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Step into a richly detailed world where your dreams of ruling a thriving kingdom become a reality. This captivating resource management game seamlessly blends storytelling with strategic gameplay. Begin your journey with no more than a vision and gradually shape the destiny of a nation.

Daria: A Kingdom Simulator” is an epic 125,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Your kingdom doesn’t exist in isolation. You’ll navigate a dynamic world with rival kingdoms, diplomatic intricacies, and the ever-present possibility of warfare or subjugation as you strive to craft a lasting legacy. The heart of the game lies in its complex yet accessible battle system.

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
• Return to the Lucidverse and be a part of the history of Daria.
• Play in Easy, Normal, or Hard modes, where each difficulty affects many aspects of play.
• Make use of a fully-functioning encyclopedia of game concepts to aid you.
• Enjoy an endless arena-style, tournament mode for you and your heroes to train in battle.
• Specialize as a virtuous or malevolent cleric, a formidable fighter, or a spell-casting wizard.
• Create noble offices, embark on grand building projects, and manage your subjects to help your nation grow.
• Use battle strategy and troop composition to defeat other nations—or negotiate with them using your diplomatic skills.
• Equip your ruler with the most recently acquired weapons and armor.
• Find and collect ten heroes to join you, including an elven huntress, a dwarven prince, a halfling weapons-master, the Archmage of the Academy of Wizards, the Bishop of the Holy Four, and many others.

Are you ready to take the throne and shape the fate of Daria?

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Interesting. It keeps zooming in when you open it again but can be changed in the settings.


Bro I have an issue when I play the game it just say by Mike Walter then no other words
We're sorry you're encountering this problem. Please write in to [email protected] so we can help you out.


I love the game, but the updates keep restarting me to day 1 and having trouble unlocking the bloomers, and I noticed the citizens can fall in love and have a family but the king can't, now to me it would be a reassurance to have an heir should the king die to an overwhelming or more tactical force
Thanks for your review, and we're sorry about that! We've recently updated the game so that the restarting should no longer be an issue. If you're still getting problems, write in to [email protected] and we'll help you out.


It's a good game unlike the bad reviews it got, it just need careful management of resources not rushing headless into it and with that it will be too easy.


It's a good game overall but it's still missing a lot of stuff and I will pay the $5 when it's enough stuff in the game charging us this early and development is crazy


Less simulation, more story. Most of the game is just resource management. Great if you have graphics and audio to enhance it, but when you're dealing with interactive fiction a game purely based on RM falls flat. It would be much better served using RM as a tool to enhance the story, but the story in this game is well, pretty much nonexistent. You just do stuff without knowing why you're doing stuff. "Go raid this tribe." "Why?" "To get supplies." "Why?" "So we can raid more tribes."


i really like this game however I'm still struggling to find out how to get bloomery plan😭😭


Can't get the option to receive Bloomery blueprints. No place for a "campfire" is offered yet.


Good concept and everything but not a good execution on it; tried several runs and have had either horrid luck or the system be bugged. First run had a 90 power group attack me within the first fifteen turns and basically stomped me. Second run had a battle where it was 25 power to my 80 and i got decimated. Third and forth reset my progress.


Good story, but too tedious to manage, Had to make the font as small as possbile to manage it


Its not as bad as a lot of reviews say. Its very much a different experience, very good but can be frustrating when you lose. But it is good


The game takes some figuring out, but once it's figured out it becomes a lot more fun, my primary issue is that you can have an army nearly double your opponents and still lose by the flip of dice,


How about guild master next managing a guild


It's a buggy mess. I went through and started fixing some of them myself and repacked it for personal use out of frustration. Apparently the author is panicking on the forums and such. This is why we quicktest, randomtest, beta test, and all sorts of other test before we release things. I know authors are responsible for this on the HG label, but CoG really should do some cursory check before publishing things regardless of label. Disappointing.


I love this game, but every time I close the app, it resets the game, and I have to start over. If this was fixed 5 stars
Thanks for your review, and we're sorry about that! We've recently updated the game so that the restarting should no longer be an issue. If you're still getting problems, write in to [email protected] and we'll help you out.


There are too many micro-managements. If you want to make a game that is based on micromanagement, maybe you can look at the work of other games released by the same game publisher (for example ZE Safehaven, the mercenary one, etc). The storyline is also really boring.


Not a well balanced game at all. Within 3 turns, I was attacked by a "small" bandit army that had a power level of 300+, then a "small" orc raiding party that had a power level of over 400 with multiple catapults, then as soon as that ended I had a hurricane that damaged my buildings that I now could not fix due to having all my stock jacked by the raids. This reset my settlement of about 100 down to 9 in 2 turns and basically making me start all over. This happened multiple times.


After 3 hours of playing, the game tells you "Game updated, the chapter has been reloaded". Your game is lost without a warning. That sucks. It lacks a save / load feature. Edit: it did it again. I don't care how epic the tale is if you're pissing off your readers like that..
Thanks for your review, and we're sorry about that! We've recently updated the game so that the restarting should no longer be an issue. If you're still getting problems, write in to [email protected] and we'll help you out.


I usually really like Mike Walter's stuff, but this one's kind of a mess right now. The engine will inevitably error out and force you to reopen the game at regular intervals, and if you send anything but your entire military into every encounter, it will delete your military. This one was neat in concept, but ultimately misses the mark. The Choice Of engine just wasn't meant to do this, and handles it really poorly
We're sorry to hear you're encountering this issue. Please write in to [email protected] so that we can see what the problem is.