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Yandex Go is a service for urban life. Use the app to request rides or deliver items.

It’s just like requesting a ride: enter your address in the app, and a courier delivers your item. Both sender and recipient meet the courier at their car.”


Choose a service class for any occasion. Ride Economy for everyday errands, treat yourself to Comfort and Comfort+ to relax in a more spacious car, or go with Business when every detail counts. Use Delivery to ship items of any size by car. Fares and available service classes vary by location, but we always show the exact price (or a fair estimate) before you request a ride.


You can pay for rides automatically if you add your card in the app, but drivers also accept cash. Payment method availability may vary depending on location.


Yandex Go uses smart algorithms built on live traffic data to connect riders with drivers who can reach them fastest. Depending on your location, the app will also suggest alternative pickup points to help lower your fare.


Request a ride with multiple destinations, like if you’re dropping your kids off at school, picking up a friend on the way, or need to run a quick errand. Yandex Go maps all your stops on one route and calculates the fare for the entire trip upfront.


Choose the Kids service class to ride safely with your child in a safety or booster seat.
Currently available in the capitals of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan, as well as 169 cities across Russia.


Order food from local cafes and restaurants. Just enter your address and we’ll show you everything that’s available nearby. Narrow down your search with filters and find your favorites or try something new. Currently available in Russia and Kazakhstan.


You can open a family account in Yandex Go. Family accounts are a great way to take care of your whole family and pay for their taxi rides. A single family account can have 4 members all using the same bank card. The family account can also be used to pay for orders in lots of different Yandex services, not just Taxi. Family members can share their location during rides, and the account owner can set limits and view the order history.


Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Serbia and Moldova. Visit to see rates and availability in your city.

If you’d like to share your opinion about our app, a driver or company that handled your ride, please send us feedback in the app.


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I dont understand why this app is like this. I picked the business class to not to be late for my destination. But turns Out driver doesn't even know the right place and he just left me there without getting me to the destination. Like what's even wrong with this app. You pick right place and normal people but driver leaves you in somewhere you don't know. So abnormal app. Fix the destination places please. It's already happening twice. And I'm already late . Ugh. Such a bad app.
We are really sorry for this situation. Please, contact us here:


What happened? You guys moved the map and made it extremely small for some reason? If I order through Lavka or Eda I can't see the map of where the delivery guy is at anymore... Why the awful change, please revert this immediately, the app sucks now


They treat the drivers very badly and they recently really messed up their navigation. Instead of taking short routes it takes the longer ones. I hope this changes something


If there are no drivers nearby the app will automatically start searching within a larger area. Because of that the price of my ride was increased by almost 55% from 1200 rubles to 2000 rubles. The app showed no notification about the price hike. Заказывал при заявленной стоимости 1200 руб. По окончании поездки списали 1990 руб, на 55% больше! В службе поддержке сказали, что это потому что не было водителей рядом. Класс! Спасибо, что >не< предупредили.
Хотим проверить ответы коллег и выяснить, почему стоимость выросла на 790 рублей. Пришлёте ваш номер и скриншот заказа на почту


2023, still doesn't have it's own themed icon for Android 13 Confusing interface. Don't always know whether in started to call a car to the location or I can still loork in it


I am not able to book taxi using this app, on each click of location of destination screen gets blank. Please check and fix the issues
Let's find out why the screen is blank. Please send your phone number and a video with the error to


PM/marketing: "hmm, today I will add a requirement for dev team to implement a please-rate-this-app popup and make sure it does reappear from time to time to annoy users into leaving a review, what could go wrong"


Please fix the bug where I am not able to pay for my unpaid ride with any card and the option to pay doesn't appear please look into it and release a fix many of my friends face the same issue, thank you !
It's strange that you can't pay for the ride by card. Kindly send us phone number which is connected to your account in the app and screenshot with an error to this email:


It is terrible, they changed price of ride during the ride. I ordered by one price but at the finish must pay more on 15 percent. I am very sad.


Charged twice for several rides. I can't use my money for 4 days already due to this application, which cannot handle payments in a reliable way.
Let's check what's going on with the write-off. Write all the details to us at


Worked fine for a few years, now when I had to drive back home it kept saying I can request another ride in 1 minute, and I trusted that for like half an hour with brutal winds and weather at best around -20C. Only support option was about my morning ride. So this hazard for my health and untrustworthy error messages make me rate it at 1/5 on UX alone.


Worked fine on my iOS On my new android it literally doesn't even work, I get a gray screen whenever I try to order a courier or a ride or inout payment method. Also the prices are higher for android? What's that about...


1) The app is restarted by itself during the ride in taxi, sometimes twice in a row 2) The routes are inaccurate, shows extra path after arrival point. 3) The taxi arrives at the back of the home (where there is no entrance on the yandex maps)
Something did not quite understand you:(You can tell us more on the blogs@go We will sort it out


I live in Siberia, ordered a taxi because it was -30 degrees. When the app notified the driver had arrived, I was waiting in the street. After 10 mins the driver didn't show up instead he texted me he wouldn't take the ride anymore but he wanted me to cancel and I did because I was freezing and for that the app charge me half of the ride I didn't take. It's disgusting to know that this company takes advantage of the costumer and there is no way no punish this behaviour of the drivers.


I used this app like very much a lot. I thought it best in town until they charged my money from my card paying the ride that I didn't even use. Told second time to customer support. Once, she said it wasn't my debt, and two days after they charged me and other customer support said it was my ride. I asked about the proof since I didn't have it on my app, but I bet they don't understand. I explained until tired. They couldn't protect the customer. At least I need my rights back! Use cash better!
Hello. We are very sorry that such a situation occurred. We are ready to check everything again. Please write to us at, and we will answer as soon as possible.


This review pertains to the Yandex Eats part of the app. Please make it obligatory for restaurants to include their ingredients and pictures of the foods, and the ability to remove ingredients when ordering. Also, despite my settings being in English, some portions of the app are in Russian for some reason. Lastly, the app could use some performance improvements. With these 3 things included, it would be an amazing app worth 5/5 stars.
We'll pass on the idea of food photos and adding/removing ingredients to our colleagues at Yandex Eats:) And the language in the iOS app will be the same as on your device. If there are any problems with this, please email us at:


As an American living in beautiful Georgia, I have used Yandex for years. The only reason for 4 stars, is because when I was using the card payment option, few drivers didn't show up! I believe they were hoping to get 2 lari cancelation fee without giving the ride! However I contacted the Support team, and I recieved refunds immediately... But anytime I use Cash option, I have no such a problem, and all drivers show up with no problem. Bottomline, Yandex is the Best:)


This company is truly exceptional. Their prices are always high (you know, being a struggling company and all) but their service is the worst out there. The navigator is so bad, you might as well uze my grandpa's compass and a paper map. The waits are sometimes so long, that if you're late to a meeting, welp, god bless your soul, you're not getting there through yandex. Use gg, use utaxi, seriously, please use anything else but this garbage.


⚠️ BUGS!!! Door-to-door delivery DOESN'T WORK! When I fill in the form of the address, the form is automatically clears all the data. I cannot enter my house/apartment number, etc. Terrible app and service!


"We are constantly working behind the scenes to make the app faster and more reliable" - But the app keeps getting more bloated, less reliable, and takes more space, crashes more frequently than it used to, even though nothing changed in new version. - Also, I figured that the app was rated 5 stars on my behalf, though I never rated it, and if I would I would rate it a zero. So they might have did something behind to scenes to get make people rate it randomly
It's sad that you have such impression about the app :( You can tell us about its incorrect work via email: We will try to fix it