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- Video compressor - Video converter help you compress, reduce file size, convert video to MP4, 3GP, FLV, MKV, ... without losing quality


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You’re struggling to send video via email? Your video is bad quality when you upload to Facebook or Instagram? Your phone is out of space?

We give you the best solution to resolve all your issue, it is Video compressor – Video converter

Video compressor – Video converter (Video resizer) can compress and reduce video size smaller without losing quality and convert video to many formats like: MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, TS, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V… After compress video you can upload them to Facebook, Instagram… you even can send them via email with “fit to email” features

Video compressor – Video converter features:

👉 Convert your video to many video formats like: MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, TS, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V…
👉 Compress and Reduce size of video without losing quality to upload to Facebook, Instagram…
👉 Compress multiple videos in one time
👉 Compress video to custom file size like: Size to send video via email, Facebook, Messenger… or you can input any file size
👉 Many options to compress. You can compress with original resolution or custom resolution, also you can choose to compress with high quality or acceptable quality of video
👉 Fit video to Instagram, Email, Facebook
👉 Save space on your phone
👉 Play compressed and converted video on Video Compressor application
👉 Share video was resized to: Facebook, Instagram… or email
👉 Reduce video file size over 10 times with many options

You have many 4k videos, 2k videos and cannot share them to Facebook, Instagram…even email? You are finding a solution to compress 4k videos? Open Video compressor – Video converter right now to compress videos

How to use Video resizer?

1. Open Video compressor application
2. Click Compress Video
3. Choose video what you want to compress and reduce size
4. Choose compress option. We have a lot of option to compress like: keep resolution, change video format, custom file size, compress video with high quality or acceptable quality, custom resolution of video
5. Confirm video name before compressing
6. Wait until Video Compressor finish compress video
7. Share compressed and converted video to Facebook, Instagram, Email or your friends

If you have any question about Video compressor – Video converter don’t hesitate to contact me at: I will help you as soon as possible




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Thanks l got this app this app is better than other app I recommend you if you finding video compressor than you have to use this app thanks video compressor -converter.


This app does a wonderful job compressing any large video files!!


Waste of Data and time .. this thing it tells me to select a Video but after selecting it blinks once and say select a Video I tried it more than 10 times it's not working 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Unfortunately, the results of compressing, cropping &/or trimming videos are far too poor, because, even at a setting of Large File/High Quality, the resultant video tends to be blurry, fuzzy and somewhat "watery", rather like watching a film on an old, over-used VHS cassette! ( Remember those)?? Also, some of the options actually lead to LARGER file sizes. When the videos are being "processed", the progress bar only indicates the percentage done, and does NOT indicate MB size. Ads are awful!!!


Very much useful application for compression.🌟


Really compresses big files and quality is decent too! Only drawback ads are distracting or I would give it a five star


Waste time for resizing many times to get appropriate size and resolution


Best 👍 video compress ,and High quality video resolut.


The best experience ever Quality apps Super compressor 5star is not enough to rate this app I want give 100 star ratings


To be frank this is the bestest best video compressor I've so far used, am not complaining over anything and highly recommend it to whoever is looking for an app that compresses videos retaining the original quality Shout out to the developers


Very slow, burns battery life and the video quality sucks. I requested a refund thru email and it's been over a week with no reply from the developer.


Very misleading spam adds that tell you your videos is done but redirects you to a spam website. Adds upon adds. Don't download
Hi. Sorry for this inconvenience. You redirect to a website due to you click an ads. Please close ads by clicking on x icon on top screen


What a crock of shyte... There are so many ad interruptions you can't get anything done without starting over everytime. Stay away...


Easy to use. They have ads but I don't them because they're not over intrusive. Great app!


This is the very app I was looking for Compresses a video almost more than 10 times smaller than the original 👍👏👏❤️ Big up to the developer 💪


it's not useful 😕 to videos which get good quality don't install it I install that app but after I delete it.


I have the premium but it wont finish converting 15 videos at a time. It stops after 4-5 videos What did I even pay premium for??
Hi. Sorry for this inconvenience. The compressor app supports up to 15 videos per time, but it depends on your hardware of device. It stops after 4-5 videos maybe relate to ram on your phone was over. Please close all app on your phone and try again. Thank you so much


Made it super easy to send large meme to friends without having to worry about a size limit
Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!


The very best app to compress the video without losing the quality. 🔥but, one star is missing because it decreases the battery level a lot while compressing the video. ☹️ and device heats a little bit, but it compress the video without any difficulty... 💪🏻so that was the smallest issue therefore I gave 4 star out of 5 🔯
Thank you so much 😍


The files i wanted aren't viisible. No option to import from file manager.
Hi. We hide video that below 3MB and duration below 5 seconds. Because of their is too small to compress. Inform to you (Update, please update new version we just change file below 1mb and duration below 3s)