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Jojna helps staff at dog daycares to communicate and share information with dog owners.

Sign up to get started right away.

» Create a Manager Account and add your dog daycare to get started.

» Create a Staff Account if your dog daycare is already using Jojna.

✓ Create and comment on posts to groups and dogs’ portfolio.
✓ Share information, photos, videos and files.
✓ Send messages to each other.
✓ Keep track of activities in the calendar.
✓ Check-in and check-out dogs, manage attendance, schedules and contacts.
✓ Get reminders and instant notifications and much more.

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Staff at Dog Daycare
Jojna helps staff at dog daycares to communicate and share information with dog owners. Sign up to get started right away.» Create a Manager Account and add your dog daycare to get started.» Create a Staff Account if your dog daycare is already using Jojna.✓ Create and comment on posts to groups and dogs' portfolio.✓ Share information, photos, videos and files.✓ Send messages to each other.✓ Keep track of activities in the calendar. ✓ Check-in and check-out dogs, manage attendance, schedules and contacts.✓ Get reminders and instant notifications and much more.

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This is super!! We are loving it


Exactly what I was looking for! Great app!!


This is super!! We are loving it


Finally a great app for doggy daycares


We can recommend this app to other dog daycares