- New continent - South America!
- Trophey room with unique art
- Color scheme changes
- A few bugs fixed

Country Balls Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Country Balls: World Connect(截图1)【图】Country Balls: World Connect(截图2)【图】Country Balls: World Connect(截图3)

Country Balls Game DESCRIPTION

Embark on a delightful journey of peace, laughter, and geography with World Connect! This unique and authentic idle game allows you to immerse yourself in a world of trade and history. With our countryballs you can relax, evolve through connecting countries and have a good laugh. Connect countryballs all around the globe and witness the magic unfold!

🌎Enjoy our Idle Gameplay!
🧭Learn about different countries
👣Relax from your busy days as you connect adorable countryballs

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Country Balls Game DOWNLOAD

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You need to fix your game! It's a complete mess and I cannot play it. Why is that? I cannot earn any money. The countryballs are not moving and and their flag doesn't show I would suggest fixing it.
Thank you for your review. If there are any problems with gameplay, please share more details at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you.


fun little time killer, although there are so many ads every 10 seconds 💀


Gives too many adds


This game is incredibly cheap, boring, repetitive, and ad-ridden.


it's cute AF, but I finished it in a couple hours


Pretty good all that it need is to be just a little longer i finished it in 1 day


this game so cool


Wow so this is cool but there is Malaysia including the lines...


so cool this game


no wifi game very fun for car rides!!!!!


good game, But it only has europe


super! is so fun this game but you can connect! if you want it call country balls: world connect.


Now it's too many ads and I think you're tryna be slick and ur not. Because your trying to make the ads so common so you can make everybody. Pay 3$ for nothing. I'm not stupid. 😡


I love this style game...would of given 5 stars but the ads are way too often. the art style is fantastic. ads are every minute or so. the ads do give a reward but you will have a hard time actually playing because of them. it gets 1 star due to really REALLY excessive ads. 5 stars for the actual gameplay ( lol when you can)


lots of ads


Great game so far, but after you finish Europe, there is nothing to do, maybe the map selector is broken, maybe it's not completed, but I'm really hoping to finish this game 🤙🤙