The Chaos Foundation offers various in-depth lectures, concerts, videos, and publications on science with the motto of science, knowledge, and sharing.

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The best simulated for you to study for INSS contests.
Este aplicativo é para ajudar você nos estudos e preparação para os concursos do Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social (INSS), contendo questões de várias provas realizadas por este órgão e para vários cargos.Neste app você encontrará:[✔] Centenas de questões;[✔] Simulados por carreira, por matéria, por banca e de modo aleatório;[✔] Recursos como cronometro, estatísticas de desempenho dos simulados, revisão de questões erradas, entre outros;[✔] Recursos para não repetir questões já respondidas corretamente;[✔] Sem necessidade de cadastro;Baixe o aplicativo e estude para o concurso público respondendo diversas questões!
All important information about the internship Clinical Anatomy
Die App zum Praktikum Klinische Anatomie bietet dir alle wichtigen Infos rund um den Kurs: die Anleitungen, anatomische Darstellungen, Checklisten zu jedem Gebiet und dein persönliches Portfolio.Die App wird laufend weiterentwickelt und wir freuen uns darauf, dein Feedback in die Neuerungen einfliessen zu lassen!Anleitung:Schritt für Schritt wirst du durch die Präparation jedes Gebiets des Kurses geführt. Damit kannst du dich ideal vorbereiten und hast während des Präparierens die Anleitung jederzeit griffbereit.Anatomische Darstellung:Zu jeder Region findest du einige Veranschaulichungen inklusive Beschriftungen. So hast du jederzeit den Überblick.Checkliste:Mit der Checkliste kannst du überprüfen, ob du alle relevanten Strukturen eines Gebietes kennst und Strukturen markieren, die du für besonders wichtig hältst. Tippe einfach auf die Strukturnamen, um mehr Informationen zu sehen.Portfolio:Hier hast du Platz für deine Notizen, siehst deine Fotos und kannst Übungsfragen beantworten, die dich auf die mündliche Prüfung am Ende des 2. Studienjahres vorbereiten. Und am Ende kannst du alles ganz einfach mit den anderen Studierenden deiner Gruppe teilen!Suche:Auf die Suchfunktion kannst du von überall her zugreifen und so die wichtigsten Infos zu den einzelnen Strukturen finden.Wir hoffen, dass dir die..
Learn a language with pleasure!
This is a Greek-English and English-Greek Dictionary(Ελληνοαγγλικο λεξικο)This new dictionary is more than just a dictionary. You can search words, from which you can also listen to the pronunciation. This is all very clear and it works as easy as a dictionary should, because it’s all offline!Of course, you can do anything you expect from a dictionary, but there is more: It also has an extensive word trainer! This trainer is personal, which means you can add all the words to your personal dictionary and learn those words with the word trainer.The word trainer has different exercises, which makes you practice all that is necessary: Your writing skills, your listening skills, your pronunciation, and your reading skills.This makes that the app is indispensable when learning a language! It is suitable for any level.
Learning to Know Fruits, Vegetables and set Lagu Anak Indonesia
Learn Fruits and Vegetables is an application for preschoolers to learn to recognize the names and shapes of fruits, vegetables, and some plants / foods that are often found in everyday life (there are 60 kinds), and is equipped with a collection of some very popular, interesting and useful Indonesian Children's Songs, as well as 3 educational games for children, namely Memory Game, Picture Arranging Game, and Picture Guessing Game which is very useful. Benefits of Fruit Learning Applications: »Equipped with real photos and interesting sounds,»Consists of more than 60 kinds of fruit and vegetables,»There are 2 interesting games, namely Memory and Picture Arrangement,»Illustrations and voices can be changed by yourself (Mama / Brother's voice, etc.),»There is a TRAINING module to measure children's memorization,»Small application size, suitable for all smartphones.»There is background music of 7 Indonesian Children's SongsThis application can be run in landscape or portrait mode. In landscape mode, fruit and vegetable photos are full screen size, making them more interesting.Hopefully, with the help of the Indonesian Children's Fruit and Song Learning application, the process of introducing them to..
Financial education for children and parents, learn basic finance and economy
La App “Mi Dinero y yo”, es un cuento ilustrado que tiene como objetivo facilitar a los padres la explicación a los más pequeños de la casa de términos relacionados con las finanzas y la economía familiar de una forma amena, práctica y comprensible.A través de las vivencias de Daniel y Lucía, los dos niños protagonistas de la historia, los lectores reconocerán situaciones cotidianas en las que interviene el dinero y participarán en la toma de decisiones responsables relacionadas con el consumo y el ahorro, al mismo tiempo que identifican valores necesarios para nuestra sociedad como el cuidado del medio ambiente y la solidaridad. Se tratan temas como el recorrido del dinero y de dónde viene, las forma de pago, diferencia entre ahorro y gasto o por qué ahorrar, que los más pequeños podrán poner en práctica a través de los ejercicios que ponemos a su disposición.
The mobile version of the ISSMGE website.
The ISSMGE is the pre-eminent professional body representing the interests and activities of Engineers, Academics and Contractors all over the world that actively participate in geotechnical engineering.As a truly global organisation, the ISSMGE provides a focus for professional leadership to some 90 Member Societies and around 20,000 individual membersThe app is intended to:- Show ISSMGE news- Show upcoming ISSMGE and non-ISSMGE events along with their details- Offer webinar playback- Offer online library lookup- Show ISSMGE Bulletin- Show technical committee pages- Show member societies' pages- Show key sections of the website- Show notifications upon new content addition
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Imagine having access to all of your Channel-21 content wherever you are…
Channel-21 Mobile puts all of’s content right on your phone or tablet for use anywhere. Channel-21 Mobile is the companion mobile app to Note that a subscription is required to (whose membership is restricted to Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs/ABOs) to use Channel-21 MobilePlease check the supported markets list below to determine if Channel-21 Mobile is supported in your market.Supported Markets: Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Denmark, Español, Estonia, EU-English, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam
A application which lets you register for SRFP with GPRS/Wi-Fi enabled devices.
IAS, Bangalore was Founded in 1934 by Sir C V Raman, and was registered as a Society on 27 April 1934 with the main objective of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science. SRFP is a fellowship program which is conducted at the institute to invite the eligible candidates take up the program in the corresponding research areas. A web application has been developed by THSSPL for the same and is being used IAS to carry on the selection process.
It is a Chaos Foundation application sharing scientific culture with the motto of science, knowledge, and sharing.
The Chaos Foundation offers various in-depth lectures, concerts, videos, and publications on science with the motto of science, knowledge, and sharing.

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