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mCalc” is an application for calculating such indicators as:

✅ Aortic valve area and severity of aortic stenosis
✅ Degree of regurgitation
✅ Splenic index
✅ Thyroid volume
✅ Cardiac ejection fraction (left ventricle) according to the Simpson method (ratio of stroke volume to diastolic) and according to the Teichholz method [Teicholz method]
✅ Corrected QT interval (QTc interval)
✅ Body surface area (BSA, English BSA)
✅ Ankle-brachial index (ABI)
✅ Mitral valve area

🆓 The application is free, registration and Internet connection are not required for the application to work.

🔔 The information posted in the application is for reference only. The data obtained cannot be interpreted as professional medical advice and is provided for informational purposes only.

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The European Association of Urology (EAU) Pocket Guidelines App 2022 is the No. 1 resource for practicing urologists. Based on the most-read clinical guidelines in urology, the app provides you with access to comprehensive information on the management, investigation, diagnosis and follow-up of a wide-range of urological conditions on your mobile device.

The development of clinical guidelines is one of the core activities of the EAU. The 2020 guidelines cover the majority of the urological field. Over 250 clinicians are involved in the production of the EAU Guidelines, which are updated based on the latest systematic reviews of the available clinical evidence.

The EAU Pocket Guidelines App 2020 provides a quick and easy way in which to access the information provided in the 2020 Pocket Guidelines.
The EAU Pocket Guidelines App 2020 covers the following topics:

- Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
- Urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract
- Muscle-invasive and metastatic bladder cancer- Primary Urethral Carcinoma
- Prostate cancer
- Renal cell carcinoma
- Testicular cancer
- Penile cancer
- Non-neurogenic male LUTS, including benign prostatic obstruction (BPO)
- Urinary Incontinence
- Neuro-urology
- Sexual and reproductive health
- Priapism
- Urological infections
- Urolithiasis-..
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PatientView shows your latest test results, letters and medicines, plus info about diagnosis and treatment. Set up alerts, monitor symptoms and download your records. You can view PatientView from anywhere you want and share your information with anyone you want.With the mobile app you currently have secure access to:> Your blood results, sent from your unit or entered manually: in tabular and graphical formats, with accompanying guidance notes> Letters from your unit> List of medicines prescribed by your unit> List of medicines prescribed by your GP (if supported in your country)Plus you can:> Get notified instantly when new results arrive via push notifications> Enter your own results/readings, integrating them directly into your PatientView record. Specialised forms for rare diseases e.g. Nephrotic Syndrome. > Use our advanced charting and filtering tools to visualize your results in various waysincluding filtering, projecting, scaling and comparing of results> Send secure messages to staff at your unit(s) and receive alerts when responses are received> View your records offline for times when your device is without a data signal> And morewe are regularly adding to the..
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4D ultrasound centers and Fetal Medicine Center Gutenberg, Malaga, Granada and Algeciras.We are dedicated to women's health and especially during pregnancy.We are a multidisciplinary team of doctors specialized in Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Medicine, which aims to achieve excellence in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.To do this, together with the high qualification of our medical team, we have the most advanced 4D ultrasound equipment (known as ultrasound and 5D) with the highest existing resolution today.We have the latest technological advances that allow us to constantly implement new possibilities in prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations and intrauterine treatment of some of these diseases.We think that this combination of technological resources and constant updating of scientific knowledge is what allows us to offer the best care to our patients and contributes decisively to convey tranquility that prospective parents need to live forward to the months of waiting until the birth of her baby.We would love to have confidence to help them.
calculators for ultrasound - specialists, cardiologists
"mCalc" is an application for calculating such indicators as:✅ Aortic valve area and severity of aortic stenosis✅ Degree of regurgitation✅ Splenic index✅ Thyroid volume✅ Cardiac ejection fraction (left ventricle) according to the Simpson method (ratio of stroke volume to diastolic) and according to the Teichholz method [Teicholz method]✅ Corrected QT interval (QTc interval)✅ Body surface area (BSA, English BSA)✅ Ankle-brachial index (ABI)✅ Mitral valve area🆓 The application is free, registration and Internet connection are not required for the application to work.🔔 The information posted in the application is for reference only. The data obtained cannot be interpreted as professional medical advice and is provided for informational purposes only.📧 You can leave your wishes for adding calculators or other functionality of the application in reviews or send them to:


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