- Improved filters, including “Hide with warning”-compatibility
- Redesigned profile page with metadata directly below the bio
- Collapse/expand function for very long posts
- Option to automatically prefix replys CWs with “re:”
- Option to hide interaction buttons in the timeline
- Various bugfixes, tweaks and improvements

Megalodon for Mastodon App SCREENSHOT

【图】Megalodon for Mastodon(截图 0)【图】Megalodon for Mastodon(截图 1)【图】Megalodon for Mastodon(截图 2)

Megalodon for Mastodon App DESCRIPTION

Megalodon is a modified version of the official Mastodon Android app adding important features that are missing in the official app, such as the federated timeline, unlisted posting and an image description viewer.

Key features

– Unlisted posting: Post publicly without having your post show up in trends, hashtags or public timelines.
– Federated timeline: See all public posts from people on all other Fediverse neighborhoods your home instance is connected to.
– Custom timelines: Pin any list or hashtag to your Megalodon’s home tab to simply swipe between your favorite topics and people!
– Drafts and scheduled posts: Allows for preparing a post and scheduling it to send it automatically at a specific time.
– Pinning posts: Pin your most important posts to your profile and see what others have pinned using the “Pinned“ tab.
– Follow hashtags: See new posts from specific hashtags directly in your home timeline by following them.
– Answering follow requests: Accept or decline follow requests from your notifications or the dedicated Follow requests list.
– Delete and re-draft: The much-loved feature that made editing possible without an actual editing function.
– Language selector: Painlessly select the language for every post you make so filters and translation are working correctly.
– Translation: Easily translate posts right inside Megalodon! Only works if the feature is also available on your Mastodon Web.
– Post visibility indicator: When opening or replying to a post, a handy icon indicating the post’s visibility will be displayed.
– Color themes: Should you not like the default Pink color them (the shark is silently judging you), Moshidon’s color themes got you covered.


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Megalodon for Mastodon App DOWNLOAD

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Excellent client for Mastodon! The reasons for only 4 stars is that there doesn't seem to be a smooth way to switch between accounts, the filters don't work most of the time and the photo reveal sometimes doesn't work. The customization is amazing and I really love it but the three core features are important to me


Hmm. Tried to like this but it doesn't appear to respect the filters I have set resulting in unwanted content in my timeline. Gone back to Tusky


Really enjoying the client so far, the original Mastodon app was so lacking but I liked it's UI, and this is basically a Mastodon client I have always wanted. Thank you!


This is a nice fork of Mastodon for Android which seems to be stagnant. It's feature package is where you would think Mastodon for Android would by at this point in time.


Loving the UI, but I hope the filters work. Right now, the filters I've set up don't seem to work in this app, so that's a bit of a bummer. I hope this gets addressed soon.


I'd normally give this app 5* because when it worked, it was easily my favorite mastodon app to use. It was smooth, functioned well, and was easy to navigate. Now it won't recognize my instance at all anymore when i try to sign in, making it functionally unusable. If this changes, I'll absolutely upgrade it back to 5* but as it is, I can't rate an app I can't use as 5*. It's not like I'm on an instance that is fascist-aligned, so it's a shame. Maybe in the future it'll work again.


Excellent improvement on the official app - filters! Hide replies! Thank you. Slightly odd that I had to add the federated timeline to the menu of selectable timelines, but at least that meant I learned about how that works. Could still do with an indicator or number on the notification bell 🔔 icon to show there are notifications waiting. Nested threads would be nice. And editing alt text after the fact didn't work when I tried that. But still, bravo!


Absolutely incredible fork, I've been enjoying the alternative social media but have been on the search of a good android client for a while. This by far reaches is the best client I've used, completely for free. The design is modern, the customization is everything you'd want, and the placement of all of the little tools such as going from "Home" to the Federated feed is simply a little drop-down to keep it tidy.


The official Mastodon app has the best UI of all the Android clients, and Megalodon looks exactly the same, but adds a load of cool stuff missing from the official client. Exactly what I was looking for! Alt text for images, filters that work! So happy I installed this. Thank you


I've tried a lot of the popular Mastodon apps and Megalodon is absolutely the best in my opinion. I don't think there's any other app that combines all of the features that Megalodon has. 10 out of 10, would toot again.


Easier to use and lovely! I switched to this app from Tusky, and it's so much better. It's easier to use, more customizable, and just beautiful to look at. Highly recommended.


It's a real shame that the original official app doesn't have all of these features but megalodon is an amazing fork that adds all the features the official mastodon app is omitting at the expense of feature parity. Excellent app.


Pretty decent overall, but I really wish it could be set to not obscure photos. Yes, supposedly you can, but that setting doesn't actually work. I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to view photos instead of a random blur. Extra frustrating because I'm on an instance that I chose specifically for astronomy photos.


Smooth UI but it's really weird that you can't resize the text. It looks huge on my phone and it'll be a deterrent to anyone with vision issues.


Great alternative to the official Mastodon app on Android. I'm hoping for more UI and appearance customisation options in the future, especially for how timeline content is formatted and presented (similar to options that exist in third party Twitter or Reddit clients).


Absolutely phenomenal app for browsing Mastodon on Android. The feel of it is spectacular, with great features and a great UI. The dev is very active on the platform and is working on some cool stuff all the time. All in all, this app made me use Mastodon more and that's all that I could have hoped for. (and it's for real beautiful).


Looks Beautiful and modern with essential padding. My eyes can't handle chunks of text in tighter containers. How I survived college professors trying to save on printing paper, some greater power knows. Anyway, Has the features I want like hiding boosts and replies from timeline and interaction count!


The official Mastodon app, but better! Megalodon is an open source fork of the official app, but with some extra features that the official Mastodon app refuses to implement or hasn’t released yet. Things like better follow request handling, a federated timeline, editable posts, support for lists, customizable color schemes, and a bunch more.


(Nearly) Everything the official Mastodon app was meant to be. I'm very pleased to have found Megalodon. It's got a lot of nice features that the official app is currently missing whilst retaining the clean, modern feel. It's definitely worth giving it a try. Best Mastodon app I've tried so far.


A really great Mastodon (and generally, a good Fediverse microblogging) client for those who want the "official" app's design but also want more features that are missing from the official one (but in every other client)
thanks!! 💖