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This recipe app has delicious homemade Asian recipes easy to make
The Asian Recipes app is a versatile platform that brings together a rich variety of popular foods from across Asian territories. With its focus on Asian recipes, Whether you're in search of quick and easy 15-minute Asian recipes or delicious breakfast options, this free app has something to satisfy every taste bud. Indulge in the flavors of Asian cuisine through this app, which offers a wide range of ethnic foods and traditional Asian recipes in its extensive recipe gallery. The app ensures that all main dishes and side dishes in Asian recipes are thoughtfully selected and organized to meet the specific needs of users.Asian recipes encompass a wide range of regional cooking styles, flavors, and ingredients. Ingredients common to many Asian recipes in the East and Southeast regions of the continent include rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, dried onions, soy, and tofu. Stir-frying and steaming are the most common cooking methods used in Asian recipes. Asian recipes showcase the diverse culinary traditions found in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, and Vietnam.Prepare to embark on a sensory..
Burgers, Fries, Freaky Shakes,
We want you to build your perfect burger and love every bite. Our commitment is to provide all the elements for your perfect burger. Fresh never frozen ingredients, premium toppings, variety of meltable cheeses, natural well-ground meat, classic soft bun especially engineered to absorb the meat juices and sauces that will dazzle you.
Homee cook app connecting home cooks and users as alternate food for restaurants
Are you a home food chef, restaurant owner, or plant and nursery enthusiast looking to elevate your business presence and streamline menu management? Look no further! Our Vendor App is designed to help you effortlessly manage your menu items and offerings, ensuring they reach a broader audience through our user app.Key Features:🍽️ Menu Management: Take complete control of your offerings. Add, update, or remove menu items with just a few taps. Whether you're showcasing your delicious homemade dishes, restaurant specialties, or a wide array of plant and nursery products, we've got you covered.📈 Increased Visibility: Your menu items will be seamlessly integrated into our user app, ensuring a broader customer base and more orders. Attract foodies, plant lovers, and discerning customers with ease.📱 User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes managing your menu items a breeze. No tech-savvy skills required – start right away.🌍 Expand Your Reach: Whether you're a small-scale operation or a thriving restaurant, our platform caters to all. Connect with a wider audience and let your culinary or green creations flourish.Join a community of like-minded vendors..
Welcome to BlinBerry in Dubai! Get the 6'th coffee and the 6'th crêpe for free.
BlinBerry is an international fast & casual chain serving crêpes to make everyone enjoy food and life.Our main product is a crêpe, but not just a simple crêpe, but a whole meal in one crêpe! Meat, seafood, vegetables, sweet — find your own favorite flavor. Our menu has everything to make you happy all day long:healthy breakfasts and satisfying lunchessalads and dessertstasty coffee and signature teaspromotions and special offersUse our updated mobile app to order pickup.Instagram:
Online food delivery app in Adama city
We bring your favorite meal from your favorite restaurants to your doorstep where ever you are in Adama.
"Good Stuff" is a food delivery app in your city!
We offer:- Quick order with instant confirmation through the application.- Payment for the order with bonus points.- Current promotions and discounts.- Large selection of dishes.Join us!
Become a Favorite Guest in the CHIN CHIN Asian café chain all over Ukraine!
CHIN CHIN is near!Become a Favorite Guest in the CHIN CHIN Asian cuisine café chain all over Ukraine!In the CHIN CHIN app you will get access to all the necessary information about the café of the chain and can become a member of the "Favorite Guest" bonus system.You no longer need discount cardsjust download our application, go through a simple registrationand your bonus account is always in your smartphone.Traveling around Ukraine? Information about all the café of our network is at your fingertips, and your favorite dishes are always nearby!In the app you will find:- List our café- Contact details- Actual menu of each café- News, promotions and events of each restaurant and chain as a whole- Information about the bonus system "Favorite Guest"- Personal account with complete order history, automatic bonus points system and their current balance- Ability to leave a review- Information about delivery
Welcome to the Pizza Santino ordering app!
