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This is eLive! Where, importing spare parts is as easy as pressing a button on your cellphone!
Why do you have to join the import of spare parts at eLangsung?1. Authorized and Legal Import Service. You don't have to bother with import permits, because we take care of everything!2. Import Spare Parts with Own Brand, FREE Logo and Packaging Design!3. 3-Month Term Financing Support WITHOUT INTEREST!4. Practical! Order anywhere, complete the payment, the goods will be delivered at your place!5. Complete! You can request other products that are not yet available in the application with various quality levels!6. Affordable! Just order a minimum of 100 boxes, you can already import spare parts with your own brand!What are you waiting for! Keep growing your business, and achieve success with eLangsung!Contact our admin immediately at:e-mail : info@edirect.comWhatsApp : +62 812-8888-0981 (Yanti)
Application of discounts and promotions of fuels and products
Postos Madeira are a reference in gas stations, which always seek to give the best to their customers, for this reason we created a complete application that will bring many advantages and facilities in the palm of your hand.Download now for free and get discounts on services and products, enjoy exclusive promotions.
For elm, icar, vgate, vlink, veepeak, obdlink OBD to Diagnose, Service, Mods.
OBDocker is a car diagnostics, maintenance reset service, and customization tool app that is compatible with mainstream OBD hardware adapters. It offers free basic OBD2 diagnose, service for inspection, as well as professional enhanced full vehicle system diagnostics, service for maintenance, and one-click hidden feature activation:- DASHBOARD: monitor real-time status data of vehicle operation (RPM, Speed, Torque, Intake, Fuel, Coolant, Gauge)- REPAIR GUIDE: access repair guidance from professional mechanic via vehicle DTC (Possible Causes, Step by Step Repair Guides, Possible Cost)- ENHANCED DIAGNOSE: diagnose full vehicle systems (Full Scan, Reset, ECU Info, Live Data)- ONE-CLICK MODS: change car behavior just in one click- MAINTENANCE: reset functions suggested by repair shops (Oil Reset, Battery Register)- BASIC OBD2 DIAGNOSE: diagnose every engine's faults- SERVICE for INSPECTION: determine if your vehicle will pass an emissions test● Compatible AdaptersTo use OBDocker App, you need an OBD2 adapter. OBDocker now has extensive hardware compatibility, you can use the ELM327, ELM329, OBDLink, Carista, iCar, Vgate, Veepeak, vLinker, NexLink, UniCarScan and other all adapter with ELM/STN/MIC ICs (both bluetooth and Wi-Fi).*Please notice that all of the OBDocker..
Online Service Booking for Your Vehicles.
Unforgettable online service bookings start with us. Just sign up and book, you will get excellent customer experience. It is very convenience and user friendly. Just turning the GPS on, you can search dealers as you want. And you will also get price transparency for the service needed. Book everything your vehicles need or start increasing your service revenue as a Dealer.Please Note: This App is free to download. A network connection is also required.Features for Dealers:• Maintain and Update Dealer Profile• Maintain and Update Service Brands• Maintain and Update Operating Hours• Drag and Drop Booking Scheduler• Maintain and Update Service Template• View Your Customers• View Your Customers’ Booking• View Your Customers’ ReviewFeatures for Customers:• Maintain and Update Customer Profile• Maintain and Update Vehicles Data• Search Dealers by Vehicle Category, Brand, Service Category, Service Type, Location, Dealer’s Rating, etc• Search nearby dealers (GPS must be activated)• Check the Estimated Price Prior to Booking Your Service• Book the Service• Share Your Experiences• Save Your Favorite Dealers• View My Bookings• View My Reviews
Twaddan SP I Providers App
Dedicated to service providers associated with Twaddan.
Collection of Indonesian bussid Ashok Leyland truck mod and Indian vehicle mod v4.0
Who doesn't know this Indian truck? Ashok Leyland Truck, one of the most famous trucks in India. And now you can play it in your favorite bussid game. By installing this application you can play this cool Ashok Leyland bussid mod. With its unique Indian shape, the Ashok Leyland bussid mod will definitely be more exciting. And this application provides the coolest Indonesian mod for bus simulator just for you, especially the Indian truck mod bussid Ashok Leyland.This application provides the most complete collection of Indian bussid truck mods with a collection of the most famous trucks in India, namely the Indonesian bussid Ashok Leyland truck mod. You can find lots of Indian mods for bussid in this application. You can try the famous Indian bus mod bussid Ashok Leyland. There are various cool variations, one of which is the Ashok Leyland 3718 bussid truck mod.Apart from the Ashok Leyland bus v4.0 truck mod, we also provide a variety of other Indian vehicle mods for bussid which are no less cool. There is a cool ksrtc eicher bussid truck mod..
