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This is mobile client of GPS Tracking Software. It provides simplified user interface to view the most important information, get notified about important events and control devices remotely. In order to use this application, you must have access to specific server with software.

SIMILAR to GTS Mobile App

This application show your battery percentage on status bar.
This application show your battery percentage on status bar.display battery charge.battery percentage on status bar.check the percentage of remaining battery.Battery level indicator.Features:How much battery life.Battery percentage indicator in toolbar.Show battery percentage constantly on the top section of your screen.Phone hardware status like: WiFi, GPS and more.Color display between battery levels: green, orange, and red.Display charging icon.
Simple Remote Control for Fire Stick and Fire TV
Remote for Fire TV is designed specifically to control Fire TV, Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick. Just connect mobile device and a TV or media player to the same Wi-Fi network and you will be able to control it using a mobile device after a simple pairing routine.Key features: - Fully functional remote control; - Works and looks as original remote;- Automatic connection to a device;- Wear OS;Terms of Use: Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of Inc. and "Remote for Firestick & Fire TV" application is not an official product of Inc. or its affiliates.
The Chamber APP tells you when the bin needs of the street.
Nie wieder die Abholung verpassen!Die App der Abfallwirtschaft Heidekreis bietet Ihnen neben dem Abfallkalender mit Filterfunktion nach Abfallarten zusätzlich noch aktuelle Informationen rund um die Entsorgung durch die AHK. Weitere Inhalte:- Aktuelle Öffnungszeiten der Wertstoffhöfe und Sammelstellen - Abfall-ABC: Der praktische Helfer zur richtigen Entsorgung Ihrer Abfälle - Abfuhrkalender mit allen Terminen des laufenden Jahres- Sperrmüllbestellung, Abholung von Sperrgut
Ubertesters app is a management tool for QA managers and beta testers
Ubertesters app is a professional management tool for QA managers and beta testers. It helps companies to manage, monitor and organize the mobile/web beta testing process. Now you know exactly what went wrong with the test session using the in-app edited screenshots and video recording of everything that the tester did during the test. Also it helps testers’ team members to be sure that all their efforts are tracked correctly and that they get paid for all the work they have done. The tool is extremely easy to use. Features:Real-time Over-The-Air (OTA) builds distribution and management;Video recording feature to view the exact steps done by the tester;One-click issue and crash reporting;In-App bug submission tool with screenshot editing capabilities;Test-cases execution support;Easy view of all organizations and projects that you are part of; and much more. Ubertesters app is a part of Ubertesters beta-testing management platform. To get more details, visit
Choose the menu that you like and feel the extraordinary sensation
Aplikasi ini di rancang untuk kalian yang ingin merasakan item yang keren tanpa mengeluarkan dana dan kalian pasti akan menyukainya.Pilih menu yang kalian suka terus klik download dan rasakan sensasi yang luar biasa.
Professional Land Survey App
Emlid Flow (previously known as ReachView 3) is a companion app for Emlid Reach receivers. Configure your devices and perform survey activities—all from one place!Base features available for everyone:• Built-in coordinate system registry with 1000+ systems• Ability to create custom coordinate systems• Collector and stakeout tools• Base shift• File import/export in CSV, DXF, or Shapefile formatThe app becomes even more capable if you use it with a free Emlid account. Sync your work data, NTRIP profiles, and coordinate systems to cloud storage so you can work seamlessly across multiple mobile devices. You can also manage synced projects via our web interface, Emlid Flow 360. Yes, this is also a base feature!Unlock more tools by subscribing to our Survey plan:• Survey coding. Use predefined libraries or upload yours. You can also create codes on the go.• Linework. Collect, measure, and stake out lines.• Map layers. Add WMS layers, switch between vector and satellite base maps for better context and navigation.10 languages are supported: English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
Cryptocurrency whale activities on exchanges: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano
Bitcoin, Ethereum, AAVE, SUSHI, UNI, MATIC, LINK, OMG, Ripple, NEO, EOS, Stellar, Tron, USDT, BNB, SANDwhale exchange activities.Crypto Whale transactions larger than $500k.Cryptocurrency Whale activity is usually associated with the big price movements, particularly when Whale transfers are taking place between an external wallet and an exchange.A whale that transfers large amounts of cryptocurrencies to an exchange usually does so to sell their holdings.Whenever a whale withdraws cryptocurrencies from an exchange, the market interprets the transfer as an intention to hold it.Crypto Whale Tracker App brings stats and details of inflows to crypto exchanges and outflows from crypto exchanges. We are tracking crypro whales from major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ADA, MATIC, SOL and many more.
Application to manage WiFi connections for RedPort Halo WiFi Extender
Manage your RedPort Halo WiFi Extender using this simple appScan for WiFi Hotspots and sort them by signal strength, alphabetically, or by signal strengthEasy password storage managementMake changes to the security settings on the Halo's Optimizer router.
Tiny Photo Scanner PDF
How to use- 1.stage: use the 1 stage page of document which you want to scan (from Camera or Gallery, text). then custimize the region which you want to scan and next step two.
Convenient Morse code translator
A convenient translator of the Morse code, with the possibility of sound and light reproduction.App is able recoding Morse code.
GPS Tracking Software Mobile
This is mobile client of GPS Tracking Software. It provides simplified user interface to view the most important information, get notified about important events and control devices remotely. In order to use this application, you must have access to specific server with software.


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Application is not sending push notifications all of a sudden


Not usefull app. Looks too Old standard. previous app was great


thumb up


Perfect application for fleet tracking.