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You can quickly and reliably check your corporate or professional e-mail accounts and send new e-mails.


Application is available for the elderly. Or who are hearing impaired to communicate with TTRS.
Application is available for the elderly. Or who are hearing impaired (deaf) to the use of the center of the communication relay (TTRS).
Wi-Fi Calling + - talk and text over Wi-Fi where you don't have network coverage.
Aplikacja Wi-Fi Calling+ umożliwia wykonywanie i odbieranie połączeń głosowych oraz wysyłanie i odbieranie wiadomości tekstowych gdy nie masz zasięgu sieci ale masz dostęp do Wi-Fi.Usługa skierowana jest do Klientów sieci Plus, którzy posiadają aktywną bezpłatną usługę Aplikacyjne Wi-Fi Calling+.Usługa świadczona jest na zasadach opisanych szerzej w Regulaminie „Aplikacyjne Wi-Fi Calling+” dostępnym
SETouch is a PV Inverter management APP.
SETouch is a PV Inverter management APP.
Send SMS to multi number of recipients.
Multi Short Message Service is an automatic group sms application which enables you to send multi sms to large amount of recipients.MSMS sending panel allows tracking sent or not sent group sms,Moreover in case where the sms was not sent to some of the recipients application will ask whether you want to try sending the sms again.The group of recipients may be created from phone contacts / groups or text,csv file.Try before buy - Guide , FAQ & Privacy Policy: Features :✔ Create sending lists from phone contacts / groups TEXT and CSV file .✔ Tracking MSMS panel (freeze sending,continue sending later,view number of sent/not sent)✔ Background service , keep working with other applications while MSMS sending messages.✔ Sending multi SMS to unlimited amount of recipients .✔ Load/Save sending list from text or csv file .✔ Send Scheduled group SMS.✔ Edit existing sending list✔ Send MSMS as personal SMS (Hi "fn" i have new phone numberHi Dana i have new phone number)✔ Control the delay time between each SMS ✔ Support Turkish language characters , this feature will enable..
Simple Cool Messenger can chat with family and friends anytime, anywhere.
Simple Cool Messenger makes you fall in love with chatting, with comprehensive features, simple design, and convenient user use.Main functions:*Can send multimedia such as text, images, or voice*Add contact through message: Add a new number to the current/new contact.*Add multiple contacts to the message and enter group sending mode*Clean, intuitive, and comfortable design, easy to use*Pop up new messages for quick viewing and quick response*Absolute Secure Conversation Protects User Privacy*Blacklist system, isolating spam messages*Batch deletion, quick deletion of useless SMS*Customize personalized settings, change text size, etc.
Block collector calls and bring peace of mind back to your life
The TRAMIDEUDAS application is a perfect solution for those who feel overwhelmed by calls from annoying collectors and salespeople. By installing the app, you will have access to a database of collectors that TRAMIDEUDAS will automatically block, giving you greater peace of mind from day one.⭐️ Main features of TRAMIDEUDASAutomatic blocking of collectors: TRAMIDEUDAS will automatically block the collectors registered in our database, eliminating annoying calls from these individuals from your daily life.⭐️ Block unwanted numbersIn addition, TRAMIDEUDAS allows you to easily block any number that is bothering you. You just have to add the number to the blocked list and you will no longer receive calls from that number.⭐️Recovery of tranquility:By blocking unwanted and billing numbers, you can enjoy greater peace of mind in your daily life. No longer will you have to worry about calls from collectors and vendors distracting you from your daily tasks and responsibilities.⭐️ Elimination of annoying calls:TRAMIDEUDAS guarantees that you will not receive any more annoying calls once you have blocked them. Forget the calls from collectors and vendors that interrupt you and stress..
Your own employee app for Internal Communications, Engagement and HR.
