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Watch pet’s heart work in real time.

*The application requires PetNetECG device.
*Export to EDF and Mit-Bih formats.
*Export to PDF on Android 4.4 and later.


Calculate your child's gestation time
Pregnancy CalculatorCalculate your child's gestation timeApplication that calculates the time of pregnancy and the probable date of the birth of your child.Easy to use, the Pregnancy Calculator displays the number of days of gestation, the number of weeks and even the probable date of birth.Characteristics:- Pregnancy time- Likely date of birth- Number of weeks of gestation- Easy to useWant to know how long pregnant?Use the Pregnancy Calculator
Aesthetics Workout, the best app for the fitness, musculation and CrossFit
Aesthetics Workout is a virtual training log which allows you to create any kind of workout plans for fitness, musculation and CrossFit with or without equipment. You can easily planify your workouts, save your performances. An embedded chronometer is provided for your rest time. Evaluate your workout and your physical progresses.Symplify your workout and use this tool to keep motivation and manage perfectly your progression:○ Manage complex plans : reps and time sets, pyramides, circuit training adapted to fitness and CrossFit (AMRAP, EMOM, …)○ Define your goals: number of reps, loads, rest time, tempo, …,○ Take advantage of a pre-loaded exercises library and add your own ones,○ Compute the best load from your max.Free your mind during your workout:○ The timer starts automatically,○ Save your performances and logs when you want,○ The app shows you the next step of your workout and the last associated logs,○ If needed, you can reorder your workout in real time.Follow your progression to keep motivation:○ An evaluation about your workout and goals,○ Your progress is automatically evaluated relative to the last session,○ Follow the..
Pilates exercises to tone the body
★★★★★ Pilates En Casa ★★★★★Estos ejercicios ayudan a movilizar músculos que habitualmente no utilizamos. Ademas de toniciar nuestro cuerpo, mejoran el equilibrio, la postura, la estabilidad y también alejan los dolores de espalda.El ejercicio se encuentra entre las mediadas más significativas que puede realizar una persona para mejorar su salud física y mental, el principal problema es que muchas personas no cuentan con el tiempo necesario para ir regularmente al gimnasio, pero tenemos algunas buenas noticias: Usted no necesita ningún equipo adicional para cosechar los beneficios físicos y mentales, todo lo que necesita es una estera ó colchoneta. En resumen, en esta app encontraras un excelente plan con los mejores ejercicios de pilates en español, para moldear y adelgazar, tanto pilates para principiantes como para avanzados.
Exercise and rest, an essential part of a modern busy lifestyle
Exercise and rest, an essential part of a modern busy lifestyle[Archon] will help you keep it on track:1More satisfactory workouts: steps, distance, and calories burned information at your fingertips2Safeguarded workout history: confidential workout history securely kept and locked away3Convenience by your side: the wristband will always be on hand to keep a watchful eye on your health.If you have any comments or suggestions on Archon, please submit your feedback in the App. We read each feedback carefully and will communicate with you sincerely.
Complex will take less than 10 minutes, and the result will be after 1-2 weeks.
Complex will take less than 10 minutes, and the result will be after 1-2 weeks.
ポケット糖質量をご覧下さりありがとうございます!ご覧いただきありがとうございます。糖質制限といえば、ダイエットをはじめとして糖尿病、高血圧、アンチエイジング、メタボリックシンドローム、生活習慣病、アトピー性皮膚炎の方も最近注目している食事習慣です。糖質制限ダイエット、低炭水化物ダイエット、ロカボダイエットなどという言葉もすっかり定着した感があります。普段の生活の中でどれほど糖質を摂っているのか、ささっと確認したいことはありませんか?作成者の私も糖質制限に惚れ込んだことから豊富なデータの中から簡単に糖質量を検索でき、一覧でも眺められるように出来ればいいなあという思いから生まれました。 ポケット糖質量は1600種類以上の食品に含まれる糖質量が検索できるアプリです。100グラムあたりの糖質量と、それぞれの食品の1回分を目安とした分量に含まれるエネルギー(カロリー)・たんぱく質・脂質・塩分が表示できます。日々の生活にぜひご利用ください。糖質量を1個4gの角砂糖の重さに換算するといくつになるか表示します。最新のデータと機能を使っていただくため、是非とも最新版にアップデートしていただけますと嬉しいです。・最新版はAndroid6.0以上のスマートフォンでお使いいただけます。・糖質量のデータは新しい情報を増やしていく予定です。・このアプリはアナリティクスとクラッシュ情報送信以外はデータ通信をしないので、通信量に優しいアプリです。・角砂糖X個分という表記について糖質量を1個4gの角砂糖だと何個分になるか表示しております。小数点以下第2位は四捨五入しています。この値はその食品を摂った時に角砂糖と全く同じように血糖値が上がるということではなく、わかりやすい視覚情報を認識することで糖質制限のモチベーションを維持することを念頭に置いております。あくまでも単純な重さの目安としてお考え下さい。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします(´∀`)
