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Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu. Neno la siku

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Biblia Takatifu App DESCRIPTION

Biblia Takatifu (Swahili Bible) is application that enable you to read the Bible in Kiswahili.
Get a free swahili bible that works completely without internet (offline).

Swahili Bible, Ni Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili ina Agano Jipya na Agano la Kale imepangiliwa vizuri, ni rahisi kusoma.

The App is designed to allow you to customize it to your needs, for example, you can easily highlight the paragraphs with various colors, also you can add bookmarks so you can easily find verses when you need to read them later.

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Bible with daily devotion, bookmark and you can share verses and highlighting
Biblia Takatifu (Swahili Bible) is application that enable you to read the Bible in Kiswahili.Get a free swahili bible that works completely without internet (offline).Swahili Bible, Ni Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili ina Agano Jipya na Agano la Kale imepangiliwa vizuri, ni rahisi kusoma.The App is designed to allow you to customize it to your needs, for example, you can easily highlight the paragraphs with various colors, also you can add bookmarks so you can easily find verses when you need to read them later.

Biblia Takatifu App DOWNLOAD

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Nice app, it encourages me spiritual


Good app fom me I like it 🙏


it's so good except it has alot of ads, they interfere with moment of silence one wants to have with God


If you can add reference books on every page like hard copy bible it will be much better for a reader like me to read and find more knowledge .Thanks


This application is very good, easy to use, although it has a few shortcomings. I wish it had sound. it also wouldn't have a white border at the bottom, be cause when you select night mode the screen should be completely black except letters. Thanks!


It's very easy to use, clear and also the daily notifications of word of the day helps me alot to grow, I real appreciate this app.


I love it and I'm glad to be part of this app. It's has the word of God and it is a blessing to ready everyday. Morning prayer is the best, I gain faith, hope, and happiness through reading the Bible.


It is wonderful app, as it gives different options like the color of your wish, morning word and prayers... I like it so much... If someone wish to grow spiritual, I recommend this app.


I've being using this Bible app for several months since last year (2022), and I have never regret using it. Every words it's according to my Hand Bible , no words errors


Good app ever...! Easy to find verses, can be zoomed in or out, saving options etc.


The app gives all directions and guidelines on how to receive word of God almight..again, every morning it provides also daily bible verses and prayers which gives strength on our daily activities. Therefore, I would recommend that people should use this app.


This Kiswahili bible it's understandable when you read it. It also has every day verses , both in the morning and evening, so I like the app.


I like this app very much because is one of the best version so far,I like how it is and being christian I needed a version lovable like this for easy reading, it's so special and breakthrough in it is in another level 🙏 please thank you very much and God bless you


I like it. It has been so helpful to me. I normally meditate on the daily verse in the morning and evening. Please complete the headings in the new testament as you did in the old testament


Very poor choice of poping irelevant adds..! I cant cancel them even with airplane mode on..! I even wish to rate negative star.! Your doing this for business really?? Disappointed


I like this app firstly, because I learn the word of God secondly, I can note down what I learnt in my readings in the app apart from that I can highlight and mark blessing chapters, shaping size of words either large or small and put my favourite colour amd light so I can read well the word of God


This is one of the best bible apps ive used so far..i love the notifications they send every morning and night on various bible verses,it helps a lot to keep a consistency in reading the word..i would have given a five star if not for the adds,,they aren't that many ofcourse and somedays none at all but they can be a distraction especially when your in the middle of reading..❤


I have liked this app very much. But I am extremely bothered when I cannot move from one book to another without suffering the long adverts. I don't see how to close them. By the time I put off the app and restart, I have missed the reading. Please make it possible to close ads. Thank you.


I like this app cause its very good for use; such as to the God side, church side and on the misionary side. For my side actual i happen to love this app because it has no many ads.
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


Thank you for the update it solved my problem. Now I can give 5 stars.........This is the best Swahili Bible ever. It has dark theme, you can change font size and style and it brings you back where you ended previously.
Thank you for 5 star rate, We will keep working on it!, God bless you