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AetherSX2 is a emulator of the PS Two console for the Android platform. You can play games which you have dumped from disc on your portable device.

A BIOS image **is required** to play games and is not optional. This image should be dumped from your own console, using a homebrew application.

You need a high end device to achieve good performance. We recommend at least a Snapdragon 845-equivalent device. This means 4 large cores (Cortex-A75 level, 500 or more single core Geekbench 5). If you only have two big cores (e.g. Snapdragon 700 series SoCs), you should not enable multi-threaded VU, and performance will suffer as a result.

Devices with Mali or PowerVR GPUs will run the app, but performance will be much lower than Adreno GPUs.

– System simulation
– OpenGL, Vulkan and Software rendering
– Upscaling of games to 1080p and beyond
– Widescreen patches for games without native support
– Save states
– Touchscreen and bluetooth controller support
– Games can be loaded from iso/chd/cso disc images
– Per game settings

AetherSX2 should only be used to play games you own and have dumped from disc yourself. To dump your games, you can use a tool such as ImgBurn to create a .iso for the disc, and then copy across it to your device over USB.

The AetherSX2 app is free, contains no ads, and is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License (BY-NC-ND 4.0,

This app is not affiliated in any way with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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FAQ: is a emulator of the PS Two console for the Android platform. You can play games which you have dumped from disc on your portable device.A BIOS imageis requiredto play games and is not optional. This image should be dumped from your own console, using a homebrew application.You need a high end device to achieve good performance. We recommend at least a Snapdragon 845-equivalent device. This means 4 large cores (Cortex-A75 level, 500 or more single core Geekbench 5). If you only have two big cores (e.g. Snapdragon 700 series SoCs), you should not enable multi-threaded VU, and performance will suffer as a result.Devices with Mali or PowerVR GPUs will run the app, but performance will be much lower than Adreno GPUs.Features:- System simulation- OpenGL, Vulkan and Software rendering- Upscaling of games to 1080p and beyond- Widescreen patches for games without native support- Save states- Touchscreen and bluetooth controller support- Games can be loaded from iso/chd/cso disc images- Per game settingsDisclaimers:AetherSX2 should only be used to play games you own and have dumped from disc yourself. To dump..


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It actually works! I was able to link up and set up the controls for my Xbox One controller, I was able to set up the proper graphics settings to play smoothly on my Pixel 7! Thank you dev, keep doing what you're doing! ^~^


I was surprised that WWE games ran fairly smoothly (they often don't on phones) but, sadly, most racing/rally games range from noticeably slow to just unbearable. It also crashes when saving states in some games (resulting in a corrupt/unloadable save), which really needs to be addressed urgently. The setup process is quite slick but, having to constantly switch memory cards due to limited space is a pain, since app updates completely delete your save states if you forget to back them up.


Not bad for a new ps2 emulator. I did manage to get the bios for it quite simple really. There is a tun of settings so you do need a bit of time playing with them to get the best out of the emulator. It can be a tad glitchey with most game's I've tried so far, still needs some work to sort that out with an update. I'm using it on my Samsung s7 tablet so it's got more than enough to run it smoothly. The usb controller was easy enough to set up with it so no issues there.


Incredible, allows completely new experiences on mobile. Probably the most important game on the app store, as it unlocks one of the best libraries in gaming history to be played easily on Android. The developer(s) of SX2 should be proud of themselves, they've done a huge service to the public.


By far the best and only working ps2 emulator for android. It runs games better then PCSX2. Best part is that it was a passion project by one guy. One guy made a ps2 emulator that destroyed any and all ps2 emulator apps. Now some games don't run too well but seeing that I am playing gta SA and not running into problems. The few games that do run poorly are nothing I care about.


I LOVE this app. Now I can take all my favorite childhood games with me anywhere. I had a bit of an issue with graphics in one of my games, but I fixed it by switching from OpenGL to Vulcan. The touchscreen controls are as good as they can be, but I highly recommend getting a bluetooth controller. I use one designed for the switch, but it works fine for this and my other emulators with a bit of tweaking in the settings.


TLDR: No auto-save feature. Video output unplugged from Samsung and the "save on shutdown" was not triggered, resulting in loss of game progress. A confirm-auto-save (CAS) would be nice. Example: Will save after 10 seconds if ignored(usually a macro that cancels is all that is needed). I.E. Double Click or hold down.