Connect, Share, and Enjoy.
Club Águia Loyalty Application +
Earn points on your purchases at Clube Águiaand exchange your points for discounts and products.
Navigate the future with Wat Mobilite!
Wat Mobilite is ready to be your new energy on the road with its end-to-end system solutions, energy that powers your road and an always accessible platform.From the nearest charging station to starting charging with a QR code, from transaction history to mobile payment and fee information, easily fulfill all your needs through the app.What can you do with Wat Mobilite app?- Become a member easily and for free and discover the new energy of the roads.- Add as many cars as you want and choose between your cars.- Search for the nearest charging station, view information and get directions.- Save your favorite stations and enjoy the convenience.- QR code is one tap away to start charging your car.- Stay in control with charging transaction tracking.- Get a detailed view of your charging and billing transaction history and access your archive.- See fees and tariffs, make your bill before you hit the road.- Add your credit card to the app and save your time with mobile payment.Regardless of the brand and model of your electric vehicle there is a suitable..
Cruise Monitoring Application
The Cruise Monitoring Application provided by Vietek has the following functions:- Real-time journey monitoring, providing users with detailed information about vehicles such as: location, speed, time, distance, fuel, number of stops,- Provide tools to review the journey, manage the car's journey.- Have the function to create reports by item, by date and by vehicle of the itinerary.- Function to notify users of overdue vehicles, speeding vehicles.
Your Path to Driving Licensing Success Begins Here!
Introducing RoadMaster, your all-in-one road companion with a focus on offline maps and the cutting-edge Radar Hunter Module. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior, an adventurous explorer, or someone who demands precise radar tracking offline, this app is tailor-made for you.Moreover,thanks to detailed and comprehensible maps, there is no need for navigation. Practice a lot,become ready for the driving license exams and make sure you're ready for it.Features:🚗 Radar Hunter Module: Your Real-Time Road CompanionStay ahead of the game with RoadMaster's cutting-edge Radar Hunter Module. This real-time vehicle tracking system utilizes state-of-the-art radar technology to keep you informed🎯 Customizable Alerts: Tailor-Made for YouPersonalize your radar alerts based on your preferences and driving habits. Adjust sensitivity settings and notification preferences to suit your unique needs.🗺️ Downloadable Offline Maps:RoadMaster offers an extensive library of offline maps, ensuring you can navigate even in areas with limited connectivity. Download maps of your preferred regions in advance for reliable navigation.🎯 Prepare for your driving license exams with country-specific questions for England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, India, and the USA—all in one app!📚Enhance Your Exam Readiness:..
Application for withdrawing funds from Yandex drivers of the Idiris park
Withdraw earnings to Yandex Taxi instantly, without requests or requests.Idiris Park application from FleetSoft, driver registration and instant payments to Yandex Taxi throughout Kazakhstan.Connection around the clock, without coming to the office in 10 minutes. Just fill out the Yandex.Taxi registration form and download the taximeter.The Idiris Park application allows you to withdraw earned bonuses and cashless payments from the Yandex Taxi taximeter instantly at any time of the day 24/7 without calls or requests to the operator.
A convenient shuttle service and fun for the whole family.
A practical and friendly service shuttle for the whole family, that takes you all over Belgium and abroad.Features of the app:- Create an account or log in- Order a new race- View the next races- View information of a race- Call the driver easily- Consult credit and recent transactions- Add, edit, view passengers- Add, edit, view addresses- Edit account information- Contact the office easily- Consultation offline
Revolutionize your electric vehicle experience with Sifinity Charge.
Unlock the full potential of smart and effortless EV charging. Featuring a sleek and user-friendly interface, Sifinity Charge empowers you with complete control over your charging needs. With Sifinity Charge you can:Effortlessly manage and monitor home charging, with remote control and company reimbursement options.Seamlessly integrate your vehicle for convenient and automated home charging.- Track your charging expenses and habits over time.- Enjoy stress-free charging with a variety of payment methods.- Discover nearby EV charging stations for public use.
