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SiGN Smart Home, smart life, smart living
1. Remote control: control home appliances from anywhere
2. Simultaneously control: control multiple devices with one App
3. Timer: set timer to perform multiple functions
4. Device sharing: One tap to share devices among family members
5. Easy connection: easily and quickly connect App to devices

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SiGN Smart Home, smart life, smart living1. Remote control: control home appliances from anywhere2. Simultaneously control: control multiple devices with one App3. Timer: set timer to perform multiple functions 4. Device sharing: One tap to share devices among family members5. Easy connection: easily and quickly connect App to devices

SiGN Smart Home App DOWNLOAD

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There is a problem with the application and no one fix it.


I just downloaded this app to connect my smart plug, and the first thing happening is the app having a bug and crashing. Such a nice welcome!


I did not have any problems with Google Assistant working with my first SiGN products. Power Strip, Led RGB and Single Plug. They all work perfect for me. EDIT: For some reason the App crashes now. Years without problems until now December 2023. And Teknikdelar don't care, they don't fix it, and they don't ANSWER.


Crashing on startup, makes the hardware useless


Keeps crashing on my device, unusable. I've uploaded logs some days ago, but no update can be seen for the apk.


Hello what is wrong with your app today? It switches off without reason?


Working flawlessly, easy to use and install


The alert detection messages suddenly stopped working, even though there is movement, I reset and cleared the cache and still nothing.


Delayed responses on some devices. It used to work very well. But now, the response time for the app to detect the devices is taking a very long time in few devices (which never happened before). It is annoying to the point that you would rather go turn on the lights yourself.


Doesn't work 😕


Still problems connecting to the camera on Samsung Galaxy S21, while my partner has no problem on Samsung Galaxy A8.


Difficult to change phone


Having problems with the camera feed on this app. When I open it to see the camera feed it just keeps loading. Tried clearing cache and reinstalling but it still doesn't work. Is there a fix for this? I have the Sign smart home wifi camera.


Nothing special or great, but works.


I'm using this app to control the Sign LED strip, but half of the colors on the app don't correspond to the actual colors of the LEDs. Red, green, yellow and orange work. However, when I click on magenta in the app, the lights turn red. On white, they turn yellow. On blue, they blink blue and turn off, or just turn off. I hope you can update the app because we bought the strip to have blue and magenta lights in the room.


It worked well in the first couple of months but now my smart strip and smart plug came offline. Can't add any devices anymore. Just works as a normal plug


works on app but not with google assistant as described


NOT compatible with Google Home as stated on the box and in the APP...