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Embrace convenience, empower your life: E-Services Sindh, powered by PITB, provides direct access to multiple essential government services across Sindh – right from your phone. Skip physical visits, access information and services instantly, and experience transparency like never before.

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Digitization and mobility management of personnel in the field
Digitization and mobility management of personnel in the field
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Application for registration and participation in Promoline promotional campaigns.
ProID Mobile authentication
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to identify, trace and manage livestock animals health in Pakistan
PAITS is a system to enables rapid and accurate tracing of registered livestock animals and also provides key information related to their health, diseases, vaccination, movements, and the premises geographical details on which they have resided. It will be beneficial in animal theft control and also will guide and assist farmers in taking better care of their livestock animals. This system will help in tracing and recording the animal's details throughout its life cycle. It will also generate valuable information for analysis and decision-making regarding managing and enhancing farm breeds and their productivity.
Violation Activities of CODE of CONDUCT
It’s an application for monitoring the violation activities of CODE of CONDUCT. As the concerned authorities have established this CODE of CONDUCT for Election Campaign in Pakistan. This application is developed by Punjab Information Technology Board and is available for public to play their part in monitoring the election campaign.
App for Officials to Evaluate Teachers Based on Different Performance Indicators
COT Claoom Observation is a tablet based monitoring form developed by PITB. This is used by Officials to evaluate teachers based on different performance indicators.
A Smart Solution to Facilitate the Police for Reporting of Crime
A smart solution to facilitate the Police for reporting of crime from the location of occurrence to get a holistic and real time perspective of Crime reported for better countering measures and performance analysis.
The purpose of the system is to record inspection/visits of senior authorities.
Price Control Regime system is newly Developed system By PITB ( The purpose of the system is to record inspection / visits of senior authorities’ e.g.: Secretraies, Special Branch and urban unit to Sahulat Bazaars & Open Markets for monitoring of prices of Essential Commodities.System can record the inspection /visits through mobile app officers can visit and update the inspection through price Control Regime app and reports can be extracted both in tabular form and Graphical Form.
Ham Watan is an application to facilitate overseas Pakistanis working in KSA.
Ham Watan is an interactive application to facilitate overseas Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia. The application provides a swift medium for overseas Pakistanis to lodge their complaints and queries regarding Dispute with Employer, Detention & Consular Access, Insurance & Diyat, End of Service Benefits, FERC/OPF Cards, Legal Assistance, Deportation, Deportation, General complaints, TOR forms, MRP and NADRA. Moreover, information regarding various services provided by Pakistan Embassy is also available in the application along with frequently asked questions.
To measure the ‘Cleanliness’ of cities through a systematic rating criteria
Through 3rd party validation, measuring of cleanliness of most populated cities of Punjab through regular solid waste collection and making these cities sustainable clean & green is faster & easier than ever.Features in MEA SAAF PUNJAB application includes;·Duty rosters for Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) for work & route planning·Zone wise randomization of facilities·Rate any Point of Interest (POI) or facility as per given criteria·Conduct citizen surveys·Highlight any anomaly or issue regarding Solid Waste Collection in unassigned areas·Take photos as evidenceApplication can only be used if mobile’s IMEI is registered.
Excise & Taxation Punjab eAuction System
e-Auction Punjab number plate auction is a premium online service that provides user the opportunity to choose their desired plates in an online auction for others to bid on. It offers buyers an excellent opportunity to purchase registration marks securely in an online auction environment.Users can participate in an online auction by following these steps:•Download the e-Auction App•Enter your online registration within three days of downloading app•Choose your favorite number•Take part in e-Auction•Users must participate in the auction within three days of registrationOverseas Pakistanis can also take part in this auction
Go Punjab Mobile App aggregates e-Services provided by the Government of Punjab.
Go Punjab (Government of Punjab) Application aggregates all citizen-centric apps into one umbrella mobile application. It allows citizens to register with their CNIC & a verifiable mobile number. Citizens only have ‘One Username & Password to Remember’. Go Punjab App integrates the existing users of other govt. apps & citizens will not have to register themselves again. Go Punjab App eventually would be a single platform to integrate new citizen-centric services as the digitization drive moves forward.This app provides both ‘transactional’ and ‘information’ services. The information services icons are marked with ‘i’ clarity. The App provides segregation of services based on the department and well as the categories offered.
The official application of the Lahore High Court
The official application of the Lahore High Court can be used by advocates and litigants to get real time notification on the fixation of their cases. The app also hosts a bunch of other functionalities for the average citizen to view the latest cause lists, rosters and case searching.
Public can log complaints on areas such as Water and Sanitation, Price Control
General Public and Government departments will work together hand in hand to being change in Punjab Province. Citizen’s of Punjab will identify the area that needs quick attention from Government departments, and Government officials will respond to their issues/suggestions. All of this will be recorded via a real time monitoring system. This will improve the service delivery. Special campaigns are designed to bring visible change in the province. The app users will be notified as soon as their complaint/suggestions has been taken care off by a government official. The citizen can quickly rate the action taken as a positive or negative marking. The data gathered via this app will further be analyzed by the Government agencies to take data driven decisions.

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What a piece of $#IT. Doesn't login after updates. Doesn't signot as well. Is there even a QA team for this? Looks like some interns work to me.


Good job Sindh government. I apply for domisile how much time required please mention it.


Registration issue,it's not processing further..2nd there should be an email or support link to reach the right technical staff to resolve the issue.


worst lolly pop ever in the mouth of Sindhi people by govt of sindh... it takes months just for verification...


Very good aap and best effort by Sindh govt. While entering the area of any property which contains fraction of ghunts, no such option is supported for this purpose. So it needs consideration. Contact option to get in touch with developer or any other responsible me be initiated for the quick communication in case of error or any other issue.


Could you tell me how long will it take to receive domicile after applying


E bugs service application only error invalid response


app not working, when lam going to create account and put information it say "invalid response " kindly fix the issue


Best app it's a good step by sindh government. But now it doesn't work why?


unable to register. poor app design. no error message that can indicate what went wrong at registration attempt


Still no output


Over all good effort from Sindh government


I have applied for PRC since one month no any reply No any feedback useless app


Doesn't work


Good work Sindh Government 👍


Registration failed... DioException [unknown]: null Error: HandshakeException: Handshake error in client (OS Error: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED: Hostname mismatch(


Unable to open the app., 2-How to make payment for the required document? 3-Bank and Account (IBAN ) number TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR THE REQUIRED DOCUMENT? THANKS.


This is a good step forward to sindh government but need improvement in app because it can work properly.


Services are better but need to improvement by adding complaints of basic human needs also


Overall good but kindly add complaint option, like sewarage, roads, water line, srreet lights.etc.