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Try to hit as many definitions followed! Beam directly log into the game with your account and see Google Games at any time ranking in which you find yourself and beat near rivals.

– More than 28,500 different words.
– Add each time you hit level.
– Unlock all achievements.
– Outperforms rivals.

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How many definitions followed're able to hit?
Try to hit as many definitions followed! Beam directly log into the game with your account and see Google Games at any time ranking in which you find yourself and beat near rivals.- More than 28,500 different words.- Add each time you hit level.- Unlock all achievements.- Outperforms rivals.
| Word
Ponte to think and hit the hidden word. Now with definitions!
Ponte to think and hit the hidden word of the Spanish language. Now with definitions!The more hits followed do, the more points you get!- More than 28,500 different words.- The definitions of each are shown, to learn while playing.- Unlock achievements level, score, followed words, etc.- Lies ahead of your friends in the various records!
| Word
Sharknado attacks the wedding! Escape from sharks, tornadoes... and the wedding!
A Sharknado attacks Georgina & Laurence's wedding! Help them to survive, escaping from sharks, tornadoesand their own wedding!

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It has helped very much in increasing my vocabulary
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This is a good ap. I like it.