Pizza Santino is a family run traditional Italian Pizzeria offering many authentic products for your delight. Choose from one of our set menu pizzas or create your own for a personal experience. Come in to experience a real taste of Italy with one of our special meal deals, or classic dishes.We deliver to many areas including: Ortons, Hamptons, Eye, Yaxley, Farcet, Cardia, Castor & Newborough. Our latest Food Hygiene inspection rated a “5 Very Good” highlighting our pride in joy that goes into our dishes.We offer exclusive discounts and offers on our website and apps so everyone can have a taste of Pizza Santino.
We deliver drinking water at your doorstep.
Welcome to our mobile app, where convenience meets the highest standards of quality. At our company, we take pride in delivering pure and refreshing drinking water directly to your doorstep. With just a few taps on our user-friendly app, you can place an order and enjoy the convenience of having clean and safe drinking water brought right to you.Our commitment to excellence begins with the careful selection of our water sources. We go above and beyond to ensure that the water we deliver is of the highest quality, meeting rigorous standards and undergoing thorough filtration processes. You can trust that every drop that reaches your glass is pure, refreshing, and free from any contaminants.We understand the value of your time, which is why we guarantee a prompt and reliable service. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that your orders are processed efficiently, and our delivery personnel are committed to timely deliveries, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of clean drinking water.When you choose our mobile app, you choose more than just a water delivery service...
The Rocky Rococo app includes ordering, Rococo Rewards, and e-gift.
If Rocky Rococo is your favorite destination for quality pizza or you want to be a member of the Rococo Rewards Program, you will love this app! Download it today for free and you’ll be able to: • Join our Rococo Rewards program and begin earning rewards today. • Find your closest Rocky Rococo location.• Check out our menu. • View and manage your Rococo Rewards account balance and your rewards. • Add stored value to your account at any time with the recharge feature. • Earn points for visits. • Get notifications from us announcing new menu items, special events, and more!
Yassou! Welcome to The Yiros Shop App!
Yassou! Welcome to The Yiros Shop App! The most convenient way to access and enjoy a mouth-watering Yiros and ALL your favourite authentic Greek Eats! This App will allow you to order ahead of time with the option of collecting in store or have your meal delivered straight to your door! What’s new? FLAVOURS OF GREECE LOYALTY – That’s right we have a whole NEW loyalty and rewards system which is sure to make those taste buds tingleNow, you can collect our famous ‘Pita Points’ for every dollar spent and redeem in store for amazing REWARDS because we know ‘You Wanna Pita Me!’ Want to join our FLAVOURS OF GREECE LOYALTY? Of course you do! Download our all things ‘The Yiros Shop’ App and become a member today. The faster you sign up and start collecting our ‘Pita Points’ the faster you will be on your journey to enjoying the Flavours of Greece at your local restaurant. ORDER AHEAD of time and SKIP THE QUEUE – Simply select your closest store and place your order. Choose whether you would like..
The only application in Tunisia that allows you to find good deals.
MenuPro is an app focused on everyone's dining experience. We are certain that your opinion matters and that it should be heard, shared and rewarded. You will be able to note your culinary experience in each restaurant and help Tunisians to find the little nuggets. Everyone has their favorite restaurant, knows a restaurant at the top but hidden in the depths of a medina, their little gastronomic home. Not known in the Michelin guide but we feel good thereShare these nuggets and discover those of others to make all your outings a new and unique experience according to your tastes and your desires.
Discover a world of sweet delights. La Poire - Your go-to patisserie app.
La Poire is your ultimate destination for indulging in an exquisite patisserie experience. With our e-commerce application brings the delectable world of pastries, cakes, and desserts right to your fingertips. From a buttery, chocolate-filled croissant for breakfast, to an irresistible slice of our signature La Poirette cake at a family gathering, or the rich and comforting bite of our Basbousa. With our user-friendly interface, exploring our diverse range of treats has never been easier. Browse through stunning visuals and detailed descriptions that showcase the artistry and quality of each item. From velvety cakes to delicate chocolates, every bite will give you sense of joy!Personalize your experience with customizable options and special requests, ensuring that each order is tailored to your preferences. Our secure and seamless checkout process guarantees a hassle-free shopping experience.