The emulator works great so far, but when it comes to playing one my favorite games, Persona 3 FES, it keeps crashing whenever it tries to load a dungeon. Everything else works great, but does anyone know how fix to this issue?


Best PS2 emulator for Android! The interface is clean and with a lot of features, really similar to PCSX2. As every emulator, compatibility with games and hardware varies, wich is obvious. Congrats to the developer for the exceptional work!


Very new to the emulation from what I have read and from what I have experienced it is a fantastic emulator! After hooking it up to monitors and TVs, it brings me right back to that experience from when I was a kid playing my favorite games. Sad to say that due to threats and other public discourse that the developer will stop updating this app. I would keep it on your device for as long as you can grab it.


This emulator is perfect. Games works great and smooth but sometimes it'll lag, and I'm using a pretty good phone here. But it's less of the emulator's fault and more of the fact that ps2 games need a lot of processing power, so unless you're using a really high-end phone or phones designed for gaming expect lagging here and there. Ive also read on what happened to dev so if you found a problem with the emulator, consider that it'll never get fixed


Works beautifully so far, lots of graphics options and it's been great fun! Just wished I could change the touch layout since I haven't been using a Bluetooth controller, I'm sure it's there somewhere but I haven't found it yet


Its working. But I've encountered an annoying issue. Even after adding the folder where the games are , it doesn't show them ..It shows "no games in supported formats were found" and to add directories.. I did and it shows the same stuff . At the same time , I can launch the game from the start file option and even save state works.. is there a fix for this? Edit: It fixed itself after a reinstall . And now its perfect


Good, almost perfect. Most of my games are running fine. Only two issues are input lagging, a round half a second, and struggle to register consecutive input which are a bit annoying. If I do that input, my character keeps standing still doing nothing as if it is confusing what to do. Please keep it upgraded and fixed the above issues. Thank you so much for your efforts.


This Emulator has to be on Top of the Best emulators for Mobile! It runs pretty great on my T616. I just have to adjust some settings, put a cheat to remove certain effect and started using Pal versions of the games and BOOM! it runs 60/50 FPS or 40/50 FPS. I hope for more Updates and make it much more faster for Low End Devices. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Okay so I've only played for 20 minutes but I'm on a OnePlus 8 UW with a SnapDragon 865 with an Adreno 650 and I can play MGS3 full speed with 0 issue. I'm absolutely amazed with the speed and optimization. The control customizability is really good too, with all touch screen controls being movable and resizable, as well as settings macros to gyroscope gestures and a pressure sensitive button (invaluable for MGS3). UI is exactly the same as Duckstation and is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.


I'll give it 4 stars for now because I'm experiencing texture related problems on some games (like Scarface: The World Is Yours) but all in all the app works and it does a good job of running PS2 games smoothly, even with the resolution cranked up to some degree. I've really had no performance related problems using this emulator. This is literally the best PS2 emulator I've ever used and I highly recommend this because it does what it's supposed to do, no ads, and it's free as well!


With my legally obtaining BIOS, it works great. It'll probably work great either way tbh😏. Regardless this app will treat you well. With even minor education/ having the ability to figure things out, you'll be fine. If using a remote, disable touch screen and change your rotation to portrait. And configure your remote. I used an Xbox controller bluetooth easily.( usually playstation is easier) if you have any questions ask away.


Edit: You added it! Thank you :) ___ Could you add a feature that will flip the analog inputs (make them inverted). So when you push the analog up it will input as down. Allot of PS2 games don't have settings for inverted. And some games have inverted on with no way to change it. Would be awesome if you could add this. Other then that everything else on this emulator is great. Controls have loads of options to customize them and emulation is solid in the games I've tried. Keep up the great work!


This is the only legit PS2 emulator. I tried that other one for years but never really ran anything smoothly. I have a phone with a snapdragon 865 /12gb / 512gb though, not sure with its performance with other phones that have different specs. I played the start of fatal frame 3 and found no lags. It's customizable too for those who know how to tinker with emulator settings. I don't. I just ran it on the default settings. Thank you so much to the developers, really substantial work.