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GQ is the world’s leading men’s magazine, dedicated to bringing you the best in men’s fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Style, sport, health, humour, politics, music… GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

Each issue, we open our pages to the most stylish men, the most beautiful women, and the most authoritative political figures in the world. We review the latest films, music, gadgets and cars, and give you all the fashion and grooming advice you need.

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JOE is Ireland’s ONLY Men’s Lifestyle Website!
JOE is Ireland’s most popular lifestyle website and the Voice of Irish Men, at home and abroad. More than just great viral videos, JOE shares the stories you need to know about – it’s your one stop shop for movies, music, news, sex, sport, tech, and fitness and everything else that is happeningrightnow!JOE is someone you can havethe craicwith andtalk to about absolutelyanything; the pal you can have a pint with in the pub, or a cup of scaldin’ hot tae withback in the gaf.We talk with,listen to, and engage withourreaders daily andwith a social media army following every move we make, the conversation never stops.
CNEWS video information in France and around the world. Decryption and opinons
Download the CNEWS application for free to follow all the news in France and around the world:- Follow the news in real time- Watch the channel live- Receive our notifications so you don't miss any news- Listen to the channel in radio mode- Find your shows in replay and podcast
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The Rockford, IL news experience you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Catch the latest news and sports wherever you go with the WIFR Android App. It makes viewing and sharing the news easy. With a few simple steps, you can read and watch the latest news or share it with family and friends.This app is ad supported.
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Get all your news in one place on an eye-opening platform that shows you the bias, reliability and ownership of every source you read. Cut through the noise and escape media echo chambers with Ground News.Ground News is the largest news aggregator in the world with over 50K news sources and 60K articles added daily. But we aren’t a typical news aggregator, throwing hundreds of headlines at you that barely skim the surface. Ground frees people from algorithmic restraints, illuminates blindspots and makes media bias explicit with our one-of-a-kind media analysis features.> Avoid manipulative algorithms> Spot media bias> Discover news Blindspots> Check the reliability of sources> See who owns the news you consumeRead daily breaking stories from sources around the world, in real time. Like a modern day newspaper, we show you diverse stories instead of algorithm-driven content that can limit your worldview. News coverage is rarely unbiased, so we give you as much context as possible so you can come to your own conclusions. Compare coverage on partisan topics like politics, and elections.Enjoy our free features, or subscribe for..
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Tezkor yangiliklardan chetda qolib ketmang!“Namanganliklar” ilovasi orqali eng tezkor O‘zbekiston va jahon yangiliklari, shou-biznes va sport olami xabarlari, texnologiya va avtomobillar yangiliklaridan boxabar bo‘ling!*Bugun Namangan* Eng so‘nggi yangiliklar* Eng dolzarb yangiliklar haqida bildirishnomalar* Yangiliklarni ijtimoiy tarmoqlardagi do‘stlaringiz bilan ulashing* Bizni xoxlagan ijtimoiy tarmoqlaringizdan NAMANGANLIKLAR deb qidiring biz chiqib kelamiz )))Biz siz azizlardan faqat 5 yulduz (★★★★★) kutib qolamiz :-)
The latest news and weather from KIFI/KIDK
Eastern Idaho and western Wyoming's number one news source is now available for your phone. is the area's authority for breaking news and severe weather updates.The First Alert 8 team will you keep you ahead of the storm and let you know when severe weather is heading your way with VIPIR Radar.
Text-TV Mobile app with YLE and MTV text pages
Text TV is now conveniently available as a mobile app that does not require registration or collect user information. Includes YLE's teletext and MTV's teletext services. Yle pages 100-899. MTV pages 100-700. A classic quality service for the news and sports hungry in a convenient easy application.Download the easy-to-use and completely free text TV app and start your uncomplicated Textsv browsing now right away. The look of TekstiTV consciously follows and respects the classic teletext nature familiar to everyone with its retro style.You can easily browse the pages by swiping or, if you wish, either by entering the page number or by using the keyboard shortcuts. You can also resize the screen by turning your phone or tablet horizontally.RELIABLE FINNISH APPLICATIONThe application is manufactured and maintained in Finland.Text TV offers a convenient narration feature that reads the news for you. The narration also works with Bluetooth devices. So you can easily listen to the news while doing other chores or exercising, for example.FEATURES:• YLE and Maikkari• Easily scroll through pages• Subpages• Easy to use• YLE pages 100-899• MTV pages 100-700•..
Smart, funny, stylish - the magazine for 21st-century women.
Glamour's interactive app gives you instant access to the world's hottest celebrities, the latest tips & tricks in beauty and this season's fashion must-haves. - Intuitive navigation makes it easy to browse - Once downloaded, browse through the issue offline anytime- Build your own Favourites and compile a list of articles across different issues- Choose to purchase a single issue or subscribe and SAVE 33% on the retail priceBuy a single issue for just £1.99! or subscribe and save 33%Choose between:1-year subscription for £15.99Start with a 30-day FREE TRIAL! Rolling monthly subscription for £1.49 a month
A powerful mix of glamour, fashion, society and fun make the brand unique.
A new digital edition available every month. Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.*Back issues and future issues are available for purchase within the App.
The leading upscale interiors magazine in the UK
Britain’s most glamorous, inspiring and influential design and decoration magazine. House & Garden unlocks the door to an array of unique homes and outdoor features, ranging from town houses and converted barns to fabulous modern apartments and island retreats. It provides an invaluable sourcebook of ideas, from design and decoration to the best of travel, delicious recipes and fine wine. Back issues and future issues are available for purchase within the App.
Covers every trend, from urban cool to sophisticated designer fashion.
Published twice a year, GQ Style is the authority on men’s fashion, offering a comprehensive overview of the current fashion season. With the most experienced men’s fashion team ever assembled, GQ Style delivers the latest on fashion, style and all notions of “cool”. A magazine for aficionados and enthusiasts alike, it is cosmopolitan, individual and unique. Frankly, if it isn’t GQ Style, then you don’t need to bother about it.GQ Style will guide you safely through any style and fashion pitfalls that might befall you. Write in with your style conundrums and GQ Style’s Style Shrink will make all your worries go away. Learn who’s hot and who’s not with the most stylish man of the moment awards, and learn why – so you can emulate the sharpest looking of them, and avoid those foolish fashion faux pas.
The vanguard of a new age of exploration and luxury travel.
Condé Nast Traveller brings you the world at your fingertipsInside every issue, the world’s best travel writers and specialists share their secrets and offer new and authentic experiences. Features on new destinations, or well-loved classics and ideas for achieving holidays in places you’ve only dreamed of, Condé Nast Traveller magazine will take you there.Plus our regular features: Word of Mouth: What’s hot and happening around the worldThe Experts: The world’s top travel specialists and writers help you with your travel queriesGreat Journeys: By road, train or boat, we’ll inspire you to discover places on and off the beaten trackWining & Dining: Savour a taste of the world with features on the best wine cuisines and top restaurantsShort Breaks: Escape and unwind with our insider guides to great long-weekend and city-break destinationsWhere to stay: New resorts, charming hotels, boutique B&Bs and spas abroad and at homeLuxury on a Budget: We share our money-saving tips so you can get even better value for your well-earned holidaysTruth in TravelCondé Nast Traveller magazine is the authority in travel and has a “no freebies no..
Technology, ideas, design, culture, business, politics and much more
WIRED is the magazine about what's next – bringing you the people, the trends and the big ideas that will change our lives.Each month, through thought-provoking features and stunning photography, we explore the next big ideas in science, culture, business – wherever innovation and new thinking are reshaping our world.
The fashion bible at your fingertips
Vogue’s unrivalled coverage of fashion, beauty and culture comes to life through beautiful animations, unseen imagery, 360-degree views of merchandise and specially commissioned films.Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Vogue's photo shoots by leading fashion photographers and experience the world's leading fashion shows through exclusive video footage. APP FEATURES- Intuitive navigation makes it easy to browse - Once downloaded, browse through the issue offline anytime- Build your own 'Favourites' and compile a list of articles across different issues- Choose to purchase a single issue or subscribe and SAVE 33% on the retail price- All published back issues are available to purchaseBuy a single issue for just £2.99SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE 33%Choose between:1-year subscription for £22.99Rolling monthly subscription for £2.29 a month
The world's leading men's magazine
GQ is the world's leading men's magazine, dedicated to bringing you the best in men's fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Style, sport, health, humour, politics, music… GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.Each issue, we open our pages to the most stylish men, the most beautiful women, and the most authoritative political figures in the world. We review the latest films, music, gadgets and cars, and give you all the fashion and grooming advice you need.


