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My Sweet Herbivore High Game DESCRIPTION


While hiding from a bully, you pick up a strange, glowing seed that launches you into a universe of herbivores and carnivores!

Now human bullies are the furthest thing from your mind as you try to navigate a world full of mortal peril, while searching for a way to return home.

With the help of your herbivore friends the task doesn’t seem quite so daunting, but in this world there’s a predator around every corner…


Meet the Thoroughbred Tsumugi!

A natural optimist, Tsumugi is a horse with aspirations who wants nothing more than to bring the carnivores and herbivores together. With natural athleticism and a charm unlike any other, can you help her overcome the hurdles in her path, or will you leave her to roam alone?

Meet the Enigmatic Eimi!

A quiet, generous girl adored by everyone at Herbivore High, Eimi is greatly admired. With her sunny outlook it would be easy to think her life is perfect, but even idols have their dark secrets… Will you uncover what she’s hiding, or must she carry her burdens alone?

Meet the Elite Suzu!

Suzu is the girl who can do it all. She’s tireless, authoritative and has an innate ability to bring people together. But all this comes at a price—standing atop the school hierarchy, she’s alone. When the pressures of life become too much for her, will you stand by her side or let her fall?

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I liked this one so much when you guys go to do a part 2 soon. I enjoyed all characters and how the chapters played out. Keep up the work


What an amazing experience, except the fact that I was a coward at first, i nearly deleted this game but man I'm glad I didn't. Play it I do not want to spoil it for ya, but I seriously dick the ending, priceless!


Amazing! Story are well done and unique and the 3 girls are sweet when I finish a chapter I already curious about the next one I love it!


Another fabulous game of genuis, I love all the storylines of this game, it gives a lesson to learn to true life. I hope there would be a season 2, and Rin would be the 4th love of interest.


The new UI is way better than before. I love it. Keep it up. 😉 The story of the game also seems interesting. I really appreciate your hard efforts put into making this game.


It was great. interesting to see the development. the only sad side it ended. But what I wonder is there gonna be more because it ended like there was gonna be


Hoseslty I'm a bit disappointed, the ending was exactly the same with every girl and sure you had some romantic experiences here and there, but you didnt get to be with one forever like in the rest of them


I loved the story and the characters but the ending was really bland for all the characters. Cliffhanger, would have been nice if you could've chosen to stay at herbivore high.


I like this one like the other games by genius inc. the characters and story are great and has a nice twist, with all three girls have a nice personality. The mc is pretty good and not terrible, since he grows throughout the story. The setting was also pretty good and the music as well. The choices for free are pretty good choices if you don't choose the paid ones. I would highly recommend this one.


This game is the best I can't believe how good it was and that unexpected ending I'm sure there must be a 2 season to this because in my opinion this game cannot be compared to any other if I could rate more stars I would because this game shows the time and effort you put to make everyone of your games better hope you keep on going I will be waiting for more beautiful content like this.


Okay i like the game but i hate the main character i prefer to fight than flight but the main character chooses flight make a game where the main character gets into a lot of fights in school i fo love fighting action


This the greatest story i have ever played i been in love with this game the girls they are just too cute this is the kind of game iv always wanted with sweetness loving and extra kiss although some of the premium choices you don't know what to choose but its worth it always making me happy to play this game good job hope the new game will be more exciting more romances and such i just love playing this game since i have installed hope for more sweet cute girls


Great game I love the story allot and all the great charaters! I would love to see a witch themed game or even one with the roles reversed with the girls being human and the player being something else!


I'm very surprised with how this game turned out. I love the new features that were added in this game and it feels really well polished. I chose, Eimi, because she is really cute and caring towards others which is amazing. But, all the characters are amazing, especially the side characters, and I want to just keep playing this game hoping there is no ending...the ending was amazing, so I recommend anyone who wants to play this game to do so, it's so romantic and action packed. Part 2 when?


Ive played most if not all of genius's dating sims and i believe in the way its made this is one of the best, there is still a few premium choises but you get a lot of nice choices for free, and you get enough gems for 1 free premium choice too. I used mine and even after didnt find myself needing a second one! So if these keep up ill be really pleased and im already looking forward to the next one! Story was amazing too, so many characters, so many backstories!


The story and the characters are amazing and the new UI design is definitely eye-catching


I don't know if it's my phone's fault or not but I waited for 4 whole hours after using the first 3 initial tickets, but I didn't get any ticket and instead it's telling me to buy it.


Another amazing game and truly fun story. I love the characters and the friendships as well, it was a lot of fun and I really like eimi's secret. It was very interesting and I feel that kinda thing should be used more. My only complaint is I wish there was a little more to the very end of the game, for example like you get to spend more alone time with one of the girls you chose, that would have been better. It felt weird in a way knowing the very end, but it was good nonetheless.


I'm Just done reading it, im so amaze about the story and the characters you can feel the feeling of the story it's so great this is so Great i really love it! I Will wait For tHe Next Stories you Gonna Make Genius you're The Best~!


Very great game I like the new game play mechanic that was added as well as the story, it seems like the story will continue forward. Thank you so much for this it's awesome, keep up the amazing work!