEATURESSwipe up to search any appSwipe down to search the internetSwipe left & right to open custom appsQuick access to calendar & clock appsFour application slots for quick openingDouble tap to access the free dark modeHold anywhere to access launcher settings
Learn everything you need to care for the newborn
From the moment it is born, the baby requires a lot of care and attention. You want the best for him and you pamper him and take care of him with care. For this reason, in this application we collect all those things that concern you about the care of the newborn.Share this application on your social networks that you like best.You can download it completely free, it is easy to access and easy to use. Also, it is compatible with any Android device.
Read and view all Documents with all document viewer & document reader.
Want to upgrade yourself?Read all documents downloaded from internet with all document viewer and make your work efficient & smart.Now you can easily view and read all documents or PDF files from your device with all document viewer. File reader allows you to read documents in all formats i.e. Doc, Docx, pdf, ppt,xls, etc. You can get best user experience for reading and viewing documents easily with the help of all document reader.All document viewer or all document reader is all in one complete package that works as file reader or file viewer, Docs viewer, Docx Reader, PDF Reader & PDF viewer, ppt reader and xls viewer that lets you view or read your document files easily. This app is all document viewer specially designed for docx, xls, ppt, pdf formats.Search your desired document easily with all document reader and save your time. Now no need to find your desired file from a long list one by one. Just enter your required file name and here it is!Want to read word document?Easily read any word file with docx reader. Document..
Tasks is designed to make you more productive by better managing your time.
Tasks is designed to make you more productive by better managing your time. This is based on the technique followed by the legendary General and former president of the the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower. This method was made popular by Stephen Covey in his popular title “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.Usage:Just drag the ‘+’ icon to any quadrant to create a new tasks. Simple. You can move the existing tasks to other quadrants by dragging the task across. Once you are done with a task swipe right to mark it complete. If you want to delete a task just swipe left. Want to be notified on due dates? select the ‘bell’ icon and set a due date. When a task is due in the next 24 hours it shows a red marker on the task. If the marker is yellow it means that the card is due in the 48 hours. If the due date is beyond 48 hours the marker will be green in color. If you see a blue marker it means there is not..
Manage your business in real time.
Manage your business in real time with our app puts the information you need in the palm of your hand. Softrestaurant version 8 and 9, standard and Pro
It is an app designed to deliver goods, food, etc. to their destination more quickly and accurately.
Nice Knight app is a delivery service using a smartphone.We provide a service in which the driver who receives the order through the app picks up the item from the store or the requested location using the order information and location, then moves to the destination and delivers the item.Information on access rightsStorage space: Used to save and retrieve data.Location information (background): This app displays near-distance order information or distances based on the user's current location, and is used when the app is closed for the administrator to use the user's location and nearby call dispatch function from the control server It collects location data even when it is not. Also, this data is not used to support advertising.Phone Status: Used to call up a phone number to be authenticated, make a call to a customer, and check the Internet connection status.Privacy Policy:
Unit Converter. Adding and Subtracting two different Units of Volume
A simple and easy-to-use Volume unit converter.Adding different units of volume, Adding and Subtracting Units of volumeAvailable volume unit conversions include:cubic meter (m^3)cubic kilometer (km^3)cubic decimeter (dm^3)cubic centimeter(cm^3)cubic centimeter(cc)cubic millimeter (mm^3)liter (L)kiloliter (kL)centiliter (cL)milliliter (mLmicroliternanoliter (nL)barrel (US)barrel (UK)gallon (US)gallon (UK)cubic foot (ft^3cubic inch (in^3)
Capture screen from video call, app or game with just a tap on proximity sensor
Proximity Screenshot Capture is an android app that introduces an easy and quick way to capture high-resolution screenshot with just a tap on proximity sensor. Not just videos, you can capture the screen in several apps such as games, wallpapers or any type of apps or videos. If you tired of pressing a power-volume key every time to take a screenshot then this app can help to capture/take a screenshot without press any button or key.Main Features of Proximity Screenshot Capture• Easy-to-Use Operation and Clear Design.• Captures high-res screenshots just by tapping the proximity sensor of your phone.• Once started, you can capture screenshots while using other apps.• Captures high-res screenshots from video call, app or game.• Can't take a screenshot when the device is not in use and screen is off.• Can't take a screenshot while mobile in the pocket.• Can't take a screenshot on incoming or outgoing call.• Works perfectly even on non-root devices.• Improve the best performance.• Fast startup and quick response!• And much morePermissions Notice• External Storage: To save screenshot on storage• Internet, Access network state:..
Time control, vacation and leave management, payroll consultation
HRLOG is the easiest way to manage the Human Resources of your company in a complete way. It simplifies processes and saves time, both for the worker and for the company. From anywhere and at any time.What functionalities does HRLOG have?Everything you need for company transfers and labor control of your business:Control of transfers with geolocation and time control.Management of dismissals and registrations in the company.Management of vacations and permits.Uploading and sending documents.Real-time payroll management.Control of diets and expenses.Reports.Projects management.Internal communication tool.Facial recognition with HRLOG Counter.What advantages does it have for the employee?App to clock in at work with added value for the worker:Access to HRLOG from any device (signing by mobile, computer and tablet) and anywhere.Planning, management and request for vacations and permits.Payroll management in real time.Communication channel with the company and latest updates.HRLOG integrates perfectly with other platforms, with an intuitive, simple and very easy-to-use interface. We have different rates to adapt to the needs of each company, always maintaining the necessary functionalities for proper management of human resources.HRLOG is the most complete technological solution for HR departments..
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