Alterada a regra de estacionamento com relação a quantidade de CADs.


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Through the ZAD Barreiras application, the user will be able to buy and activate the Digital Blue Card (CAD) to use the Blue Zone vacancies in the city of Barreiras – BA with great convenience and practicality.

Every detail has been thought out so that, in a few clicks, the user can simply and safely carry out the process of purchasing and activating the Digital Blue Card (CAD) in the blue zone vacancies.

Interested? Download now and try it out.

* What is the purpose of the application?
– The application is exclusively aimed at the city of Barreiras in Bahia and has as main objective
manage the purchase and activation of credits (CADs) for Zona Azul rotating parking.

Check more details:

* Virtual Wallet
– Check your credit balance (CADs) on the main screen of the application.
– Your credits are temporarily stored and securely encrypted on your device.

* Pay parking credits (CADs) your way
– The application offers payment methods quickly and securely.
– We accept payments through: Credit Card, Debit, PIX and Boleto.
– All communication to buy credits is done in a secure and encrypted environment ensuring maximum security.

* Park safely
– The app offers features to activate and renew parking tickets without having to be on site.
– After activation or renewal of the Digital Blue Card (CAD) the user of the application does not need to leave anything on the windshield of the
vehicle to verify that it has parked correctly.

* Receiving parking alerts
– Configure parking alerts according to your preference.
– The application sends a notification to your device informing you of the remaining time that will expire.

* Transparency in history
– You can view at any time your complete parking history containing the date,
time and map with locations of every time you activated a Digital Blue Card and parked
in a Zona Azul rotating parking spot while using the app.
– You can also view all your credit purchase history (CAD) made in the application
easy and intuitive way.

* Data security
– All communication from the ZAD Barreiras application with the servers is done in an encrypted way,
which guarantees maximum security in the transmission of data so that you can carry out all operations
in the app without any risk or data loss.

All this with an intuitive and friendly interface!
Just download the ZAD Barreiras app!

Learn more about the app on our website:

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Park rotating safely and easily on the streets of Barreiras-Ba.
Through the ZAD Barreiras application, the user will be able to buy and activate the Digital Blue Card (CAD) to use the Blue Zone vacancies in the city of BarreirasBA with great convenience and practicality.Every detail has been thought out so that, in a few clicks, the user can simply and safely carry out the process of purchasing and activating the Digital Blue Card (CAD) in the blue zone vacancies.Interested? Download now and try it out.* What is the purpose of the application?The application is exclusively aimed at the city of Barreiras in Bahia and has as main objectivemanage the purchase and activation of credits (CADs) for Zona Azul rotating parking.Check more details:* Virtual Wallet- Check your credit balance (CADs) on the main screen of the application.- Your credits are temporarily stored and securely encrypted on your device.* Pay parking credits (CADs) your way- The application offers payment methods quickly and securely.- We accept payments through: Credit Card, Debit, PIX and Boleto.- All communication to buy credits is done in a secure and encrypted environment ensuring maximum security.* Park safely-..

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Considero o app bom, mas precisa de algumas mudanças. Deveriam adicionar um sistema que pudesse mudar a localização do estacionamento ao invés de gastar um cartão. E também um sistema que pudesse pausar o tempo do cartão utilizado pois não faz sentido usar 1h para resolver algo de 10 min e ainda ter 50 min sobrando para nada. E esses 50 min poderiam ter uma validade.


O APP tá uma negação. Quando precisa pede pra atualizar e nunca atualiza