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ChefBurger is visited by thousands of customers every day, it’s no wonder!
After all, we try very hard and work on the quality of the product, in our menu we have collected the perfect dishes in terms of price and quality. We use only the best ingredients. Our burgers and snacks will not leave indifferent even sophisticated guests.
We can also pamper children with our branded “Junior box”.
And if you want more meat, you will be offered the favorite “Maxi Burger”. At ChefBurger, you will always be served by friendly and trained staff.

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The Official App of Edião Lanches!
Agora você pode fazer o seu pedido com muitomais praticidade. Peça direto pelo celular semcomplicações e receba seu pedido em qualquerlugar na cidade de Cornélio Procópio.
Application of Malay cuisine recipes that help cook dishes for your family
Aplikasi 1001 Resepi Masakan Melayu/ ini menyediakan pelbagai resepi masakan melayu , rencana akan kami buat Resepi Periuk Serbaguna Noxxa,Koleksi Resepi Kuih Muih,Resepi-resepi Kerabu,Resepi Masakan Laut,Resepi Ikan Bakar,Resepi Kek Terbaik,Resepi Biskut Raya Sedap,Resepi Kek Coklat kukus ,Resepi Orang Kampung,Resepi Nasi Dan Lauk Pauk,Resepi Orang Lama,Resepi Nasi Ayam,Resepi Laksa,Resepi Thai,Resepi Ayam,Resepi Western Foods,Resepi Nasi Goreng , Resepi Maggi dan masih banyak lainnya.Kumpulan Resepi Ayam Lengkap :1. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Sedap Mudah2. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Madu3. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Bersantan4. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah sos cili5. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Lengkuas6. Resepi Ayam Merah Masak Thai7. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Indonesia8. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Bumbu Bali9. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Gongso Ala Jawa10. Resepi Ayam Masak Merah Padang11. Resepi Ayam Goreng Popcorn12. Resepi Ayam Goreng Kunyit13. Resepi Ayam Goreng Berempah14. Resepi Ayam Goreng Kampung Ungkep15. Resepi Ayam Goreng Tepung16. Resepi Ayam Goreng Lengkuas17. Resepi Ayam Goreng Berlada18. Resepi Ayam Goreng Lengkuas19. Resepi Ayam LainLainyadan Resepi Ayam Akan di update setiap waktu.Resepi Kentang1. Resepi Bebola Kentang Cheese Koleksi sambalnya :Resepi Sambal Mentah :1. Resepi sambal Tok Tok2. Resepi sambal..
Jahez Food Delivery app
Jahez is platform that helps you find and order food from wherever you are. Install the mobile application, type in an address, we list the restaurants that deliver to that location, other users ratings. Base on your choice, we will deliver your food with our state of the art delivery system, you can track your meal as needed, and you will be notified once the driver is close to you.
Browse availability & instantly book your favourite restaurants in South Africa.
Download the free Dineplan app to browse availability & instantly book your favourite restaurants in South Africa.SEARCH & BROWSE RESTAURANTSSearch through our comprehensive list of restaurants by availability, name, area or show available restaurants based on your current location. To help you decide where to make your reservation, browse and explore restaurants by their customer rating, cuisines on offer, location, opening hours and various other booking options.INSTANT & REQUEST BOOKINGSThere are two types of restaurants booking categories: INSTANT BOOKINGS (watermelon colour label) and REQUEST A BOOKING (turquoise label). Click on the 'Book Now' or 'Request' buttons to select a date, party size and time for your reservation.Bookings at Instant restaurants are instantly confirmed. Request type bookings need to be accepted or declined by the restaurant. Note: keep a lookout for the 'medal icon' awarded to restaurants that respond promptly to booking requests. The restaurant's Average Response time is provided when tapping the turquoise labeltop right on request restaurants.YOUR BOOKINGSView your upcoming and past booking reservations, from the bookings tab. Share, edit or cancel any of your upcoming bookings; and review..
Online Food Order & Delivery with Popeyes App in India - Download the App Now!
