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Zombie Tsunami Game DESCRIPTION

The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.
Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race by destroying everything in your path.

Zombie Tsunami has proudly exceeded 200 million players around the world.

Zombie Tsunami is a game you really need to own” (TouchArcade)

– “One touch” gameplay to control the entire hord
– 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more
– Many upgrades to unlock
– Raise zombie birds and use their powers
– More than 300 missions to devour
– 11 sets to travel in
– Optimized for all Android models

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Attack the city with zombies! Form the biggest horde by making people zombies.
The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race by destroying everything in your path.Zombie Tsunami has proudly exceeded 200 million players around the world."Zombie Tsunami is a game you really need to own" (TouchArcade)FEATURES- "One touch" gameplay to control the entire hord- 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more- Many upgrades to unlock- Raise zombie birds and use their powers- More than 300 missions to devour- 11 sets to travel in- Optimized for all Android modelsWhy not try our other games: EDGE, Cross Fingers, Perfect Cell, Truckers Delight.Follow us on us at

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I understand endless runners need to have a difficulty increase, but this game feels like it punishes you for doing well sometimes. A lot of zombie deaths are completely out of your control and the stacking of objects one after the other (4 bombs directly next to each other, car car plane car car bomb etc.) is impossible to avoid without a high loss of zombies. It is decently fun, but I've noticed it's really unfair in how it applies difficulty and is more spam than an actual test of skill.
Thank you for your review. We have taken your feedback into account. Please contact our support ⛑️ if you need help. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


You start a game, and the familiar streets of the city unfold before you. Zombies chase down pedestrians, cars explode, and chaos ensues. The controls feel intuitive, like second nature, as you guide your zombie horde through obstacles and pitfalls.As you progress through the levels, you can't help but reminisce about the countless hours you spent perfecting your skills, unlocking new zombies, and achieving high scores. Each power-up, each giant wave of zombies, evokes a sense of nostalgia.
🤩🤗 Thank you so much for your review! 🧟♂️🌊


The only issue I have with the game is that nomarter what, I can never get more then 10 zombies for any period of time, while I understand this may be a skill issue, but I notice when I start getting a lot of zombies, the game throws an abnormal amount of cars and bombs to thin me out, and these obstacles are placed to make it virtually impossible not to lose half the zombies you have, I've played this game when it came out and I don't remember it being this difficult to progress in a level
Thank you for your review. As the game is endless, this is part of the difficulty. The further you go, the harder the game.


Very good game. Simple, yet charming and fun to play. I have just two things to say, and one is just a personal vent. The RiderZ power... Basically it's a Quarterbacks on motorcycle. Was it really needed? Another "You're just plain immortal now" power up? I like the aesthetic, but seem kinda redundant. And second, probably a glitch: if I win a extra ticket on a ticket, it ALWAYS returns "Try again" even if I own 1500 coin or any other prize. Please check this up.


This is one of the games I've been really addicted to. But one thing I really hate is that when I jump too often (when the screen scrolls faster), there are one or two zombies that leads too far, like one zombie separates itself from the horde, so I get rid of it often by letting it fall or intentionally bombing it. The thing is, the front zombie mostly confuses me and when I jump especially if the screen scrolls fast, then I lose all the zombies at the back and the front one remains...


I truly enjoy this game. The characters are creative and there are a wide range of zombie birds and hats. That being said.... I hate the incessant ads. I will eventually pay for ad free. At this time my favorite games are the ones that give you bonuses for ad watching and upon ad free purchase you get all double ups where the ads once we're. My other complaint is the repetitive scenery lacking any real variety. I am still new to the game so if that changes I will revise my review. All in all it
Thanks for your review. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


This game is extremely entertaining, but it can be extremely frustrating due to a certain bug where you hold your finger down to do the long jump over gaps and then part of your zombie horde decides that they don't want to jump anymore and fall into the pit which can cost you many runs and is undesirable when you're trying to have a good time, there is also the parts where they have the cars and the helicopters too close making it virtually impossible to steer clear of either of them
Thank you for your review. The game has been fixed. If the problem persists, contact our support ⛑️. We invite you to rate the game 5 ⭐️ if you enjoy it. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


Please fix the issue on connecting to facebook account. I played this game for a long while and saved my progress, now I changed device and I can't retrieve my data. This game is really fun I wish I can get my progress back, please. I will rate this 5 star once the issue is fixed. Thanks. Edit: The developers had fixed the issue, and I finally retrieved my progress. Thanks a bunch! Best arcade game ever!
Thanks for your message. We had an issue with Facebook login services. This is now fixed and you can reconnect to your account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have fun!!