Keto and Low Carb Shop
Welcome to Low Carb Emporium, Australia's largest low carb and keto store. We ship right across Australia and New Zealand and offer convenient warehouse-style shopping at our warehouse in Cheltenham (Melbourne).We're proud to be a family owned and operated business run by husband and wife team (Jack and Yvonne).We started eating a Low Carb diet over three years ago. But we quickly became frustrated that we were unable to find many products that fit in with this way of eating. We thought, maybe other people are having the same frustrations. So we decided to open an online shop to make healthy products more available to all Australians. Shop our new app!
Horego App lets you discover and start your food journey. Download now!
Are you a passionate foodie always on the lookout for new and exciting culinary experiences? Look no further with Horego!Whatever your mood to eat today, you can rely on Horego to find the perfect places. With more than 500.000 places and millions of reviews, you can stop by at your next favourite places without having to do all that research and asking around beforehand!Our features include:Search— Find nearby places, their address, phone numbers, menus, hours.user also can browse top categories and dishes such as Noodles, Seafood, etc.PlacelisGet to know popular places to eat on Placelists. Save them, or create your own!Explore Recommendation List— Discover the hottest restaurants near you.User Reviews — Read and find out about what people really think about that particular place, to help you decide whether to try or not. You can also share reviews or photos with the community.If you have any suggestions, or questions contact us via WhatsApp +628888226060 or via email
E-Waiter is an application for ordering in hotels and restaurants.
E-Waiter is an application for ordering in hotels and restaurants. Thanks to it, you can search, order and pay in a fast and safe way using your own telephone. It is simple and user-friendly. Each dish has a photo and description in several languages.There are over 20 facilities from Rzeszów in the application, we are going to visit more cities soon!Do you want your favorite restaurant to be included in the application? Offer it to us and write to us:
With our New App - Earn+Redeem Rewards, Order Pickup+Delivery and more!
Welcome to the New Tiny Bubbles App, with many new exciting features! Earn and Redeem RewardsOrder PickupOrder Delivery Access our Secret MenuAccess our Vegan Menu Send Digital Gift CardsShop and Ship MerchYou didn't know tea could be this good. Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar is serving up the fun with Award-Winning Bubble Teas, Vietnamese Coffee, Loose Leaf Tea, French Macarons and more. Owned and operated by a mother-daughter Duo. Their passion for bringing the world of high quality teas and bubble tea together creates a delicious, one of a kind experience.
It was easier to order with Pizzeria Mister Giuseppe
Meet our menu with the options differentiated with the convenience and practicality.
Algerian and Maghreb cooking recipes in your hands and without the Internet
The Algerian cooking application without the Internet contains step-by-step preparation of recipes and a detailed explanation in writing and photos, Algerian cooking without the Internet, with more than 40 ready-made recipes from the ancient Algerian kitchen specially for you.In an Algerian cooking application without the Internet, you will learn the ways of preparing olive, sherbet, garlic and Shakshuka tagine with ease through our application, Algerian cooking without the Internet, which is characterized by explaining recipes in writing and pictures to achieve 100% guaranteed results.Preparing the famous broccoli dish and dishes such as couscous, doubara and asabana in Algerian cooking without the Internet. Without hesitation, Algerian cooking without the Internet, with our greetings and wishes for a good appetite.Application content:Easy and open to all devicesIt contains Algerian and Maghreb cookingTraditional dishes from the MaghrebAnd everything new in the world of cooking
Order, pay, and earn stars.
