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Novelas Online Completas en HD App SCREENSHOT

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Novelas Online Completas en HD App DESCRIPTION

Novelas gratis completas en HD, podrás verlas desde la comodidad de tu dispositivo móvil.

Tu App de novelas gratis la podrás disfrutar las 24 horas y en cualquier lugar del mundo.

Lo que encontraras en la App:

– La App es de fácil uso y sencilla.
– Diseño rápido, simple y sin registro.

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Si te gustan las telenovelas aquí encontrarás las mejores de la televisión.
Novelas gratis completas en HD, podrás verlas desde la comodidad de tu dispositivo móvil.Tu App de novelas gratis la podrás disfrutar las 24 horas y en cualquier lugar del mundo.Lo que encontraras en la App:- La App es de fácil uso y sencilla.- Diseño rápido, simple y sin registro.

Novelas Online Completas en HD App DOWNLOAD

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To many adds don’t even download it


I love


Has everything I've been looking for... Highly recommended


Buena app para ver novelas


Me encanta Plus Novelas app.


It is such a pity that you have blocked the content of the videos to me! Why?!!! You should be enormously proud and regard it as a good sign that such an app reaches so far on the other side of the world and there are viewers eager to watch your serials. I hope you will take into account my complaint and unblock the videos, because up to this moment I have had an amazing experience!


Si le pudiera dar 0 estrellas lo haria. La applicacion no abre se queda en la intro solamente ah pero si me pasa sus anuncios. No pierdan su tiempo!


First it has great classic telenovelas my friend enjoys it when they come over. But unfortunately lately the PLUS NOVELAS APP doesn't open and doesn't work either. Yesterday Saturday Jan 14 2023 I send a message to the developer of the PLUS NOVELAS APP developer and explain that the app isn't working at all and to PLEASE!!! FIX IT. Unfortunately some apps are well developed and all of sudden it goes down the drain good apps are ruin. Now I expect the courtesy of the app developer to reach out.


Good app.


Not working


This app is great you get to watch novelas in hd but will be better if there were English subtitles or the audio is in English instead of spanish


Muy bueno


Very good


Very good app


Me gustan las novelas ke tienen en la aplicacion.


Love this app 🤩🙌


Amazing love this app


I like the app but isn't there any way I can get English subtitles?.


Its good but the videos are now not coming do something about it and pls we want rosa diamante, quiero amarte ,lo imperdonable and me declaro culpable on this app


Luv it. Muitas novelas! Gracias. Take care.