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PMP Exam Prep 2023 App DESCRIPTION

PMP Exam Prep 2023 is an exam preparation application that will help you pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam organized by Project Management Institute (PMI) with high scores on your first attempt.

PMP Exam Prep 2023 will not only help you gain insight into concepts related to PMP exam preparation, but will also help you gain confidence in passing the exam on your first attempt by practicing thousands of exam-like questions.

Now you can also prepare for your PMI-CAPM and PMI-ACP certification exams with PMP Exam Prep 2023. All exams are designed in accordance with the latest PMI guidelines.

### Pass the exam on the first attempt ###

In PMP Exam Prep 2023, there are a large number of questions prepared by exam experts that cover the scope of standardized exam requirements. According to the exam requirements, you need to master 3 subjects, each containing a dozen subdivided content areas. You have the flexibility to choose which subjects you need to practice, depending on your situation.

Specifically, PMP exam subjects include:
– People (42%)
– Process (50%)
– Business Environment (8%)

CAPM exam subjects include:
– Introduction to Project Management (6%)
– Project Environment (6%)
– Role of the Project Manager (7%)
– Project Integration Management (9%)
– Project Scope Management (9%)
– Project Schedule Management (9%)
– Project Cost Management (8%)
– Project Quality Management (7%)
– Project Resource Management (8%)
– Project Communication Management (10%)
– Project Risk Management (8%)
– Project Procurement Management (4%)
– Project Stakeholder Management (9%)

ACP exam subjects include:
– Agile Principles and Mindset (16%)
– Value-Driven Delivery (20%)
– Stakeholder Engagement (17%)
– Team Performance (16%)
– Adaptive Planning (12%)
– Problem Detection and Resolution (10%)
– Continuous Improvement (9%)

### Key features ###

– Over 3000 practice questions, each including detailed answer explanations
– Specialized practice by content area, with the flexibility to switch between them at any time
– View analysis of your current performance in the “Statistics” section

The most important part of passing the PMP exam is to keep practicing and not lose confidence in the exam. You will find that each time you practice on PMP Exam Prep 2023, your knowledge of the exam will increase, thus increasing your certainty of passing the exam.

Set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice some questions, while hinting to yourself to do the same tomorrow. After you have developed good study habits, you will find it easier to pass and score high on not only the PMP exam, but any other exams that follow!

### Purchase, Subscriptions and Terms ###

You will need to purchase at least one subscription to unlock access to all features, content areas and issues. Once purchased, the cost will be deducted directly from your Google account. Subscriptions will automatically renew and be charged based on the rate and term selected for the subscription plan. If you need to cancel your subscription, please do so no later than 24 hours before the end of the current term or your account will be automatically charged for renewal.

You can manage your subscription by turning off auto-renewal in your account settings in Google Inc. after purchase. Or you can manage and cancel your subscription by clicking on “Subscription Management” on the settings page after opening the app. If a free trial period is offered, any unused portion will be forfeited when you purchase the subscription (if applicable).

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Maybe this is what exam prep definitively means, but this app does not teach you anything. You just take practice quizes and if you get a question wrong there is no context or insight as to why. I even subscribed.


Terrible explanations - almost none of the explanations on the questions actually say why the correct answer is correct, and the study plan is capable of generating some truly ludicrous estimate (mine said I should do almost 700 questions in 30 minutes!) Don't waste your money on this app.


good app for the most part. missing some explanations which would be helpful. it would be nice to get a comparison to how you compare to other app users.


need more explanation


I wanted to see the application before paying anything. But it is asking for payment. So, I cannot pay without seeing any details. Sorry


Was hoping to find some related study questions for different levels of study or different subjects. It's there. It's just not free. The free version only offers daily and quick study quizzes. Not really what I was looking for.


More detail on the explanations and not just repeat the answer




Great learning tool




the question and answer does not match!
Hello Jacqueline! Thank you for your comment. We are already investigating the issue you mentioned and will fix it and update it to the latest version as soon as it is confirmed. We sincerely hope you can send us the details of this issue to the following email address