fix some bugs




1. Support taking photos

2. Support video recording

3. Support remote video playback

5. Support alarm push

6. Support real-time preview

SIMILAR to Goodcam App

This widget shows your Battery Level on your Homescreen using a traffic light
This Widget shows you, wether you should not disconnect your phone from the charger, may disconnect it or if it's safe to disconnect and go!
Strong phone vibrator app body massage, enjoy vibration pleasure & relaxation.
Phone Vibrator AppA powerful Massage Vibrator with easy controls for relaxing your body on vibration. It can help you ease different types of cramps and massage away general body pain.Just install and swipe up, then you can enjoy vibrate massager with 20+ relaxation patterns made by the built-in vibration motor anytime, anywhere.※ Amazing Features- 20+ unique patterns- Customize your intensity- Continuous vibrating- Screen lock feature prevents accidental turnoff- Stylish and simple interface design※ This App Can Help You To:- Promote relaxation after a tiring day- Relieve neck pain and muscle tension on vibrations- Reduce anxiety and stress- Sleep aidEnjoy this vibrator massager app. Feel relaxation and share with your partner or Friends. Powerful massager with easy controls for relaxing your body. Differents types of little or strong cramps to relieve body pain.Strong vibrator app provides with various vibrating app melodies. This app includes sounds and a large list of diifferent vibrations. Vibrator top mode is here for you. Regulate the vibration speed and enjoy the moment alone or with someone.Vibration massager helps you to promote relaxation, reducing anxiety & dialy..
Carrier & Cellular Information, Speed test, Network scanner for LTE/4G/3G Signal
LTE Cell Info 📱 is a great multifunctional tool , which helps you to gather all the information you need to know about your cellular connection. It is a clever way how to get all the details about your current carrier, the connection mode or even detect max. physical cellular speeds in the supported mobile technologies.FEATURES:▸CARRIER INFO • Detect current connected mobile network operator name, country, region. • Show the carrier identification MCC and MNC codes. • Detect current cellular connection mode (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE). • Detect LTE operation bands supported by your carrier.▸CELLULAR CONNECTION INFO • Detect mobile generations and standards supported by your device (2G, 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, VOLTE). • Detect device supported GSM, UMTS, and LTE operation frequencies and channels with detailed band information. • Detect max. physical cellular speeds in the supported mobile technologies.▸REACH UI FEATURES • Hamburger menu • Use the camera icon (upper-right corner) to create and print/send/share a screenshot of the entire page. • Pull down with your finger to refresh the information.Thank you for using and..
Free Audio and voice recording app
Audio Recording from your mobile phone has just gotten easier. This app is an easy to use Audio Recorder with a clean and intuitive design free of charge. You can use it to record in the file format of your choice: MP3, WMA, WAV, 3GP and many more.When comparing to other audio recording apps, this one is jam packed with features to fulfill your recording needs. below are some of it's features:1. Built in Audio Player; (Play, Stop, Fast Forward and rewind controls)2. Choose recording folder3. Change recording format4. Maximum recording length5. Sampling rate6. Recording channel7. Share recording8. Background recordings (While the screen is off)And many more features. If you have any issues at all, the app comes with a contact form. Use it to send us an email and our developers will be more than happy to assist you.
Advanced file downloader from any website. Download multiple files at once.
Are you bored of searching download button when you visit any website to download any file? Would you like to see all downloadable files when you visit any website? Do you want to download any type of file from any website without any restrictions? If so, GetThemAll will solve your problem!With GetThemAll, you can see all downloadable files when you visit any website. Also, you can download multiple files at once. You can easily download video, mp3, image, pdf and so on from any website.FEATURES- Download any type of file from any website with just one click- See all downloadable files when you visit any web page- Fully integrated web browser- Download multiple files simultaneously- Fast downloader, easy to use & free- Download in background- Share your downloaded files- Manually or automatically upload your downloaded files to cloudGetThemAll is a free download manager that allows you to download photo, music, document, pdf, pages, code, etc. from direct link. With this all downloader app your life will be easier!If you have any feedback, suggestion or question please write to [email protected] or..
Agenda application for the UMY Academic Community
Aplikasi mobile bagi Civitas Akademika UMY untuk mengelola berbagai agenda kampus seperti Rapat Unit Kerja, Silaturahmi Bulanan, Pidato Milad, Halal bi halal, Konsolidasi Tendik Tetap, dll.
COD Booster - Game Lag Fix smoother FPS, codm lag fix and speed up CPU, GPU
➥ Game Booster COD the application supports phone acceleration, optimizes cpu gpu ram to play game warzone. With just a few taps the codm game will remove lag, smooth fps.➥ The features of the software:Speed up cpu, phone gpu with AI technology that determines the chip line and find the cause of lag to accelerate most effectively.Optimize game COD by optimizing game data, game cache, game graphics,to reduce lag best.Clear ram before playing games to make your phone perform at its best.
Application used to aid devices joining a Thread 1.1 network.
Application used to aid devices joining a Thread 1.1 network and to give them commissioning parameters.USER AGREEMENT::
AlertaUfes application developed by the Federal University of Espirito Santo.
Aplicativo utilizado para acionar a Central de Segurança da Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo.Para usar o aplicativo o usuário deve usar o Login e Senha fornecidos pela UFES.Caso houver algum problema com seu login ou senha, os usuários podem acessar para recupera-los.
You in hurry finding PC to convert PDF to Image - just install PDF to Image
🔷 PDF to JPG Converter – PDF to Image ConverterInstall and convert your PDF to JPG/PNG images. After install app on Give Storage Permission for List of all your PDF file. your Android device and Click onbutton (Right down), Automatically List of all PDF Files from your storage and Select file and Click “ok” or cancel if wrongly selected, The PDF documents will be converted to the images within few seconds and show notification after completion.Convert unlimited number of files, no delay between conversions nor queue, convert all PDF pages and much more.On the top of that this PDF to JPG ConverterImage Converter is really fast, lightweight and stable. The application is also straightforward and easy to use. Convert all pages in a PDF to JPG or extract all images in a PDF to JPG.💲 Premium Features differentiate from other App use💲★ Notification Alert after Converting to Image file,★ Auto Load all PDF Files on One Click★ Easy to Manage All PDF file from PDF to JPG Converter app like View, Delete★ After Converted to JPEG file you can Manage..
P2P remote monitoring software
1. Support taking photos2. Support video recording3. Support remote video playback5. Support alarm push6. Support real-time preview
A WiFi remote viewing camera software
A WiFi remote viewing camera software
High-quality remote monitoring software.
Real-time remote viewing, remote playback, simple operation.

