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Neo Fitnes App provides the all health related data of their customer like:

Customer Panel Features:

1. Group Classes.
2. Workout Card.
3. Diet Card.
4. Fitness Assessment.
5. Attendance.
6. Medical Assessment.
7. Doctors Prescription.
8. Book Personal Trainer.
9. Membership.
10. Call Branch.
11. Support.

Branch Admin Panel Features:

1. Package wise Collection.
2. Absent Report.
3. Customer Membership Expiry.
4. Payment Defaulter Report.
5. Membership Defaulter Report.

Sales Panel Features:

1. Create Inquiries.
2. View Inquiries.
3. View Customer.
4. View Incentives.
5. Today’s Follow-up.

Trainer Panel Features:

1. My Clients.
2. Attendance.
3. Shift Roaster.
4. Workout.
5. Assessment.
6. Incentive.
7. Create Assessment.
8. View Client Workout Card.
9. View Client Diet Card.
10. View Client Fitness Assessment.

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With the application you can book and cancel group exercise classes
Urheiluhallit-sovelluksen avulla pääset ostamaan tuotteita Urheiluhallien verkkokaupasta (tulossa pian) sekä varaamaan tai peruuttamaan ryhmäliikuntatunteja. Lisäksi voit tarkistaa omat tietosi, muokata niitä sekä nähdä asiakastililläsi jo olevat tuotteet ja niiden voimassaoloajat.Voit:- varata sekä peruuttaa tuntipaikkoja- saada ilmoituksen alkavista tunneista, joihin olet varannut paikan- etsiä ja suodattaa tunteja paikan ja kategorian mukaan- tarkistaa hallien tiedot ja aukioloajat sekä navigoida hallille klikkaamalla hallin osoitetta sovelluksessa- valita asetuksista lempipaikkasiKirjaudu sisään Urheiluhallien verkkokaupassa rekisteröimälläsi sähköpostiosoitteella ja salasanalla. Mikäli et muista salasanaasi, voit resetoida sen Urheiluhallien verkkosivujen kautta.
The application contains various information on occupational health and safety
Occupational Health and Safety is an application that contains:Introduction to occupational health and safety.Occupational health and safety objectives.Occupational health and safety laws.Occupational health and safety standards.Steps to implement occupational health and safety standards.Some guidelines for preserving occupational health in factories.Some guidelines for maintaining occupational safety in factories.Duties of occupational health and safety specialist.Do not miss this information on occupational health and safety, as it will be updated periodically.
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Add-on for Sleep As Android for sleep tracking with Samsung Galaxy Gear watches
Add-on for Sleep As Android for sleep tracking with Samsung Galaxy Gear watches. You also need to have Gear companion app installed on your watch.
Neo Fitnes App show related health data to their customer like workout card etc.
Neo Fitnes App provides the all health related data of their customer like:Customer Panel Features:1. Group Classes.2. Workout Card. 3. Diet Card.4. Fitness Assessment.5. Attendance.6. Medical Assessment.7. Doctors Prescription.8. Book Personal Trainer.9. Membership.10. Call Branch.11. Support.Branch Admin Panel Features:1. Package wise Collection.2. Absent Report.3. Customer Membership Expiry.4. Payment Defaulter Report.5. Membership Defaulter Report.Sales Panel Features:1. Create Inquiries.2. View Inquiries.3. View Customer.4. View Incentives.5. Today's Follow-up.Trainer Panel Features:1. My Clients.2. Attendance.3. Shift Roaster.4. Workout.5. Assessment.6. Incentive.7. Create Assessment.8. View Client Workout Card.9. View Client Diet Card.10. View Client Fitness Assessment.

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Good app


Add some diet chart which can be followed


App is crashing today after update when you open workout card. Please fix this issue asap


The new update had spoiled the app. However I am impressed that the team got it fixed within the day. Now the app is fine and is very helpful in my workout routines.


I was not able to log in


worse app of world


not able to log in


Wonderful Experience


Best Fitness Center


The steam doesn't work for few months now. Trainer and staff not paid on time, as per what staff members tell the people working out in Gym, at times there is no housekeeping for multiple days and washrooms stink.


Good for all