Welcome to the Tikka Shack appmobile ordering doesn’t get much easier than this.Start by choosing a pickup location to skip the line or select delivery to have your order come right to your door. Make an Samosa-lover’s day by sending them a gift card to help them start their week off right.And the food? Tikka Shack serves up the best in Indian cuisine, while slinging samosas in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Both the dining environment and the menu have been carefully curated to captivate our guests with the aromatic flavors of India through the artful creation of blended spices. Our lineup of menu offerings provides a variety of traditional Indian dishes, as well as simplified pairings, offering options for both the newbie foodie and the curry connoisseur.TIKKA SHACK FEATURES:Mobile Order Ahead:• Order ahead and skip the line or get it delivered.• Mobile ordering from the entire menu, including your favorite Samosas, Curries, and Bowlswhatever you want!• Order now and leave a tip for a contactless way to show some love.Indian Food Makes the Best Gift:• Send gift cards instantly or..
This is the official app of Ladurée, a long-established patisserie in Paris that invented "Macaroon Parisien", which holds ganache between two macaroons.
□ ■ Laduree official app is here! ■ □It is the official app of the long-established French Paris patisserie "Ladurée" popular with macaroons and patisserie.The latest information on popular macaroons and patisseries, the latest information on favorite shops, and salon reservations.You can also enjoy contents such as original photo frames and wallpapers that are limited to the app.Shop at each shop and get a stamp!You can get discount coupons by collecting stamps.[HOME]You can easily check information on new macaroons and favorite SHOPs.[ONLINE SHOP]You can find the perfect item for gifts as well as the popular Macaron Patisserie.[STAMP CARD]You can get a stamp when you shop at each shop.You can also get a coupon when you save your stamp.* 1 stamp per day for each shop[PHOTO FALME]App-limited photo frames can be used.[WALLPAPER]Deliver original app-limited wallpaper.* If the network environment is not good, the content may not be displayed and may not work properly.[About obtaining location information]For the purpose of searching for nearby SHOPs and other information distribution purposes, we may allow you to obtain location information from the app.Location information is..
Coffee Roasted with Passion, Daily Fresh Baked Dessert & Sandwiches
A specialty coffee house serving a wide variety of gourmet coffee, sandwiches and internationally-renowned sweet delightsThrough our App, you can make orders for delivery or pick-up from any of our branches in Amman. Also you can receive points that you can redeem it in the future order.
Taomlar retsepti dasturi oshxona kitobingiz bo'lib xizmat qiladi!
100 ga yaqin Mazzali taom retseptlarini o'zida jamlagan "Retseptlar" sahifasi sizning shaxsiy mobil oshxona kitobingiz bo'lib xizmat qiladi!"Maslahatlar" bo'limda siz uchun tayyorlangan foydali va eksklyuzif maslahat va pazandalik sirlarini ko'rishingiz mumkin!Masalliqlar va tayyorlash yo'riqnomasi oynasida taomni tayyorlashni o'rganishingiz hamda yaqinlarga ulashishingiz mumkin!
Food delivery
Are you a fan of pizza? At Can Pizza we have perfected the art of dough to the point of delirium. Lovingly fermented for 72 hours to achieve the perfect texture.Our secret is in the wood-fired oven and in the fermentation of the doughs of our pizzas (the longer the better), which gives them an unbeatable crisp touch.You can also try our fried squid with lime and sage or the ‘brutal mussels’ (with a spicy finish) as well as our la santa fries to accompany them.For those who want a sweet ending, we have a selection of homemade desserts made by hand with which you can lick your fingers.
Carl's Jr.® the biggest and juiciest burgers
Carl's Jr.® the biggest and juiciest hamburgers, now available from your cell phone. Live the new Carl's Jr. ® experience and enjoy our menu at home or wherever you are. Download our app and get exclusive benefits and discounts. Enjoying your favorite burgers without going out and without queuing is now easier, faster and easier! Click and start savoring everything we have for you. Welcome to Carl's Jr. ®
Place your order through the application of Real Pizzas e Lanches!
Now you can place an order on your smartphone or tablet.Choose from our variety of products on our menu.Address: Alameda São Caetano, 1939 Santa MariaSão Caetano do Sul / SPGrades:- Merely illustrative images. Menu values may change without notice- This application was developed by WABizNegócios Inteligentes, which owns the rights to use the brand for this purpose.
Download and order now through the Marty Restaurants app!
