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As the eldest child of the Usurper King, you were always meant to inherit your father’s stolen throne. When the lost heir of the dynasty he ended resurfaces, bent on revenge, you face a difficult choice. Your father’s enemies don’t have to be your own.

Without allies, the Kidia heir has no hope of taking the throne back, but you could offer them that hope. By allying with his enemy against your father, you could expedite your inheritance and end a dynastic feud, all at once. Always assuming that the vengeful heir is willing to share royal power with you.

Turncoat Chronicle” is a 180,000-word interactive novel by Hazel Gold. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

* Play as male, female, nonbinary, or genderfluid; gay, straight, bi, asexual, or aromantic.
* Befriend your family’s oldest enemy and end a dynastic grudge.
* Or, use your wiles to get close to your enemy and secretly plot against them.
* Rely on your court connections and diplomatic skills to earn your enemy’s trust.
* Recruit a trustworthy ally to act as a royal doppelganger.
* Guide your chosen consort as they acclimate to the demands of court life.
* Aim for the crown, or pull the strings in secret, behind the scenes.
* Plot your father’s downfall by blade or poison.
* Or, remain loyal to your father and strive to earn his approval.
* Take a chance and trust the one who could betray you, and perhaps even fall in love.

Either way, your decisions will go down in history!


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The application has experienced numerous crashes, and it appears that the protagonist's agency is limited due to predetermined thoughts and feelings for many characters. Additionally, there is a swift introduction of certain viewpoints that are forcefully presented. Despite these observations, it is evident that the application possesses potential for improvement.


Game just stays at loading


Great game and great writing and storytelling, my only issue is the excessive use of the LGBTQ+ Liberal agenda, I have no problem with having the option to choose a bi or trans character, but I feel that it is forced in this game alot. I'm uninstalling the game andI hope future games won't be lile this...


Enjoyed the political intrigue and scheming. The dynamics that can happen with the enemy heir is interesting. I can't help but feel they were the more intended route though. Romance is more minor but was disappointed to learn that ROs share a lot of the same scenes, where only the names were swapped. Otherwise it was an enjoyable time.


Can the writers or developers or whoever it is, stop bending over to accomodate to some LGBT pride or sensitivity in the game? The pronouns in the game are so messed up, it's hard to keep up with whom the conversation involves or what gender the character is. Accurate story writing in historical settings does not need to accomodate to contemporary 'trends'. -From an Avid reader who wants to immerse in the story writing without feeling compelled to acknowledge 'enforced contemporary identity'


A decent game, but not really outstanding. I think my main issue is that for a story about court intrigue and even possible parricide I found it oddly toothless and without any real conflict. Everything goes the MC's way all the time so I never really felt any kind of challenge or the kind of emotional depth I like in these games. It's cozy fluff which is fine but not what I expected.


I love games on political intrigue and found the premise very interesting. However, for me, the characters lacked complex and deep characterisation, I didn't feel connected to them and didn't feel invested. Also, I like personality choices to give more flavour to the player characters, which weren't in here. Definitely has promise though and good starting points, these are suggestions for the future!