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Rubikagram is an unofficial telegram
It has features such as immediate and instant connection with the weakest internet and no filter. High speed chat messages and files
It also has online TV and watching movies and other channels

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Nithra Telugu Matrimony app is a safe and easy to connecting people for marriage
Welcome to Nithra Telugu Matrimony app Nithra Matrimony for Telugu is an official matrimony app for Andhra and Telangana people.Nithra Telugu Matrimony is one of the safe and Easiest App to find your Partner, specially made for all Telugu People to find their matches based on their preference from the matched list.Our Matrimony app hosts lot of matchmaking profiles across locations, communities, professions, etc..,Marriage matching app is matrimonial app where bride and groom can find life partner online match making.Benefits of Nithra Telugu Matrimony App:Free Registration for bride and groomAdd your profile and find your matches based on your preference.You can Choose based on caste, city, education, occupation, and more.You can search for bride/groom based on religion like Hindu, Muslim, ChristianWe make Telugu Matrimony simple & easy for you to search for brides/grooms around your preference.Using our app, you can create a matrimony profile for yourself, your friends or family members.We understand marriage is the most important milestone of your life. So we make it simple and easy for you to search for eligible brides/grooms around you.
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Welcome to Luxy, the top elite online dating app for singles with higher standards. Launched in 2014, Luxy is designed for successful, ambitious and well-educated singles who love mature dating and healthy lifestyles. Here you can match and date local singles, or people in your area. Feel free to join if you earn more than $200k, or are invited in by other members. Luxy also plays matchmaker for the successful, i.e. CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs, supermodels, beauty queens, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, established mature men and women. They are all here looking for romantic love and serious relationship. If you’re looking for the same thing, it can be the best place for you to meet new people!Luxy welcomes sophisticated and mature singles that are looking for real connections. Please also note that Luxy Does NOT cater sugar relationships.Featured on Global News MediaLuxy is labeled 'A Millionaire Matchmaker Dating App'. With millions of millionaires around the world, Luxy has been featured on BBC, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, to name a few. “Luxy is for millionaires;is for celebrities”GeekwireHow Does Luxy Online Dating..
MBTI Personality Database. Be your true self. Be connected
Introducing Pdbee: The App for Self-Discovery, Personal Growth, and Meaningful Connections.Explore the Realm of PersonalitiesImmerse yourself in a universe of personalities, featuring over 1 million profiles ranging from beloved characters to cherished theme songs. Unearth the individuals who resonate with your essence and uncover role models to inspire personal growth and development.Community for deep conversationWithin our community, we foster and embrace profound conversations that delve into various topics, such as personality exploration, relationships, and valuable tips for studying and working. Engage in discussions that go beyond surface-level interactions and discover a space where depth and meaning thrive.Unleash Your Inner SelfPdbee goes beyond traditional community by encouraging self-exploration and personal growth. We understand that your personality is a vital aspect of any relationship. That's why we have integrated renowned frameworks such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Enneagram into our app. Discover your unique MBTI personality type and embark on a journey of self-understanding.Our compatibility algorithms consider not only MBTI personality traits but also your interests and values, ensuring that you are connected with individuals who complement and inspire you in..
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Chans is a catalog of the best Telegram channels. Find new and interesting channels of any kind in just a few clicksCHANNELS CATALOG Our app presents more than 5 000 channels on different topics in 12 categories. SEARCHSearch by channel names is available to you, and with division into categories you can easily find channels on topics you are interested inFEEDDaily editorial collections will help you to learn about different channels from all over the world and find something new or create your own collection. With the feed you will always be aware of the latest Telegram noveltiesPROMOTIONPromote and develop your channel with us, fill in a simple form and thousands of interested users will know about your project.
Be the Church! You're called to Edify your Brothers and Sisters. Without Ads!
Share Bible verses and add your own thoughts about them. Edify the Church! Comment and save verses, chat and follow other believers.Be the Church!It is time to recognize what the Bible teaches about the true Church. We all need to be active. Jesus is coming soon and He is looking for His bride! 1 Corinthians 14:26"What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up."No more "super" Christians, we're all broken and need each other. We're the body, the Church, and Jesus Christ is our head, our High Priest!With this Bible application you can share Bible Verses and edify the Church. See what other users share and be built up! Comment, chat and have real fellowship!As an additional benefit you may compare all Bible verses in 9 different Bible translations:- King James Bible (KJV)- American King James Version- American Standard Version- Basic English Bible- Douay Rheims- Darby Bible-..