Online Food Ordering & Delivery with Popeyes India Android App – Download the Popeyes India Android app and order your favourite food online. Popeyes India: The Iconic global brand is now in India. Welcome to the Popeyes Fam. Loved by Millions, Now in India! Order Your favourite Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Signature Chicken, Cajun Veg Burger, Rice Bowls Combos, Wraps, Chicken Popcorns, Chicken Wings, Desserts and more online. Order from the Popeyes India Android App to get exclusive offers and deals and for quick delivery of your favorite food from your nearest Popeyes store. Popeyes Menu: • Popeyes Iconic Chicken Sandwich – Classic Chicken Sandwich & Spicy Chicken Sandwich • Chicken – Lemon Chilli Grilled Chicken, Popeyes Signature Chicken – Classic, Cajun Chicken Tenders, Popeyes Signature Chicken – Spicy, Cajun Chicken Popcorn & Sweet Chili Chicken Wings • Sides – Cajun Chicken Tenders, Cajun Chicken Popcorn, Cajun Fries, Cajun Onion Rings & Cajun Veg Popcorn • Rice Bowls & Wraps – Spicy Veg Rice with Cajun Veg Popcorn, Classic Chicken Wrap, Spicy Chicken Rice with Cajun Chicken Popcorn, Spicy Chicken Rice..
BAŞGİMP services, new mobile applications with a click of your side!
BAŞGİMPA, which you know and trust, is now with you with a single click with its mobile application. Download BAŞGİMPA's mobile application, do your grocery shopping easily from anywhere and anytime via our mobile application, and save your time.BAŞGİMPA is always with you.
Free application online applications from Suki Suki Delivery company.
Suki Suki Application Delivery Serving always the best of Japanese cuisine in the city of MariliaSP.Download our Application and already comes from our taste in your home!To use the application is very simple:1) Choose whether delivery or balcony.2) Choose what you want in Menu.3) Choose the best Payment.4) Log In or Register.5) Delivery Address.6) payment and send the request to the restaurant.Within moments, you receive the confirmation of the direct request to your application!Do not forget to rate!Simple easy and fast.
Bravo Supermarket
The Bravo APP is a great way to save time and money at your favorite Bravo store.Register your store preferred customer card on the Bravo app and begin to save!
Mob’s Kitchen is the only app you need to feed your weekday cravings during
Whether it's samosa to satisfy your desi cravings, soul-warming pizzas, and sandwiches, or simply a Maggi with a cup of chai or coffee. Mob’s Kitchen is the only app you need to feed your weekday cravings during office hours. Discover the luscious food in no time with Mob’s Kitchen food management app.Mobcoder internal use only.
Enjoy homemade dishes. Share your passion for cooking and earn money!
Eat To Eat is your app for buying and sharing homemade meals! You are passionate about cooking or you are gourmets, Eat to Eat allows you to access a universe of authentic flavors and tastes!HOW IT WORKS:1- Download the app2- Register to access your account3- Consult the offers of chefs near you4- Enjoy!If you are passionate about cooking and you want to share your dishes:1- Register on the application or on the website2- Complete your profile and your information3- Offer your dishes at the price you like4- earn money!Eat To Eat, Your Favorite Chef Might Be Right Next To You!
Order in a restaurant, delivery, promotions, discounts, special offers
ChefBurger is visited by thousands of customers every day, it's no wonder!After all, we try very hard and work on the quality of the product, in our menu we have collected the perfect dishes in terms of price and quality. We use only the best ingredients. Our burgers and snacks will not leave indifferent even sophisticated guests.We can also pamper children with our branded "Junior box".And if you want more meat, you will be offered the favorite "Maxi Burger". At ChefBurger, you will always be served by friendly and trained staff.
1558 - order a drink in the app, drive up to the car, and get the order in the car
Autokofeyni 1558 application is an opportunity to select the items you like in the menu and pay for your order with a few taps right from the phone screen and drive up to the order issue window in your car.Simplicity and ease of use is your faithful companion to the world of coffee.You will always know the latest news about promotions, bonus accruals and the development of new items in the menu.You can easily find us, visit the nearest coffee shop and share your impressions in the application.Click on the "download the application" button and become a member of loyalty 1558.The application allows you to: • build a route directly to the nearest coffee shop • top up the Autokofeyny card 1558 with Apple Pay • view order history • view the current menu • receive push notifications with promotions1558 is the first and only drive-thru coffee shop in the city of Astrakhan.Why 1558?1558 is the year of foundation of modern Astrakhan.The menu includes both classic positions and signature drinks: • coffee • teas • match • milkshakes • smoothies..
