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Word connect games Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to the word connect game where exciting levels and adventures are waiting, try to find words and increase your vocabulary.
This crossword style game develops your erudition, your memory and concentration well. Playing word search is very easy and interesting, swipe through the letters until the desired word appears, if the found word is correct, it will appear on the board.
Word games will help improve your vocabulary so you can put together the words that have been set in the level.
Word connect is not an easy puzzle for those who start their journey into the world of word games, but after passing a few levels you will become more experienced and word search will become noticeably easier than it was at the beginning.

Crossword puzzle game has very diverse features
Bright colorful atmospheric music that will plunge everyone who likes to make crosswords and have a good time into the word search.
Word games cannot be without competition. Compete with other players and become the best word finder on the leaderboard by proving to everyone that your vocabulary is the best.
Come every day and go through interesting daily tasks, after passing each one you will receive a gift in the form of additional coins.
The wholesale store provides an opportunity to buy auxiliary kits at a bargain price for in-game currency, this will help you save money and solve word puzzles better.
Word connect has become even more entertaining, passing crossword puzzles get food for the animal, having fed it, it will give a reward as a token of gratitude.
Spin the wheel of fortune and win incredible prizes that will help your word search.
Collect bonus words in a piggy bank and get incredible rewards.

Special additions word search in which you will:
correctly add words to catch the robber, for his capture you will receive a good reward;
become a real hero by adding the words correctly and deactivating the bomb;
someone dropped a bag of gold, the faster you find the right word, the greater the reward.

If word connect does not work, then use hints, they will help you solve crossword puzzles in difficult times.
By using a bomb, you can open a random tile on the board, this will simplify the word search.
Lightning is a powerful hint that shows three letters at once in different places, thanks to it word games have become even easier.
The magic bottle opens the necessary cell, it is indispensable when you need to show a certain tile.
Shuffling letters makes it possible to look at them from a different angle, and this simplifies word connect.
Word games are amazingly addictive puzzles designed to learn unfamiliar words.
If you are looking for the perfect combination of fun and learning, then this app is just what you need, just find the words and get smarter.
Word play is able to test your intelligence and improve knowledge. Share the experience and fun with your friends by doing crossword puzzles together!


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