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Sin siamouth


Love my monthly British GQ magazine subscription had it over a year now and I just love receiving that shiny crisp new monthly edition to flick through and see all the latest clothing, tech and accessories


If you happen to be one of those men like myself. That cares and knows that you are a presentation of how you look. Equals a man with confidence, strength and power. GQ as I refer to as the Man Bible. British GQ keeps me up-to-date on styles that vary from the USA. Thats why I subscribe to both. 10 out of 10. I have relided on GQ since I was 17..I'm now 59. I'm always the best dressed man anywhere I go Sincerely Dr. Charles M Steward


App blocks off top of every page leaving you unable to read the article. Cancelling my subscription


The rendering of the magazine on mobile phones is terrible. This wasn't the case in the past.


Digital version un viewable. Utterly pointless app.


FBI allowed to FBI alerts


The digital magazine is unreadable in this app. It has not been optimised for mobile use. This is rookie level stuff and I'm pretty surprised this hasn't been addressed.


For the last 3 months the magazine hasn't been properly sized for reading. The top third of the pages are cut off and the lower third is blank. Someone needs to update the files to include the full page format again. If I go back 4 months the whole page is visible, so they changed something since then that breaks everything. There used to be a lot of comments about this before but they don't seem to be visible anymore.


Great magazine, Horrendous and UNUSABLE app! The digital magazines are not optimized for phone screens, the top of every page is cut off. App last updated in March 2020! Stay away from the app. Buy a physical copy


On purchasing a magazine I was expecting to receive a version reflecting that of the physical magazine, instead I received an altered copy (understandably to meet the format of a phone screen). This has come across as less satisfying to read through than it would be through a physical layout. I just would have thought that there could at least be a option for a scanned version that reflects the physical copy.


Downloads magazine but wont open them