Delicious pizza in a couple of touches!
We are located in Chuguevka, Primorsky Krai.In the application you can:* Check out the menu* Form and pay for the order* Earn and spend bonus points. You can pay with points up to 100% of the order value.* Leave feedback* Participate in loyalty programs* Learn about promotions, discounts, raffles
App for beloved guests of SELF COFFEEBAR coffee house
What will happen if we combine on one platform: professional barista, inspired and enthusiastic about their work, TOP equipment that meets international standards and is amazing in its quality, and most importantly, the taste of coffee? Right! This is SELF COFFEEBAR: a place where coffee is a real art, a whole culture and lifestyle.Add to this a more convenient location in the very center of the city, a cozy atmosphere, always fresh desserts and sandwiches and, of course, an individual approach to each guest. Wi-FI and smiles as a gift!Here is a simple and functional application that will become your guide to the coffee world. Install it right now and you can:∙ read the current menu∙ become a member of the loyalty program and receive every sixth coffee drink for free∙ track your balance and the number of accumulated bonuses∙ always be up to date with the latest news∙ Be the first to know about promotions and events∙ leave reviews and commentsand many many othersThe cozy atmosphere of SELF COFFEEBAR is now on your smartphone!See you at the coffee shop!
Voodoo coffee chain app for your favorite guests
Enjoy the perfect roast at the Voodoo coffee chain.In the app, you can:* see promotions that are not available to others* receive notification of new promotions* find the nearest coffee shop* make an order while you are going to the coffee shop* pay for the order by card* get and use bonus points.
Best Kebab app - for lovers of real oriental cuisine and comfort
Best KebabOriental cuisine cafe in the city of Surgut. Cooking in an open kitchenno secrets from you!We work for you around the clock! We deliver barbecue, shawarma, pilaf and other delicious dishes!For you affordable prices, excellent quality, comfortable soft zone, panoramic view.Always in stock:Oriental dishes:Our shawarma shawarma and shawarma to all !!!Several types of barbecue, kebab, pilaf, pastries.Loved country potatoes and fries!Salads, desserts, drinks.You can also order your favorite dishes with home delivery 24 hours!
WoodCoffee Roasters - a convenient way to find out about interesting offers and promotions
WoodCoffee Roasters app is a quick and convenient way to find out about the latest news, interesting offers and promotions. This application has a built-in Hunting Ticket loyalty card, on which 20% cashback falls on every purchase. The application allows you to view the locations of the nearest coffee shops, the balance of the loyalty card, detailed information about our promotions and offers, as well as the purchase history.
Coffee | Baking | Dessert Fastest growing coffee shop chain
VARKA is a project created by ambitious people who want to make coffee an integral part of your life.VARKA is a project that combines stylish design, the comfort of a coffee shop and a large selection of delicious coffee, fresh pastries and mouth-watering desserts.VARKA is a project that always strives for excellent quality at affordable prices.And in order to see for ourselves the honesty of our words, we will be waiting for you at Varka coffee.
Who said that you can only drink tea at home or sip slowly in a restaurant?Do you still believe in the tea ceremony? Well, if she has the right to life in the modern world, then she will have to change. Like the rapid steps of a runner, the rhythm of a big city dictates its own rules.TAPIERA began its race, taking Asian traditions as a basis. Now we are moving along a winding mountain trail, experimenting with combinations of tastes, looking into different parts of the world, creating a new culture. In the end, it cannot be otherwise in a country linking Europe and Asia.In this race, we refuse to turn a blind eye to such important things as the naturalness and usefulness of products. In TAPIERA tea you will not find dyes or artificial flavorsall colors and tastes belong to teas, fruits, spices and other natural ingredients.TAPIERA is more than just tea. This is an experiment. The search for the new in the familiar and the discovery of the yet unknown.

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