Preparing for the 2023 GPLX exam with A1 A2 B1 B2 C D 600 new questions and 120 simulation questions
Reviewing the driving license exam, driving license and getting the driving license, car and motorbike driver's license easily with the application of Wen Thi GPLX 600 & 120 Question 2023The application of Wen Thi GPLX 600 & 120 Questions 2023 includes a full set of questions with the most accurate 600 theoretical questions, the latest including a set of 60 anti-paralysis questions along with 120 simulation questions for the case study. testing, granting road motor vehicle driving licenses of all kinds with class A1, A2, A3, A4 motorbike and class B1, B2, C, D, E, F class car driving license.The main functions of the application:Review 600 theory questions* Preparation for the GPLX exam with 600 questions in groups and exam preparation topics. Record the number of questions that have been studied, the number of questions that are correct, and the number of questions that are wrong to review* Reviewing the driving license exam by random exam questions with thousands of standard exam questions, structuring the exam questions of the General Department of Roads of Vietnam from the latest 600 test..
Jonava bus electronic ticket application
The best way to buy bus tickets is by traveling on Jonava buses. The ticket is purchased by scanning the QR code on the bus.How to do it? The first three steps:• Download the Jonava E-Bus app from Google Play to a phone that supports the latest version of Android 4.4 software.• Register and create a Jonava E-Bus account.• Top up your account from 2 to 20 Eur by entering your bank card details.• Choose a ticket discount if it belongs to you. IMPORTANT! The passenger is responsible for applying the discount.Everything, you're ready to tag your tickets!How to mark a ticket in transport? Just three clicks:• Switch on the Jonava E-Bus.• Press to scan the QR code on the front door of the bus, or enter the code at the bottom of the QR code.• Press Confirm and display to the driver.What will you see on the screen?• Ticket validity period30 minutes;• The amount of money charged for the ticket.Is it possible to transfer in 30 minutes?• Yes, you can change to another bus at the time shown on..
We are an Organization, serving online-auction amenities to our clients.
We are an Organization, serving online-auction amenities to our clients (Public & private motor-insurance companies) with an eminence and trustworthy consumer base. Been in the domain for half a decade, we have mastered the skill offline and now have arrived into the online space with an aim to showcase supreme and delightful facilities by leveraging technological and digital resources.Live Auctions (Insurance)
Have in Your Hands, Fault Codes, Diagrams, Centrals and Components.
Tools to Aid the Diesel Line Repairer::Fault Codes, with intelligent search engine and categories.::Vehicle centrals with description and functionality.::Description of vehicle components as well as their location.::Simplified electrical diagrams to facilitate the repairman's understanding as well as speed up testing in the vehicle.::Telegran Community, for repairer support, with a team of moderators ready to assist in your diagnosis, as well as the group's participants.Made for Speed::Designer aiming to make the repairer's life easier.::Get immediate access to what you need without wasting time.::Modern structure designed for all types of smartphones.::Always updating.::Made by diesel repairers.
For the Drivers
The Lotus app is more than just a remote control for your car. It allows users to interact with state-of-the-art connectivity services, ensuring that every journey is more comfortable, safe and entertaining. Features:Vehicle ManagementReceive real-time vehicle updates on your Lotus, including location, battery level, and range at all times.Remote charging controlMonitor and control the charging level of your Lotus or decide when to start or stop a charging session from your smartphone. Climate control Manage the climate of your EV remotely, ensuring that the interior is at the optimal temperature when you enter the vehicle.Remote software updatesBenefit from regular over-the-air software updates (OTAU) providing the latest features and improvements to ensure that your vehicle is always operating at peak performance. Explore the Lotus BrandDiscover a range of features and functionalities beyond vehicle management and learn more about the Lotus brand. CommunityExplore the community features and join local meetups, events, and receive the latest updates from Lotus.
In the app you can view your documents and requests at DETRAN/RJ.
On the Digital Post channel, you will be able to view your data, documents and requests sent to DETRAN/RJ. Access must be done with the same login and password already registered on, the Federal Government website.
Cornerstone provides one-stop EV charging solutions to EV drivers.
