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Increase your Multiplication speed with an excellent Cool Math game.

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Multiplication Games and Multiplication Flash Cards - Fun Mental Math Practice!
Approved by Teachers! Free multiplication & mental math games for kids! Learn math with one of the most engaging and exciting times tables multiplication games today! Ditch old school multiplication flash cards and make learning times tables fun by using all the different modes in this incredible learning game! Earn stars, beat the clock, and move through stages. After just a few rounds, your little one will be a math ninja in no time! Switch up math practice in the claoom with these free multiplication games designed to supplement memorizing math flash cards & multiplication tables. This exciting math practice game makes learning a blast. Game Mode Your kid will begin their times tables multiplication with the hamster and his colorful balloons. Join and learn math facts while discovering new, mystical worldsAnswer the math flash cards correctly and earn stars. As you successfully complete each level’s math problems, the hamster will continue his multiplication games. The hamster is the ultimate learning genie here to help your little one become a super math ninja! Practice LevelsNew to 2nd grade math or..
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Go on an epic journey to become a multiplication superstar with Kahoot! Multiplication by DragonBox.Have a blast with over 20 different wacky and exciting multiplication games that will make you fall in love with the times tables and set you on a path to becoming a true master of the multiverse.Every aspect of the game has been expertly crafted by the award-winning DragonBox team to ensure that you develop a deep understanding of multiplication and get the practice needed to master it. By varying the tasks and the ways the multiplication tables are presented, you will not only stay motivated, but get the opportunity to test your skills in different contexts.Kahoot! Multiplication does not require you to know anything about multiplication beforehand and presents you with challenges that suit your individual level. This makes it possible for you to master the times tables completely on your ownFEATURES- A motivating and captivating game experience- An innovative interface that makes the learning accessible to anyone.- More than 20 different mini games to master.- An adaptive progression system that ensures kids learn their..
+ - × ÷ kids' practice & learn
Learn and improve math and arithmetic (× ÷) effectively and fast. Suitable for all ages.All arithmetic operations (× ÷)* Addition (+)* Subtraction (-)* Multiplication (× including small times tables)* Division (÷)HIGHLIGHTS* Write naturally as on paperWe've developed an intuitive handwriting input.* Increasing difficultyTasks automatically adapt to the child's ability.* Playful learningThe app motivates with great rewards and a bonus system.WHAT ELSE* No ads.* No personal data.* Fair and transparent.
Engaging Times tables (1-12) for kids. Learn through a fun math game.
Do you want to turn learning and practicing multiplication tables into an exciting adventure? Then our game is just for you! Help Kelly collect creatures’ photos for the space museum and practice the time tables simultaneously.Main features:➜ Multiplication tables from 0 to 12➜ 87 unique game levels grouped into 11 different episodes➜ Learning process based on memorization techniques: interval repetition and usage of both input and choice tasks➜ Adaptive algorithm identifies multiplication facts that are challenging for the child and customizes the tasks accordingly➜ Additional motivation for a child to advance by unlocking 30 clothing and accessory items for the main character➜ Great for tablets➜ Kid-friendly interfaceThe Engaging Multiplication Tables game is a great way to learn and memorize the times tables. Check out our YouTube channel: would love to hear your feedback. In case you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected]
Learn multiplication with Cool Game.
Increase your Multiplication speed with an excellent Cool Math game.Download our Multiplication Chart Game now from Google Play.Thank YouCool Math Games

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Multiplication Chart is good educational app for kids. Thank you.
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This app is really good for kids who want to improve multiplication chart tables. Thanks
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It's a really good app for students. easy to use. Thank you multiplication chart.
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Child friendly UI. Simple steps. Easy UX. Thank you Multiplication Chart !
Thank you for your encouraging words.


This multiplication chart is very useful for kids. Daily challenge section is very interesting.
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It's a great tool for my kids. They would really be enthusiastic about working with numbers. Sound effect will add up more energy as they seek for both audio and video to become more engaged. Most importantly it's a simple interface where there is no other unnecessary distractions.. otherwise they'll keep pushing every button icon instead of focusing. I like it !!
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


This is a great app for kids to learn the multiplication chart. Clean UI and easy to use.
Thank you for your encouraging words.


This kid-friendly multiplication chart game helps kids learn and practice multiplication charts in a fun and easy way.
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Multiplication chart is very useful for kids. I really love daily challenge and report section.
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