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War of Rafts Game SCREENSHOT

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War of Rafts Game DESCRIPTION

Do you love io games? Then War of Rafts is just for you!

War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle is an epic battle royale in the sea setting! Battles with other players around the world await you!

Sail the sea searching for your raft parts, expand your territory and team to defeat ‘em all! Choose a color, fortify your raft with other pieces floating in the ocean and face your opponents head-on!

You can make your team bigger by picking up a stickman from the lifebuoys, and they’ll become a part of your army! The bigger your crew, the better your chances to survive in the sea battle!

If you’re lucky enough, you can even collect a defensive tower! Then it’ll also become your raft part! You can also pick up an additional engine and many other elements to increase your defensive and attacking power!

Any sea adventure can’t do without treasure chests! Collect chests and coins to get various cool skins!

Game features:

– Interesting gameplay in the .io genre!
– Epic sea battles!
– Beautiful & colorful graphics!
– Intuitive interface!
– Easy controls!

So, what are you waiting for? Download War of Rafts for free now and let the fight begin!


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War of Rafts Game DOWNLOAD

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It's so cool and even with many ads idc about ads because it's how you got pay and you see there is a bug the bug is the boss got 100 and I got 90 like isn't that possible and you can beat the boss even when you got 99 and the boss is 100 This is so cool and fun to play so bye


This game was fun, but when I got on it today I find the game's layout and gameplay completely changed.
We understand the importance of delivering a bug-free gaming experience. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue.


this would be a good game but to many ads and am not gonna sit and watch ads when im lookin to play a game or killtime so sorry bout it cant play off line either good by
Hello! Thank your for your feedback. It helps us to improve our game. We're working on adjustment to make the game more comfortable for players. It's very helpful to hear from players, so if you have any other suggestions, contact us [email protected].


It would be a great game if I could play it. An Ad every 5 seconds! Terrible!
Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!


This game does no have any ads which is good if there is turn of your WiFi or your data. The only bad thing it is the sometimes I get stuck between the island where you get coins or gems. But overall this game is pretty good.
Hi! We appreciate your interest in our game! We understand that the ads are irritating, but we need the revenue to improve our game. We are doing our best to minimize them as much as possible to your comfort!


The game is good But I don't know but I was killed by the most smallest group of 3 people while I was having 50 plus people plus 4 guns plus 5 windmills and much more I think they made it like that so that I would watch an ad I hate that!!
Hi! We're happy you like the game. Your feedback is important, as it helps us to improve the app. Thank you for the feedback!


It's like a strategy game. I love strategies games like you can grow. Get infinite health and it's just amazing. I love it. I hope you have the same me as me too!


This gam has many features like ads and ads and many more ads The main purpose of this game is to show ads not to play game and have fun this game is awesome but the terrible thing which make the game worst is ads,ads and ads
We understand how annoying advertisements can be at times, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are doing everything we can to keep them as low as possible for your convenience. Keep track out for updates!)


fun and good game I like the graph Bajrang few things I don't like about this game 1 adstoo many also having to restart after losing
Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Our dev team is already working on that issue. Stay tuned for updates! Hope that you'll enjoy our game in the future :)


As advertised, little less ads would be nice though. Not gone completely just less frequently.


The developers are so much greedy that they put ads on everything. I have played more than thousands game and this game will be worst of all time.
Hello! We completely understand your frustration about ads, but the they are needful to keep the game free to play. We're still adjusting the system to make it more comfortable for players. So, we'll surely consider your opinion. Stay tuned!


Why does it not let me claim free skin? Cant even play since it wont let me press claim or lose it. Edit: had to reinstall and lost all my progress because you have no sign in options... One star
Hi! That's sad to hear that you didn't like our game. We'll take into consideration your feedback. Thank you for making an input in our game development!


Fun game. BUT somebody tell me why there are so much adds. It shows an add and then right after the add it shows another one. every single skins needs Adds. Decrease the amount of adds your game has and I would rate 5 star.It is just too much adds
We understand how annoying advertisements can be at times, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are doing everything we can to keep them as low as possible for your convenience. Keep track out for updates!)


It's fun. It's amazing, and you should try it because there's all different kinds of new levels and it gets harder and harder and it's so much fun.


Every time I start playing on my tablet it has a pop-up but not on my phone. I have it on my phone and tablet still just kinda irritating when I try to move and it pops up. I just uninstalled it and going to install it again to see if that helps I hope so
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for this, we're constantly improving our game and we'll take your opinion into account. If you have any suggestions, please contact us [email protected].


Kind of a boring mundane game. Any edge you hope to find over bosses require watching adds even though when you finish a level it's just more adds. To pick up better weapons or skins while playing you have to watch another add 😆
Hi! We need the revenue from ads to keep the work on the game going. We are doing our best to minimize it and make it comfortable for playing. We hope for your understanding and patience.


The game itself is great love playing... its the ad traps after you almost defeat a level your stuck in an ad that won't close out so you have to close game and restart I get needing ads but maybe read the fine print on those offers it makes your game unappealing when in fact it is a good game thanks for what of it I did play hope this helps
Thank you for your review and for pointing out the areas that need improvement. We will work hard to address those issues and make the game more enjoyable for all players.


I'm very impressed that there are very few ads during battles, usually in other games (not in their games) there would be ads every 5 seconds . This game is very entertaining and I would really recommend to others
Hi! We appreciate your interest in our game! We understand that the ads are irritating, but we need the revenue to improve our game. We are doing our best to minimize them as much as possible to your comfort!


Adds.adds. adds. and when you complete a level the add won't grant the reward it will just freeze leaving you to close the app and lose all progress....did this 4 times before i decided it was a developer thing and not my phone or service.....shame too because it could be areally good game but these developers are greedy and basiclly get paid for you to watch adds and not play their game.
Hello! We are glad you gave our game a chance. Thank you for reporting that bug to us, we'll fix it in the shortest time possible. Stay tuned!


This game is an extremely fun, totally addictive and very satisfying game. One great and unique concept that all of You, have ultimately come up with, and it worked out, because again, this game is a very fun and addictive game that's a blast to play making it,(without a doubt) an all-around extremely satisfying game to play. I wanted to say, Thank You to All of You, for an excellent game! Also! You Are Very Welcome, My Friends. (In Response with Sincerity to Developers regarding game feedback.)
We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed our game! Your suggestions for improvement are very helpful and we'll take them into account as we continue to make updates and improvements. Thank you for your support!