New Functions✅ Real-time Charging Status | Time Saving✅ Instant Charging Data | Clear Status✅ Search, Charge & Pay | Easy to Use✅ Support All EV Brands | Tap & Charge✅ E-wallet & Coupon | Premium Awards✅ 7x24 Support and Off-line Charging | One-stop CS Services✅ Smart Fully-charged Notification | Thoughtful Reminder✅ Personalized EV Models | Showcase Your Taste✅ Remote Start & Stop Charging | High EfficiencyCornerstone provides one-stop EV charging solutions to EV drivers. From HOME Monthly EV Charging Subscription Plan to GO Public Charging points, easy & seamless experience for charging upHOME Charging Anytime30+ private housing estates and industrial buildings will soon be available. Both parking space owners or tenants can apply for the Cornerstone HOME Monthly EV Charging Subscription Plan. Enjoy hassle-free Home Charging!GO Charging Anywhere100+ public charging points coming! Search, navigate, pay and preview real-time charging status in one APP
Free, Owner information, mileage, history, debts, information about Sweden's vehicles
A more modern version of Car Information which is fully loaded with information about all vehicles in Sweden. The most complete database showing owners, service information, history incl. mileage, car valuation, vehicle related debts and so much more.Should you buy or sell a car? Are you just curious about other people's cars or do you want to keep track of your own vehicles? With data from numerous partners, we can exclusively show owners, debts, service data and various types of treatments performed on the car you are searching for.Do as Sweden's car dealers and the motor industry do, use Car Data 2021, the most reliable and up-to-date information from the Car Registry, the Road Traffic Registry, manufacturers, agencies and partners. No one knows vehicle data like us, regardless of car type, plug-in hybrids or electric cars.With a community of millions of users annually, we ensure that the data is of the highest quality and build functions that are in demand. We are the only ones to show owners on vehicles, offer information on debts and have a unique history on..
Crawl scorekeeper with SORRCA scale point calculator
Easily calculate crawl and scale points for RC rock crawlers with So Dialed! Score crawls, and save the score breakdowns to a log for reportingScale points can be saved and updated for individual use or logged for competitionsFeatures:CRAWL POINTS- Record crawl points for progress, gates, reverses, winches, rollovers, touches, and bonuses- Use SORRCA points for each category, or set your own for club crawls- Set custom time limits and point-outs- Log DNFs- Save all runs to a log, so the event organizer can easily record themno screenshots necessary (30-day history)- Dark mode for crawl scorekeeper screen for those sunny days- Audible feedback on scorekeeper buttonsSCALE POINTS- Record scale points by official SORRCA rules- Quick and easy form with scoring criteria, checkboxes, and buttons (no typing!)- Log scale scores for reporting to the event organizer
Thailand MOD BUSSID full Strobe Modif
The Bussid bus Thailand mod is a Bussid mod that allows Indonesian Bus Simulator players to use Thai buses.This kind of bus will not be available in Bus Simulator Indonesia, so you have to download the Thai Bussid bus mod and install it to be able to use it.This foreign bussid bus mod does provide a breath of fresh air, especially for those who are a bit bored with typical Indonesian vehicles.Mod Bussid Thailand Thailook FullmodifCool Thai Bus Mod Full ModThe Thai bus is unique, because the full strobe Bussid mod has been applied to it. The mod has also applied some accessories and livery, so it can be used immediately.You can download the Thai Bussid bus mod via the link we will share below. No need to worry, the download link is free from viruses and malware, so the device remains safe.
Experience Genesis Connected Services through mobile application.
Genesis Connected Services seeks for the advancement of the technology giving better experience.Extend your driving experience through our connected car services. *This mobile application is available any Genesis vehicle you have in EU. 1. Remote lock and unlock Forgot to lock your car? Do not worry: Genesis Connected Service App will let you know by sending a push notification to your smartphone. Then, after entering your PIN, you can lock or unlock your vehicle using a button in the Genesis Connected Service App from all over the world.2. Remote charging (EV vehicles only)Remote charging allows you to remotely start or stop your charging. To use remote charging just activate 'Auto-charge' inside your Genesis EV. Remote stop charging is possible during any charging sessions.3. Scheduled charging (EV vehicles only)This convenience feature allows you to set up a charging schedule tailored to your needs. On top of this, you can set up a target temperature for the beginning of your next trip.4. Remote climate control (EV vehicles only)This EV-specific feature allows you to precondition your car whenever you want. Just set up..