A calorie checker to plan and keep track of what you're eating.
DesiCalMeter app is a free app that allows Android users to search and log calories for various kinds of Indian food. The concept behind DesiCalMeter is to help people lose weight by providing a comprehensive calorie counter and nutritional analysis. The fastest and easiest to use calorie counter for Android. DesiCalMeter is simple to use and has all the cool tools to help you succeed : - A calorie checker to plan and keep track of what you're eating. - An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn. - A quick pick to find calorie and nutrition info for your favorite foods- A calorie calculator to see your calories consumed and burned.
Built to provide you with the best set of information straight from your wrist!
HARRY LIME app is the companion app specially designed for the HARRY Series07 Activity Tracker.One core functionality of our App and our smartwatch is to allow users to handle phone calls, SMS and other incoming messages directly from the smartwatch.Developed to work with our smartwatches to help you monitor your activity throughout the day & achieve your goals.HARRY LIME watches offer a selection of fantastic features and dials:The stepometer tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. Sleep monitor tracks your quality of sleep. Multiple sports functions, our smartwatch offers a choice of activity types such as running, biking, walking & climbing. In addition to training functions, our smartwatch will also notify you when receive incoming calls or messages.Phone finder feature helps locate your phone or smartwatch should you misplace them.
Our application will help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one!
CanCell Cancer is a mobile application for healthy people who wish to pursue a healthy life style by taking everyday health decisions and aim to prevent cancerous diseases in this way, in particular for healthy people who run an increased risk of cancerous diseases.
Manage your health care on the go with the myMDwise app.
Welcome to myMDwise for Hoosier Healthwise and Healthy Indiana Plan members.With myMDwise, you can:• View your general information, including the name of your current doctor.• Complete a survey about your health (Health Screening).• View and redeem MDwise Rewards.• View your medical and pharmacy claims.• Sign up for electronic communications.• Make your payment through WISEpay (HIP members).• View/print your member ID card.• Contact MDwise Customer Service.• Request to change your PMP.• Access information about preventive care, wellness, well-child visits and prenatal services.SECURITYYou must always sign in with your User Name and Password to access the features in this app. Without that information, no one can reach your personal data. It is safe.CAN’T ACCESS THE APPS FEATURES?You must sign in to access the app’s featuresOnly members whose employers use Healthx are allowed to login and use the app.ABOUT MDwiseMDwise is your local, Indiana-based nonprofit health care company. We were founded in 1994 to help vulnerable populations needing health coverage in Indiana. Our parent organization, McLaren Health Care, is a nonprofit integrated health system who believes all Indiana families should have access to..
Mobile application for portable electrocardiograph PetNetECG for pets
Watch pet's heart work in real time.*The application requires PetNetECG device.*Export to EDF and Mit-Bih formats.*Export to PDF on Android 4.4 and later.
Mobile application for use with portable electrocardiograph ECG Dongle.
Watch your heart work in real time, send the results to cardiologist, and receive his opinion about your cardiovascular system. Take care of your health and health of your relatives. No special medical or technical experience needed.*The application requires ECG Dongle device.


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