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Business chat with a powerful task manager. Mobile-first workplace for your Projects, processes, task lists, to-do list, CRM, and team communication. Organization app for all your tasks, tasks with reminders, recurrent tasks, task one to one tickets, or request management in your company

💬 + ✅ set tasks directly in chat; 👩🏭+🧑💻+👨🔧 involve several people in projects; 🔖+🤖 maintain a shared to-do list and automate repetitive tasks.

You will also have access to: 🔐 closed corporate chats, no distractions like in other messengers; 🗂️ shared file archive;👍 👎 the ability to participate in surveys and collect feedback from your team members

Togezzer is user-friendly and convenient for smartphone use.

We are well familiar with issues that occur when organizing workflow. Easy communication, clear agenda, ability to divide big tasks into smaller ones, track the progress, and be notified when a task is completed or if something went wrong. And no more forgotten tasks!


🚩 “I’m tired of losing track of tasks in chats”
✅ You can quickly create tasks directly in a chat – it will become noticeable and appear in the general list of tasks to be completed.
🚩 “How are the things going with the task I created the day before yesterday?”
✅ The assignee confirms they have received the task, and you see a notification that the task has been accepted. Clear and comprehensible statuses let you track what is going on.
🚩 “I want to know who is overloaded with work and who is free this week” ✅ You can quickly view through everyone’s tasks in the company and access task lists for specific people
🚩 “I’m tired of reminding people about the same things”
✅ In seconds, you can set up a repeated scheduled task to eliminate this problem. For example, an employee will get a reminder to “Prepare a report for the past week” every Monday at 9:30 am.


🚩“It is important that employees comply with the approved processes”
✅ Easily automate the creation of subtasks to proper people at the proper steps in your process. For example, the manager will immediately see a list of required actions upon receiving a customer’s request.
✅ You will need to describe processes once and then monitor how your team works according to the established standard.


🚩 “I would like to receive a weekly report on my business’s performance”
✅ You will receive a weekly report with statistics of completed and failed tasks for groups, projects, processes, as well as for specific people.


🚩 “We need a chat to discuss business issues only, without being distracted by personal matters”
✅ You communicate and set tasks in a separate space protected from strangers. When an employee quits, you can remove them from all work chats with one click.
🚩 “I’m tired of creating new charts for every new customer or project”
✅ Each task has its own chat where you can attach documents and images. All the necessary information on the task is included in its description, you no longer need to inquire about its status.
🚩 “I need to send voice messages”
✅ Together has this option! You can record a voice message when it is convenient for you.


🚩 “Some people are used to working on a PC, while others are not”
✅ Use Together on your phone, PC, or tablet. You can work simultaneously on all your devices.


— File archive access
— Subtasks creation
— Task repetition
— Deadlines, polls, time estimates
— Viewing tasks on a board
— Ability to copy any task
— Synchronization between all devices
— Data security: no one except your employees can see the correspondence, tasks, and files of the company. All traffic is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol.

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Nice app adding for company details


There are typos even in the pictures they chose to respresent their product on the Google Play store. Those details tell me more than I need to know about this application and its abilities to fulfill my business needs — it certainly does not stand out in any other way.
Amanda, thank you for your attention, we will correct the typos. As a reward for your vigilance, we are ready to give you a promotional code - one month for each typo found. If you want to use it, just install the application and write codeword "typos" to our support. We will be glad if you give us a chance to correct the first impression ☺️


I never installed this app and it ended up on my phone. No search history in Google play store at all. How did this install?
Hey! It's amazing that it happened. Perhaps someone accessed your phone and installed the app? As we know, Google does not allow the application to be installed without the user's knowledge. If it were possible, then I can imagine what would be happening on my phone 😱


Thank you! We will keep making you happy!


Kabamba Kamba William Martin has been a great 👍 👌 👏 😀 🙌 😄 👍
Thank you! We will keep making you happy!


Phone number is required, duh
Your number is used only for authentication and to contact you. Togezzer helps company owners and leaders manage tasks and communications even from the phone, which is why our customers prefer this authentication system.


easy to use , professional chat and the best kanban we had in our team!
Thank you! We will keep making you happy!


Боже, 10/10
Спасибо! Надеемся, будем радовать вас и дальше!


Just happy that we finally have a tool to communicate which is both easy to use and dedicated for work only.
Hello! Thank you for your positive feedback! We are pleased that you are satisfied with the application!


Finally I have everything I expected but could never get from a whole bunch of products like trello and slack. Togezzer is essential, simple and works for me, not at the cost of my time. My teams get done more stuff with less annoyance and with greater speed and clarity. Must have in the world where complexity eats productivity and speed for breakfast lunch and dinner
Hello! Thank you for your positive feedback! We are pleased that you are satisfied with the application!