Application for SilverStone F1 hybrid devices
1. Connect the device to Wi-fi to watch videos online2. Play videos, delete them or download them to your smartphone3. View photos and videos, delete them or share with friends4. Take an online photo5. Download the database, RD firmware, firmware to a smartphone for transferring and updating them in the DVR
Securely manage your fleet with the TSD DEALER mobile app
Securely manage your fleet with the TSD DEALER mobile app. Our newest dealer solution brings together a 100% contactless experience with connected vehicle analytics. Open an agreement, scan a driver’s license, or check your fleet availability in seconds from your iOS device.Trusted by over a dozen OEMs, TSD’s technology powers thousands of dealership locations globally.Discover our newest features:· Pickup & Delivery Options· Telematics Capabilities· Secure Credit Card Processing· Fuel Expense Recoupment· Toll Violation Automation· Fleet Management ReportingWe appreciate your business! Thank you for choosing TSD.
Convenient service of auto refueling
The mobile application of the Dzhigroup Gas Station Network.- Accumulate bonuses for refueling and pay for fuel with them;- Take part in promotions at Dzhigroup gas stations;- Find out about the cost of fuel at each gas station;- Get directions to the gas station in the app;- Leave reviews;- Stay up to date on alternative fuels news.For the sake of seeing you at Dzhigroup gas stations! Choose the best propane, the only one in the Urals with a Hi-tech additive!
Taxi City application is an application for calling a taxi in Manganets.
The Taxi City app is a fast and convenient way to order a taxi in Manganets. Download the app and order a taxi in just a couple of clicks.We offer a wide selection of cars of different classes to satisfy customer needs. Our drivers are experienced professionals who are always ready to help you with your luggage and also follow traffic rules for your safety.Our Taxi City Manganets application has a simple and convenient interface that allows you to quickly create an order, select the desired tariff and indicate any additional wishes.Our drivers always arrive on time and try to fulfill your order as efficiently as possible. In addition, our application allows you to pay for trips using a credit card.Thanks to our application, you can be confident in the quality and safety of your taxi ride in Manganets. Our application offers a wide selection of transport, a convenient and secure payment method and experienced drivers who are ready to make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Smart app for online tracking public transport of Rivne
Smart app for tracking public transport of Rivne.* Main app functiontransport trackingdepends on the functioning of an external source of GPS data. Cooperation of the source and app is not guaranteed. Also, given the significant intervals of data updates sometimes, there may be some differences between the real transport position and the one that shown in the application.- Only actual information. CityBus filters data not to show you things, which aren't there.- Favourites. CityBus gives you possibility to save your favorite routes lists and apply them in just a couple of taps.- Smart view. On map zoom in you will see all vehicles, equipped with GPS-trackers, not only of selected routes.- Routes search. You only need to choose two points on a map, search results could be filtered and applied to display suitable vehicles.- Real-time transition. Received info about coordinates, speed and heading is enough to predict with high probability real-time vehicle location. Displaying movement on a map is animated, almost no jumps.- Traffic optimization. All useful info is already inside this app.- Speed and heading visualization. Only one glance..
Sustainable charging and refueling - Navigate to the cheapest station nearby
Fueling & charging reinvented! GRID makes route planning easier as your intelligent assistant. Plan your journey with real-time info on availability, price and more for all types of vehicles. Use the app for free without an account or subscription.GRID IS PACKED WITH BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE- Save money: find the cheapest charging station or gas station on your route- More than 1 million charging stations and gas stations- All in one app: navigate, charge and fuel- Check availability and charging speeds at each charging point- Automatically updates your route when the gas or charging point is no longer available- Use intelligent navigation that seeks the most efficient route- GRID verified: always have a working charging station or gas station- Filter charging stations by charging capacity, connector type and availability- Easily add charging cards and filter by connected charging points- Use the multi-stop route planner to find the most efficient and fastest route- Add your favorite charging stations and gas stations for easy retrieval- Add your vehicle to your account for freeThe app contains all the info you need to choose the..
Alpha trackers is an application for customers with registered
Alpha trackers is an application for customers who have registered on our tracking platform.With this application the customer will be able to track the vehicle's location in real time, block the vehicle, take a history of where the car has been and so on.
