Fix bug where app closes after hitting physical back button
Fix bugs that prevent users from deactivating accounts
Fix bug that prevents user data from being properly deleted when account deactivation has completed
Hide posts from deactivated accounts from trending and new
Fix bug that causes duplicate posts to sometimes appear in Trending
NSFW is now filtered out of "New" and discover "Categories"
NSFW will no longer appear under discover page "hashtags" until user presses "view all"

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We make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy and customization features to express yourselves. You can use color themes, choose songs, and list your zodiac sign and pronouns to personalize your profile.

Our Asks and Polls feature makes it even more fun to interact with other users and with our chronological home feed, you’ll never miss a post from your family and friends either. Content that is reposted onto your home feed helps you find new mutuals too.

To help you connect with new communities and enjoy new content, our Creator Friendly algorithm gives you a curated feed on your Discover page. You can also save different communities so that your favorite creators and content are always prioritized for you!

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It's ok for now. I am looking forward to an update as the app definitely needs some polishing. But I like that there's an edit button right off the bat, different colors for profiles and not flooded with ads. I actually see the content of the people I follow and bc it's a smaller user base, I feel like I connect with people better here.


I've been trying to to deactivate/delete my account for months now due to some things that involved the app but I have had errors trying to do. Everytime I do it, I get an error. I've tried to send two e-mails to try and reach support but it's like there's practically NOBODY to respond back to about the situation. It's kind of ridiculous no offense


The app is slowly getting better. There are still functions that aren't available like private message. One major downside right now is how the app deals with go-back button/gesture of android phones. It doesn't go to a previous screen in the app, but instead just exits immediately. There is a dedicated back button in the app which functions as expected but it's not located in a convenient spot.


Extremely slow; barely useable. Crashes often; this can be very frustrating when composing a post. I want Hive to be successful, but this is very far from being a mature app. Looks nice, but is buggy and behaves like a beta version. I joined because I wanted to stay in touch with people migrating there from Twitter, but the app is just too slow. Running the app in an Android emulator for Windows (there's no web version for desktop) mitigates this issue, but doesn't prevent the app from crashing.


Didn't feel comfortable using this app for the ✨good vibes✨ despite its advertising as such. This app is buggy from the sign up phase to deactivation, and the photo quality is not great no matter whose post I try to look at. The NSFW filter tag didn't work and I'm scarred for life. Also the music feature isn't available yet. So I'm left with disappointment and a waste of phone space. Until they improve this app, I'm not going to use it.


Very happy with the new update! It's running so much more smoothly now. Any chance it can be set that tapping back on your phone will actually go back to the previous screen in the app, though (such as from the currently views post back to the timeline), instead of backing out of the app? It's mildly frustrating.


EDIT - With the new update, I can use every feature and looking forward to using it to it's full potential! Looks like a good app, just unfortunately doesn't work for me. was unable to create an account with an email even though my password met requirements but I could create an account with my phone number and attach my email and create a password later. Also unable to add a profile picture or header image as the album just comes up blank even though I've given the app permissions.


I loved the app when I first started using it in November. A little clunky in some spots (issues with tagging, Direct Message not very intuitive, little things I'm sure they could/would fix over time), but overall very slick and held a lot of promise. Ever since The Nov 30 Incident, I have not been able to load ANYTHING- not my own profile, no friends' posts, can't make a new post myself- NADA. Other users have described slow loads, but I check about daily and at off-peak times and ZILCH. Sad :(


It definitely has potential but it will need lots of work. This is acting like as if it was early access, lots of minor issues. My experience with is was ok, I tried recently to post a few selfies, and it kept loading for 6 minutes. I was never able to upload it and it won't show my bio/picture/posts/etc. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling but no luck. The layout is really good though, works similar to Instagram/Twitter. Thankfully isn't as toxic as FB so far.


This app is great when it works. The UI as others mention it looks similar to Instagram and Twitter which I think it looks good, but in terms user experience so far. Not so great, app performance is slow, images take a lot of time to load, and signing up for a account is kind of a pain, and I can't log-in as of writing this. Although this app is in beta, it still needs lot of it's issues to be resolved before it gets out of it.


It's a great concept and I really do enjoy it when it works, but this app needs a large update. It's too buggy. The loading time ranges anywhere between 1-10 minutes per page and that's assuming you are able to get it to load at all without a grey screen. Uninstal and reinstall does not fix it. It's unfortunate cause it really is cool, but people can't use it.


Since signing up, it hasn't worked properly and I'm having so many issues with this App. Each of the pages lag, it may show me something, but, most of the time, it's just a black screen. When I try to select images to post, doesn't work, again just a black screen. it hasn't worked since day one Now, when I try go to my own profile screen, grey screen. This has been not a good experience with this app.


Great in theory, but too slow to use. It takes way too long for the app to load anything, way too long to upload anything to it. It's giving 1990s dial up. Images will time out and not even load. Doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or data. I hope they fix this because it's a great mix of the best parts of Instagram and Tumblr, and SW friendly (not that I am one, I just hate censorship of legal activities).


Very slow interface, it takes a lot of time to load the home page and it's unstable too. So unfortunate, the app itself is really awesome since it has a lot of good features. And suddenly, today, when I open the app somehow it doesn't load. Everything that I posted and people I followed aren't loaded so my home and account page are empty like a black hole. Even after I updated it, it still doesn't work.


This app has a lot of promise, and I can't wait to see it improve to a more optimized state. Loading/functionality is currently slow, but much it of is decently intuitive, and tagging posts seems to actually do something. The home page only has followed accounts and orders the posts chronologically, priotizing the user's wants without force-feeding content to keep people on longer, and the Discovery page is decent.


Love the UI! Concept is solid. My best advice to devs, CLOSE Beta testing. I'm not sure if your server is having issues with the volume of users, or it's just issues with your script but the lag is real. It's almost impossible to use the app during peak hours, let alone actively test for bugs. Lock it down, sort out the major kinks, get you some beefy servers and fire it off. Users are going to run away before the app is outside of testing. Best of luck.


Has some great potential, but very laggy in it's current state. Going from your feed to someone's profile takes a couple seconds to load. And right now I can't do anything, been using it for a couple days and it's glitched out saying I need to choose interests even though I did that already. It's a good idea, but the execution needs to be better. Everything needs to be smoother and less glitchy Edit: latest update (30/11) made it worse. Now I can't do anything, nothing loads anymore.


Similar to IG, decent interface and it's easy to use but it's glitchy, slow and clunky. Seems to be a quite a few Android issues. First install and updates may make the app not see your content, so you need to go into app settings and in the permissions, disable them and enable them again. Also, very laggy and can be slow to load. If these issues don't get resolved soon, this app will never take off like all the other countless social media apps that have tried in the past.


Had a rocky start when first setting up my account, but sorted that out. I shared a few posts, followed some folks. Then a couple of days pass and my profile page is saying I haven't added anything and nothing else loads. I was prompted to update and now my profile is just a gray page and other pages are giving error messages. Would love to love this platform when the issues get sorted out, but right now I can't use it.


The app definitely needs a lot of work on android. 120Hz support, fixing the profile/banner image upload function and general performance issues. There is also a long way to go with transparency, but it can be done. The UI design is beautiful though, but the text is quite small and it would be great to add a scaling option too. Edit, after the update, i can't even log into my account. When signing in, it shows me the sign up pages and I can't even use my account.