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Draw Joust! Game DESCRIPTION

Build your ride, and joust it out with your opponent! Do you have what it takes to win the tourney?

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This is one of the best games ever made, i would recomend this game to anyone who feels bored or is waiting for something or someone. It's extremly fun to play this game😁


It is fine but I don't like how you have limeted ink. It is cool how you can push people off, and then quickly go back to save you're self!


I love this game first time when I play.before you can play this game offline but after you can only play this online.I rate it 5 star on my 1 day playing this game.Soo glitchy and stuck please fix this or I rated 5 star and share this game please add offline mode please 🥺


I've been playing this for a few days now and it's been really fun, but now suddenly today the [previosly untimed] matches are all timed for only 15 seconds before a 5 sec timer pops up alerting you of the incoming spike walls that close in until someone dies, which takes 10 sec max. Even the boss battles are like this now, it's so boring. I spend more time watching ads than playing now, which I'm sure was their goal, but I'll only be playing for a few more days because this killed all the fun.


That is my childhood when i saw this game I was so happy and I downloaded it anyways when I was young It had no ads now it had so much ads and it was offline now it is online make it offline please 💔 😢


Used to be one of my favorite games. Now there's a stupid bubble floating around on the vehicle building screen trying to force me to click on an ad link after they already put ads between levels. Like, it takes up half of my drawing space and makes the game unplayable.


I'm a level 921 and after this new update the game don't even work anymore it doesn't let me start the game and it restarted my power when I press fight after I'm done drawing it doesn't bring me to the arena it just stays there


I like it because it's just very addicting and you can play it for a long time and I'm in a very high level and there's pretty much nothing to do but it was a very good game I would recommend it


Games awesome the ads I don't really like that much but there's barely any I thought I was going on and install this soon but no fixing that really fun honestly 9 out of 10 like the other guy. : ) 0. /l 0. / l


It's actaully a fun game tbh. When I rage quit in other games, I can just play this. Plus even if the ink is too expensive, I usually recommend to upgrade power, health and the income. Well now my ink is level 5 still while the rest r like 49 or smthing.


This game is joyful but its ads too far and this hang problem very, very ,very disappointted to you. Unless its problems occurred by the low branded mobile. But ads ofcourse you face. Because games ads not jaugh low brand or high brands mobile. But this game very disappointted for me. 🤗 So your mobile condition is also important so you check. Thank you Every one.


Good game but lots of adds but the bad part is when they ask you to rate the game while your in the middle of a match.


Fun! I love playing this game! It kills your time and is quite challenging too. Only thing that bugs me is the sudden death thing goes off a bit too soon. I think it should only go off when no one is moving, not when you're trying to destroy your opponents car.
Thank you for the feedback Thomas! We are taking our players feedback to heart so we are planning to add more sophisticated AI enemies, with varying realistic types of behaviour.


this game is very nice but the reason I gave it four star is because I get 1 ad after two games which annoys me a lot. But this game is an easy five star without ads. keep it up develoverprs


This game is very fun very simple very easy but the ads are off in the charts crazy thing is the ads are the most goofiest thing in the world it's like every time i beat a level i get ad !!!!!!


It's a fun game but the offline earnings are so low that's pretty good game turn your Wi-Fi off and it's great it's too many ads if you don't turn your Wi-Fi off but yeah that's why I give it a three star


It's fun but what the f is the point if paying for no ads if you are still going to have the annoying bubble add floating around in the way of the build to where you're basically forced to click on it and can't exit..... complete b.s Will change to 5 starts when this b.s is solved


Fun little game, ad removal kinda pricey, but not too bad. Lacks any real depth, would be nice to have a leader board or something. Floating ad on the draw screen blocks you from drawing often, needs to be moved.
Thank you for the review Matt! You are right, and we are working on some new very exciting features, including full Leagues mode which will include the leaderboards


I wish I could rate this game 0 stars. This game doesnt even have any interesting things and it's just the same thing again repeated. To be fair, their are customisable things you get but that's about all you can do until you have all of them. The thing is, you aren't even playing with a bot, your playing with yourself the opponent won't move until you move and it is mostly controlled by you yourself. I would recommend this for long car rides before it gets boring after a while. Very boring.


DO NOT GET TO MUCH INK!!!! So I got this app a bit ago and got lots of ink big mistake I worked so hard to upgrade my ink and my game was so glitchy after that if you do have that issue try deleting the app then reinstall it and bam good as new but it will restart your progress on the game. Now I give 4 stars because this app is so much fun 10/10 would recommend 👌