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Paleta Fronton Game SCREENSHOT

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Paleta Fronton Game DESCRIPTION

The popular sport born in Peru “Paleta Frontón” made game for Android smartphones and tablets.
Society Games gives us this wonderful game with a spectacular realism thanks to the simulation of physics as it occurs in a real game, also with the management of gestures on the screen of the smartphone and / or tablet will allow the player to have a very close experience to a game of this magnificent sport in real life.

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Game from the popular Peruvian sport named Paleta Fronton
The popular sport born in Peru "Paleta Frontón" made game for Android smartphones and tablets.Society Games gives us this wonderful game with a spectacular realism thanks to the simulation of physics as it occurs in a real game, also with the management of gestures on the screen of the smartphone and / or tablet will allow the player to have a very close experience to a game of this magnificent sport in real life.

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