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This app contains preaching from Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California and also from Manila, Philippines. The app allows you to listen to preachings online. You can also download the preachings and listen to them when you have no internet connection.

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This app contains preaching from Verity Baptist Church Sacramento and Manila.
This app contains preaching from Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California and also from Manila, PhilippinesThe app allows you to listen to preachings onlineYou can also download the preachings and listen to them when you have no internet connection.

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This app has been a great blessing for me, I have been listening to the preaching of ptr.Jimenez for almost a year now, and it helped me a lot to grow in faith and in knowledge. But recently the updated preaching is no longer showing. Please kindly fix it. May the Lord bless you all accordingly.




Verity Baptist Church is one of THE best churches for preaching. I cannot rate them highly enough.


Great job!!! Keep up the good work... God bless you...


Every sermon of Pastor Jimenez and Brother Stucky, amazing!


Hard preaching from the Word of God!


This is app awesome! Thanks Verity Baptist Church!