Charge your electric vehicle on Australia's fastest growing EV charging network
Download the Evie Networks App to locate and use Australia’s fastest growing EV charging network.Go Electric. Go Anywhere. Go EvieEvie Networks is building a national ultrafast charging network to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. Evie promises the freedom of the open road and a reliable travelling companion. We’re working with our partners to build a clean, safe, convenient and dependable EV charging network across the cities, towns and highways of Australia.
Management of costs and automotive maintenance for any type of vehicle
No advertising and totally Free for up to 05 vehicles per userSupply Control and Fuel ConsumptionScheduling of online services nationwideFind the nearest workshop, by name or service providedAdd your Maintenance Reminders, Expenses and MoreAutomatic and reminder notifications and servicesYour favorite workshops with maintenance history and automatic alertsEntry of all Expenses related to your vehicleWith indicators and personalized reports by category, period, vehicle or by kmVehicle history without wasting time, with information on each service, warranties and Costs (including those entered by the favorite registered garage)Access:
Monitoring, Temperature Control, Security and Tachograph.
Monitoring, Temperature Control, Security, Tachograph and Performance Analysis.* App exclusively accessible to customers with fleet management solutions with TRACKiT Consulting.In case of interest in our services please contact:
Perodua SA App for Sales Advisor
For SA to generate QR Code and perform eKYC
AMA MyRide tracks your driving habits and provides feedback
AMA MyRide rewards safe driving with an insurance discount! Just signing up saves you up to 10% off your auto insurance with the potential to save even more in the future. Before using the app, you’ll need AMA MyRide added to your AMA Insurance policy. To check your eligibility and get started, call an AMA Insurance advisor at 1-800-615-5897. Learn more at MyRide is a type of telematics or usage based insurance that tracks your driving habits and provides feedback related to acceleration, hard braking, speeding, distracted driving and cornering, as well as the overall length of the trip.By enrolling in AMA MyRide, you’ll receive an immediate discount up to 10% just for participating. If you’re a safe driver, high driving scores could mean an even bigger discount in the future. This is a discount only program and you’ll never see a premium increase due to low driving scores.Please note: This app is not supported on tablets.
Alloy Posts Loyalty Application
Alloy Stations are a reference in gas stations and to give greater satisfaction to our customers, we created a complete Application with several advantages for you, the customer, to access from the palm of your hand.Download now for free and get discounts on services and products, enjoy exclusive promotions.
Youdkam is the benchmark for geolocation in Morocco
Youdkam markets, develops and integrates the best geolocation solutions resulting from the latest innovations in electronics as well as flexible operating interfaces and implemented maps.Using an internet browser or from your smartphone, you can then easily access all the information on your cars. The exact vehicle position is shown on digital maps in detail.Speed data, information is visible in the form of tables or descriptive graphs.
Milliy taksi, milliy brend
"Milliy taksi, milliy brend"-Birinchi depozit bonus: 100.000 so'm;- Shahar ichi va shahar tashqarisida qulay ta'riflar;-Lokatsiya orqali ishlash tizimi;-Aniq narx;-Doimiy buyurtma.Bularning barchasi milliy brendni tanlaganlar uchun!
Are you ready to park Hummer Prado Jeep Parking Game 2022
Hummer Prado Parking Game 2022Experience The New Adventure in Hummer Prado Games 2022It is a common perception that Hummer Prado games 2022 are all about racing games only. With the advancement of technology, developers have explored new and exciting phases of these games. Hummer Prado Parking game 2022 is the new face of adventure. You can enjoy a new venture other than a Hummer Prado racing game. These Parking Games 2022 are available online and you can download them on your devices as well. Let’s try to know about the exciting features of these Parking Games.Variety of vehicles in Classic Hummer Jeep Chase Parking Game 2022Hummer Jeep Chase parking is not about hard Hummer Chase Prado Parking only, but you have to face different challenges, which are not very easy. For instance, in Multiplayer Hummer Chase Prado Parking, one player has to park before the other one and the feeling to win a competition is the best feeling in the world. Moreover, you can join a Hummer Chase Prado Driving School, where you learn driving and other tricks to play..