It's a very good game but I have a problem, when you play it, when you touch the screen then remove, they will jump up and down quickly. the problem is sometimes when you press for a long time so that you can jump more freely, it doesn't work it is just like you touching and remove quick then they go down quickly, please fix your game, that the long press will really work thankkyou...
Thank you for your review. The game has been fixed. If the problem persists, contact our support ⛑️. We invite you to rate the game 5 ⭐️ if you enjoy it. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


Hello. I really wanted to write a review because this is fun. Because when my tablet is lagging, the zombies were just walking and there are no open roads. Ads is also popping up when the game has ended. Really fun game. I just hope that the mission is easier for children like me, and my little sister really hates that when the brains are collected starting to 11 or 12 it gets faster or gets more challenging. But for me, this game is challenging, really funny, entertaining and too many ads


One of the most laid back yet fun games I've played. It's easy to play and it doesn't really matter if you never get good at it. Challenges never really become too hard. Many are complaining about the ads but this game, in my opinion, has a very tolerable (and rewarding) ad scheme compared to other games out there. It's also amazing how the devs are still supporting this game. EDIT: I think it's better if the Potion count increased past 197, this gives more incentive to grind after maxing out.


This is a solid endless runner. It has a good gimmick, the art and music are fun, progress is slow but not annoyingly so, so there are a lot of hours you can sink into this game. Even though it is quite repetitive, it somehow manages to stay entertaining. There are ads and microtransactions but forced ads are few and far between and the opt in ads give fair rewards. Any microtransactions are fun but aren't mandatory. 8/10 would recommend.


Just absolutely love this game! I used to play this 2 years ago I guess. The themes of zombies and every little detail in the game is just amazing to observe as an artistic point of view. The sound effects, graphics according to the game's theme, algorithms within the game (for ex - falling sound effect when zombies count goes down), different interesting names of the tubes that we have to collect, upgrades and added upgrades are fun, along with the daily missions! It's a really addicting game!


It's a fun game, got me really hooked, especially in the beginning, but after you uncover most birds and upgrades the game starts getting demotivating...I still play to have the last 2 legendary birds, but since there are no other upgrades it's not as much fun as in the beginning. I like the fact that you don't have to spend any money to progress, the add-play balance is ok if you play for free.


Current bug needs attention. I have always enjoyed Zombie Tsunami for some time now and downloaded it on several different devices. Recently, however, I am frustrated with an issue regarding the gameplay function. When encountering a gap and holding my thumb down to perform a long jump my streak is brought to an end due to the zombies dropping mid jump as if I released my thumb too early but I didn't. I sacraficed my progress by reinstalling the game but the issue is still present. Pretty lame.
Thank you for your review. The game has been fixed. If the problem persists, contact our support ⛑️. We invite you to rate the game 5 ⭐️ if you enjoy it. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


I absolutely love this game! I love the concept of it but have some ideas maybe! Maybe you should upgrade it to where you can upgrade faster like for instance the options take so long to fill up so I would love to make it a little faster please! Also I would like it if you could by locked things with coins! These are just ideas for maybe future updates sooo yea totally recommend !
❤️🤩😇 Thank you very much for your review. 🙏 Thank you for supporting us for all these years! We have taken note of your feedback and will do our best to meet your expectations. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


The game itself is ok, but some bits are impossible to get past. For some reason jumping over the moving cars is IMPOSSIBLE without losing most of the zombies??? And the bombs are ridiculous. Other than that, everything else is really confusing and after playing for ages I still don't understand most of it, the start tutorial was not informative. Overall quite stupid. But then again what was I expecting with a zombie tornado game
Thank you for your review. ----- 💡 About Jumps: The way the horde jumps is normal and not due to a bug. This is part of the difficulty of the game.


I've kept & played (& replayed) this game for years, I loved it. But for the last few weeks the sensitivity while jumping has just disappeared. It's gone very slow to jump at my touch, which after all is the whole point of the game is it not? It has also been crashing when trying to get diamonds from watching 5 videos. This game has never crashed AT ALL before! Please fix mobigame. Thank you
Thanks for your review 🧟♀️🧟♀️🧟♂️🧟♀️🧟♂️🌊 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Please rate the game 5 stars if you like the game, and contact our support if you need help. The new version 4.1.8 should solve some bugs. Do share with your friends and thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami!


It's a great game for when your bored abd watching a few ads gives you a decent amount of diamonds, but the one issue I have is that half my runs are ended just because the zombies decide "Oh, you're holding for a long jump? Yeah, we're just gonna do a little bunny hop and all go in the hole" please fix this, and then there's the times it just forces you to lose like 5 zombies by spamming bombs or moving cars and helicopters, cut that out
Thanks for the review. The game has been fixed. If the problem persists, contact our support ⛑️. We invite you to rate the game 5 ⭐️ if you enjoy it. Thanks for playing Zombie Tsunami! 🧟♂️🌊


So i was playing this game a lot earlier until all of a sudden those hats got messed with. I no longer can cover all of the zombies with hats. I don't know what happened but if this is intentional then i have no idea why would you do it, and if it's a bug then please fix it because it's one of those game elements that made me play this game alot. You can add an option where players can enable or disable the default zombie heads. Players can enjoy the game with their desired choices. Thank you!