Guide to the world the best pubs, restaurants and a pub Serbia.
Vodič kroz svet najboljih kafana, restorana i pivnica Srbije.Aplikacija Vam nudi:-Spisak najboljih kafana, pivnica i restorana, poredjanih po Vašim ocenama.-Aktuelna dešavanja. -GPS sistem za navođenje do vrata lokala.-Pretragu Vama najbližih lokacija.-Listu najboljih kafanskih pesama uz mogućnost glasanja i kreiranja sopstvene liste.-Fotografije, nekoliko fotografija svakog objekta čisto da dočara atmosferu.-Odeljak gde mođete gledati fotografije profesionalnih fotografa iz noćnog života u kafanama-Posebno izdvajamo i nudimo mogućnost da baš Vi budete fotograf i saljete Vaše fotografije uživo.Ima još dosta razloga da skinete aplikaciju koja je potpuno besplatna. Instaliraj i pokreni zabavu :)
Official mobile application of the Film Library of Cantabria
Aplicación oficial de la Filmoteca de Cantabria desde donde podrás informarte de las próximas películas que se van a proyectar en la Filmoteca Regional (separado por municipios), en la Filmoteca Regional de Santander y en la Filmoteca Regional de Torrelavega.
University-based community / funding / donation platform Unifun! Experience new value!
재학생과 졸업생의 소통이 돈이 되는 혜택 가득한 공간!MZ세대를 위한 대학 소셜 네트워크 서비스 ‘유니펀’과 함께하세요. 유니펀은 다음과 같은 서비스로 새로운 경험을 제공하고 있습니다. 1. 대학생들을 위한 소셜멘토링 서비스전국 400여개 대학교의 재학생, 졸업생이 익명으로 선의의 조언을 주고 받고 추억을 공유하는 공간입니다.소심러, 귀찬러도 인싸로 만드는 유니펀의 리워드 시스템을 통해 소통이 돈이 되는 새로운 경험을 지금 함께하세요. 2. 혜택 가득한 착한쇼핑 기프트몰 서비스2,000여개의 다양한 모바일상품권을 구매, 선물할 수 있는 공간입니다.일상생활의 소비활동으로 후배와 모교를 후원하는 바이소셜! 착한쇼핑!10% 페이백 혜택으로 당신의 선한 영향력을 유니펀이 응원합니다.3. 당신의 꿈과 재능, 아이디어 실현을 위한 펀딩 서비스프로젝트 개설도 손쉽게! 중개수수료도 무료!여러분의 꿈과 재능, 아이디어 실현을 위한 후원을 선배들에게 요청해 보세요4. 모교와 후배 발전을 후원하는 서비스커피 한잔의 소액으로도 손쉬운 모교 후원이 가능한 공간입니다.작은 금액으로 사는 큰 행복!모교에 사랑을 전하고 소득공제 혜택도 받아보세요.5. 강력한 보상의 앱테크 서비스무료충전소 보상이 두번!어떤 앱테크 서비스 보다 높은 보상과 손쉬운 사용환경을 제공합니다.선의의 조언과 바이소셜 캠페인을 통해 새로운 후원 문화를 정착시켜 나가는 MZ세대를 위한 대학 소셜 네트워크 서비스 유니펀!다양한 혜택과 함께 당신의 선한 영향력을 보여주세요.[접근권한 설명]1. 필수 접근권한 안내카메라: 게시글 작성시 사진, 동영상 촬영사진 / 미디어 / 파일: 기기의 사진, 미디어, 파일을 게시글 작성시 업로드2. 선택적 접근권한..
Connect.Family Social yet Private
Connect.Family is a different kind of platform. It lets you build a private global network made up of the people you value most: your FAMILY.Family and loved ones are the best support network when you need most. Know your family tree, share your moments and stay connected. It's a platform for every generation to share the love with all family members. Family is the first social network. Stay connected. CONNECT.FAMILY
Rubicagram without filter and high speed connection
Rubikagram is an unofficial telegram It has features such as immediate and instant connection with the weakest internet and no filterHigh speed chat messages and files It also has online TV and watching movies and other channels

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