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PTCB & PTCE Exam Prep 2023 is an exam preparation application that will help you pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) certification exam with a high score on your first attempt.

PTCB & PTCE Exam Prep 2023 not only helps you gain insight into concepts related to pharmacy technician certification exam preparation, but also helps you increase your confidence in passing the exam on the first attempt by practicing hundreds of exam-like questions.

### Pass the exam on the first attempt ###

In PTCB & PTCE Exam Prep 2023, there are a large number of questions prepared by exam experts that cover the range of official exam requirements. Depending on the exam requirements, you will need to master 4 subjects, each of which contains 5-10 subdivided content areas. You will have the flexibility to choose which subjects you need to practice, depending on your situation.

Specifically, these subjects include:

– Medications
– Federal Requirements
– Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
– Order Entry and Processing

### Key Features ###

– Over 1200+ questions to practice, each including detailed answer explanations
– Specialized exercises by content area with the flexibility to switch at any time
– View an analysis of your current performance in the “Statistics” section

The most important part of passing the Pharmacy Technician exam is to keep practicing and not lose confidence in the exam. You will find that every time you practice on PTCB & PTCE Exam Prep 2023, your knowledge of the exam increases, thus increasing your certainty of passing the exam.

Set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice some questions, while hinting to yourself that you will do the same tomorrow. After you develop good study habits, you will find it easier to pass and score high on not only the PTCB exam, but any other exam!

### Purchase, Subscriptions and Terms ###

You will need to purchase at least one subscription to unlock access to all features, content areas, and questions. Once purchased, the cost will be deducted directly from your Apple account. Subscriptions will automatically renew and be charged based on the rate and term selected for the subscription plan. If you need to cancel your subscription, please do so no later than 24 hours before the end of the current term or your account will be automatically charged for renewal.

You can manage your subscription by turning off auto-renewal in your account settings in Apple after purchase. If a free trial period is offered, any unused portion will be forfeited at the time you purchase your subscription (if applicable).

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If you have any questions or comments about your use, please let us know via email at and we will resolve them for you within 3 business days at the latest.


PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician™, PTCB™, PTCE™, Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam™ and CPhT™ are registered trademarks of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board™ (PTCB®) and administered exclusively by the PTCB®. This material is not endorsed or approved by the PTCB®.


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The smooth functionality and comprehensive questions that helped me become more familiar with the exam. The scientific categorization of subject categories made my study sessions more efficient and boosted my confidence.


The convenient practice and detailed answer explanations in this app were perfect for my busy schedule. I highly recommend it for PTCB exam success.


I loved the engaging content and challenging experience this app provided. It has a user-friendly interface and is suitable for all levels of learners. I found it worth the money.


The app's comprehensive content and detailed breakdown of topics make it a trustworthy resource for exam preparation. It has a simple and useful interface with consistent and high-quality questions that helped me pass the exam.


Its systematic approach and subject categorization according to the test syllabus helped me focus on my weak areas effectively. Worth using!


The comprehensive and professional questions provided in this app are perfect for exam preparation. It offers a smooth app experience and a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for busy schedules.


With thousands of Quantitative Reasoning questions and engaging content, this app is perfect for overcoming weaknesses. The rich practice features and adaptable difficulty levels helped me build confidence in my abilities. Plus, the affordable pricing makes it a cost-effective choice.


Good content, but experienced occasional crashes. Developer support was responsive and helpful.


Before taking the PTCB exam, I felt so anxious at one point that I was completely afraid to even think about anything that had to do with the exam. Even though I had studied a lot of courses and book material, I just couldn't focus. I tried multiple apps to try to get help, but none of them had any significant effect. It wasn't until I came across this app that it completely eliminated my worries and concerns and helped build my confidence again.


Honestly, the quality of this app completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did it allow me to successfully pass the PTCB exam, but I felt very relaxed about the whole process.


Great, I really enjoy the practice process with this app. It makes me feel like I'm improving all the time and I get something out of every practice. Absolute PTCB test prep expert!


I really like these features of it, easy to use but very practical and almost no learning cost. The quality of the content is also very good, especially the topics on medications and patient safety and quality assurance helped me break through my weaknesses. I passed the PTCE exam and this app played a positive role.


I have been using it for over five weeks and I have a strict daily practice schedule based on my situation. Not only do I stick to the number of questions and study time required by the daily plan almost every day, but I also take several random tests depending on the day. By today my pass rate has increased from about 60% at the beginning to 88%, which is a major leap for me!


It's a very good way to learn and I enjoy the freedom of control. I can take tests on any content at any time and place and fully test my learning. This played an important role in my eventual success in passing the PTCB exam.


It's been three months since I decided to take the PTCB certification exam and downloaded the app. I've been through a lot in that time, and at first I was skeptical that studying on a mobile app would really work until I took some practice tests off and on, and I found that when I really started to take it seriously and put in a learning attitude, I was able to get a boost from it. Now, I have successfully passed the PTCB exam, which is the most encouraging thing for me and my family this year.


There is no doubt that the questions provided are very professional and accurate, and the app developer has been updating this over the months I have been using it, so I give this app 5 stars.


Would be great if the buttons worked. Just paid for a month and immediately couldn't even use the "quick-10 quiz" or "practice all questions." Then I completed a section and both buttons for correct and incorrect don't do anything when I tap on them so I can't see those for study. "Start today's questions practice" doesn't do anything either. The progress bars don't match actual progress, and the math for the notes underneath your score doesn't make any sense. At this point I just want a refund.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We are working on verifying and fixing these bugs and expect these issues to be resolved in the next version update. If you need anything, please contact us via email: , and we will take it further for you.


If I had a second chance, I would still choose this app to prepare for my PTCB exam. But unfortunately, I passed the first time I took it, thanks to the contribution of this app!


I passed the ptcb!!! This app helped me out a lot. Very great app . It was worth the week subscription!!! I recommend to give it out a try.


I'd give it a beginning star rating if I could. Half the answers are wrong because they don't give you the right answer to chose instead it's some random answers that don't even go to the question. Such a waste of money. Wish I never got the app!
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. This bug has been brought to our attention and we have fixed the issue in the latest version. Please update to the latest version in time. We always try to provide excellent service to users like you and we will leave no stone unturned to deal with all issues. Best wishes, HeRong Ye