Staffbase is the employee app for all employees. Companies publish news, work-related information, sales material, HR updates, meal plans and whatever else might be important for your organization. With Staffbase on your phone you receive those updates on the go. Always be up to date. No intranet access required. Works without an email address.FEATURES- Be informed: Receive your personal view on all important news in your company- Interact: Discuss news in the commentsSIGNUPThere are two options to signup for Staffbase:1. With company email: If you have an email of your organization you can directly signup using this address.2. With access code: Your company's Staffbase administrator creates an access code for you which you can use during signup.
Control your appliances from your android phone using this app over bluetooth.
Now, control of your appliances will be at your finger tips. Using this app you can control your appliances (lights, fans, heaters etc) from your android phone remotely over bluetooth connection. If your are a professional or a student of electrical/electronics engineering then you can develop arduino circuit needed with this app that can be downloaded from Please give your positive feedback for the improvement of app.
Download Free Animal Stickers for Text Messages - Animal Stickers for Whatsapp
Presenting the Amazing collection of animal stickers pack for whatsapp for your Special timepass Chat with Friends and express your feeling funny style with cretivities.Use our special design Animal Stickers for Whatsapp application.this have all amazing collection of different stickers with which you can make your chatting more interesting and this application is totally free to what are you waiting for make fun into your chat try this WAStickerAppsAnimal Stickers for Whatsapp application and make fun with your friends, relatives etc you want.WAStickerAppsAnimal Stickers for Whatsapp lets you import your favorite Animal Sticker Packs , so you can use them on WhatsApp!Sticker Packs available in WAStickerAppsAnimal Stickers for Whatsapp ::- Animal Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Cartoon Animal Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Ice Age Animals Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Dog Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Cat Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Elephant Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Animal Face Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Wolf Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Lion Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- Blue Whale Sticker Pack for Whatsapp- and Many More Animal Cartoon Character StickersHow to use WAStickerAppsAnimal Stickers for Whatsapp- Download..
Cool WhatsApp stickers collections
★★★ Thankyou for 1.000.000 Downloaders! ★★★Whatsapp is now releasing the new Stickers feature for users!Kumpulan Sticker Keren WAStickerApps contain cool, funny, cute, lovable, facepalm, beautiful reactions, etc.★★★Contain Over 70+ Stickers inside!★★★❤ Perasaan Cowok❤ Perasaan Cowok: Jomblo Santuy❤ Andy n Anisa: LDR Whatever❤ Andy n Anisa: Make Me Happy❤ Andy n Anisa: Holiday❤ Andy n Anisa: Never Let Me Go❤ Cats Everywhere❤ Mama Papa Cemara Vol.1❤ Mama Papa Cemara Vol.2❤ Special HUT RI❤ Annie Diary❤ Motovlogger Ibu Kota❤ Gamer Keren Vol.1❤ Gamer Keren Vol.2❤ Gamer Keren Vol.3❤ Anak Moge Arogan❤ Annie Chicken Girl❤ Daily of Crazy Mobile Gamer❤ Setan Mantul❤ Dara Siluman Ular❤ Special Happy New Year❤ Halloween Party ❤ Gamer Sejati❤ Andrea Demam Bola❤ Serigala Rock n Roll❤ Perasaan Cewek❤ Zahwa Santri Mantul Vol.1❤ Zahwa Santri Mantul Vol.2❤ Zahwa Santri Mantul Vol.3❤ Bella Cute❤ Gea Crazy Cute Girl❤ Malaikat Maut Kesepian Vol.1❤ Malaikat Maut Kesepian Vol.2❤ iPunk❤ Cacad Metal❤ Diary Kameko❤ Pria Kesepian n Si Putih❤ Pasangan Gemes❤ Wibu Boy❤ Gondes Daily Expression❤ Dekill Head Vol.1❤ Dekill Head Vol.2❤ Rocky and Poppy❤ Fajar & Senja❤ Hantu Milenial❤ Rocker Patah Hati❤..
You can check your e-mail accounts quickly and reliably.
You can quickly and reliably check your corporate or professional e-mail accounts and send new e-mails.


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