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Great to watch what my rabbits are doing when im away


not managed to get it working. if anyone can give me customer service, that would help. Otherwise it's no good to me 😡


It's not fully working


How does this camera work ??


What a load of rubbish!!! Camera & App


Disappointed that I am unable to enable notifications to alert me to motion detection


Won't let me connect to WiFi, which says it's blocked as it looks good, cam for my dogs room


This app doesn't work.My notifications are blocked and I can't get it to connect to my wifi.


I can't get the notifications to go on. So can’t set up my 2 new wifi cameras. What a waist of money and time. Thanks for that, NOT. I don't even give this 1 star but had to. So I can write this.


Directions SUCK! - IE: "Blue light on, full of extinction." HUH?? It reads to 'follow steps but there aren't any steps. A multiple choice of 4 choices and none make any sense. The first step, connecting to WiFi, is a guess at best and my 600 guesses weren't it.


Why can I not allow push notifications


Rubbish does not connect


I would rate this 5 stars but google seems to have the push notifcations blocked and that is triggered by the motion sensor. I'm betting people complained about the notifications from it and that's why it's blocked. From a customer point of view I would say to the developers that you should try and work ot out with Google or Samsung so your product works as it's intended 😉


Can't load disappointed


Can not get the camera to connect to the app, its saying camera code invalid, if someone can help get it to work I'd happily change this low rating.


Does not connect mobile device to drone, camera only works if it connected to WiFi so u cannot fly hight or far you have to keep a WiFi signal from your home router not phone


Useless. There is no feature to share video. Does not save video that can be played on other apps, including VLC. Very poor design and features.


Can't connect camera to wifi,, broken English instructions unclear. Update* after playing with my wifi settings for hours I finally got the app and camera to work properly.


Briefly connected, then wouldn't connect to Wi-Fi and camera stopped working completely. The red light flashes but it's not possible to reset the camera it's not possible to connect to the camera it's not possible to uninstall the app so that it forgets it's erroneous previous settings. In short, it's useless. This is on a Samsung s22 with the app downloaded from Google.


I can't reset my camera setting, useless app and camera