Battery swapping station management and partner billing support
Battery swapping station management and partner billing supportApp allows driver authentication, payment collections and inventory management.Use the app to seamlessly reconcile all payments, overview transactions and manage daily operations.BATTERY SWAPPING STATION MANAGEMENTOperate a battery swapping station seamlessly with Battery SmartPartner App. The partner will be able to see her/his details & the driver details through the app. The app would also show individual swap details as well the overall swap summary of all the transactions carried out through the app.PARTNER BILLINGThe partner will be notified about the dues through this app, and will also be able to withdraw her/his income in a linked bank account.FUTURE UPDATESThe app will support Partner Issues to be resolved through the app.APP LOGINApp logins will be created by the Admin, for the Partners. Only the Registered Partners will be able to log into the app.
전주사랑택시를 이용한 콜을 수행하기 위해 이용하는 기사용어플입니다.
전주사랑택시기사용은 전주사랑택시앱 및 오토피온에서 서비스하는 콜센터와 연계하여 전국의 콜업무가 가능한 기사용콜택시 어플입니다. 자세한 가입안내는 support@autopion.com문의바랍니다.
Metered parking for San Francisco, Córdoba
This app designed to simplify and streamline the metered parking system in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Its main objective is to contribute to a more efficient order in the city parking lot, providing a practical and accessible solution for everyone.By using this app, drivers will be able to say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience associated with traditional metered parking. You will no longer be finding an available parking meter. With just a few taps on your mobile phone screen, you can pay for your parking securely and hassle-free.
You can view the details of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Registered Vehicles.
This App will allow you to search the database of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Registered Vehicles.DISCLAIMER:The app doesn’t represent any government entity. The verification information presented in this application is taken directly from the respective website of the concerned department "".The author of this application assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content thus displayed and it does not reflect the genuineness of the vehicle or its Documents/ Information.
Application for taxi drivers PARK AND PARTNERS
Application for taxi drivers PARK AND PARTNERSAllows you to manage your profile in the taxi fleet, control the balance, request payments, view fleet news, participate in an affiliate program and much more
categories of lights in cars.
There are several categories of warning lights in carsThey are grouped into several categories and are differentiated by different colors: red, orange and green. The red lights are obviously the most serious and indicate a problem altering the behavior of the vehicle. This is called the alarm lights while the lights that are displayed in orange are considered as alerts, those in green are signals.
Charging solution for electric bikes with 1'000+ charging points across Vietnam
Smart and open charging solution for electric bikes with 1'000+ charging points in Vietnam. EBOOST provides smart electric vehicle charging solutions for electric motorcycles and electric cars of all brands: Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai, Vinfast, Honda, Pega, Yadea, Datbike,The EBOOST app gives you full control and helps to record all your electric vehicle charging process in real time and transparently.Benefits of charging electric vehicles with EBOOST electric charging station:1) EASY AND CONVENIENT CHARGING IN THE PARKING LOT:Users can charge electric scooters and electric cars right at the parking area when working, resting, shoppingEBOOST provides charging for all electric vehicles!2) WIDE CHARGING POINTS SYSTEM ACROSS VIETNAM:EBOOST Electric Vehicle Charging Station is a fully integrated and tech-based vehicle charging network. Users can access any EBOOST charging station with a single APP. The EBOOST electric vehicle charging station system currently has more than 1'000 points in major cities in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Can Tho, Nha Trang, Binh Duong, etc. smartly integrated and easy to find on EBOOST APP.3) TRANSPARENT ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING PROCESS:Through the EBOOST app, each user..
The official mobile app of JSC "Passenger Train".
Current information about train traffic in Latvia. In the app, you can view the schedule of trains, view and select train routes, create a personal account, buy e-tickets, view train movements in real time, find out operational changes in train movement, apply to receive changes and news, familiarize yourself with the regulations for passengers, get information about the company's operations and current events. The mobile app automatically updates the train timetable and other information when there is an internet connection.
Find the cheapest gas stations near you and save on gasoline every day.
The TopGasolineras app will allow you to quickly find all the gas stations in your town or province so that you can choose which one interests you the most.Use the geolocation function to see at a glance which gas stations are closest to you. If you configure the preferences with the size of your tank and the consumption of your vehicle, you will be able to know approximately how much it costs to travel to the gas station and how much it will cost to fill the tank. In this way you will be able to choose which service station is best for you, since it may be that the cheapest one is further away and does not compensate.This is the official app of the portal, which helps hundreds of people every day to know the prices of gas stations and service stations in order to make the decision to choose the most appropriate one, with the corresponding savings.Try this app once and it will become essential on your phone.