Marty Restaurants has prepared for you, dear customers, a mobile application! Through our Marty Restaurants app, we offer you the ability to easily place an order, pay through the app and select from our many delivery options. Also, through the application you will be the first to find out about the latest offers, products or promotions Marty Restaurants. Download the application and let us reward your loyalty through our valid offers through the application. Download the Marty Restaurants app now and you will benefit from:- Easy menu view and shortcut via the application- Payment by card directly from the app- Multiple ways to taste our dishes (delivery, order picking, we meet in half, meal reservation)- You will be able to book a meal in our place directly through the application- Loyalty points that you can use for future orders- Various promotions valid only for the users of the application- The latest offersTo use this application you need to create an account using an email address.Downloading and using this application does not involve any additional costs!
Download our mobile app now and register as a member, you can easily grasp the latest discount information and enjoy exclusive member surprises instantly!
[Main functions] at a glance:Mobile membership card: Download the mobile app and register as a full member, you can check the latest member points anytime, anywhere.Member discounts: exclusive privileges for members, detailed information on the discounts, clear at a glance.Points record: Check your personal points increase or decrease record.Latest news: Provide you with various information and promotions, and receive all kinds of exciting surprises and limited-time offers anytime, anywhere.
We will deliver the order to your address
We will deliver the order to your addressHome delivery
Order your homemade food now and it will be delivered to you in 30 minutes
The application is the largest home-cooked food application in the Middle East and Africathe beginning: The application was initially established as a guide for women providing home-cooked food services, with a menu, phone number and WhatsApp, and to help those looking for home-cooked food to order their food via phone or WhatsApp.success: The application has achieved great success in the recent period. The number of application users has reached 1,000,000 users, more than 2,000,000 downloads of our applications, thousands of home kitchens, and 100,000 dishes and products.the shift:After the great success achieved by and our belief in the enormous opportunities in the home food market and our constant keenness to create more sources of income for women and help them and their families earn more money to live a better life and eliminate the problem of women’s unemployment, we have endeavored to provide the best service to the customer and make it easier for him to order home food. Health We decided to change the application’s business model in accordance with the concept of the sharing economy..
We serve better and faster
A food app that can remedy all your concern for authenticated and trusted food
Application for food delivery.
With this BUTARES app, you can:- view the menu of the restaurant- order delivery without going outdoors- receive notifications about the order status- make preorders for your parties
Tokutoku official app has been released! ! You can get campaigns and great coupons on the spot! !
We have released an official app that can be used at profitable shops.[Main functions]■ CampaignWe will deliver advantageous campaign information and new product information.■ CouponWe distribute advantageous coupons that can be used at stores.■ MenuYou can check the latest menu that you can enjoy at a great price.■ Store searchYou can search for nearby stores or stores that meet specific criteria.You can also search for SRS Group stores.■StampYou can receive stamps every time you use SRS group restaurants (Washoku Sato, Chojiro, Miyamoto Munashi, Tendon, Tempura Honpo Santen, Kazokutei), including bargain shops.You can get a great coupon by accumulating stamps.【please note】・If you cannot connect to the network when starting the application, the latest information may not be displayed, or your current location may not be displayed correctly.・When using coupons, please read the precautions carefully before using.・It is necessary to allow the GPS function to search for stores.
Neo Suki Application membership use for redeem points and discounts
Neo Suki Mobile Application offers convenience to membership as follow:- No need to present an ordinary member card- Getting latest news and updates on special promotions.- Receiving a variety of privileges and discounts.- Being able to edit personal information (excluding DOB and Mobile phone number).- Checking points on the membership system.- Being able to redeem points through the application in order to get discount in the restaurants.- Being able to check the payment history such as a dining outlet, an invoice number, the amount of payment, and points- Searching for location of Neo Suki Restaurants- Giving complaints and suggestions- Consistency in developing new updated features to meet customers’satisfaction.
This is a Utah local supermarket app. to capture more customers
This is a Utah local supermarket app. to capture more customers and a way to show our clientele our weekly offers. We are going to provide also coupons for customers to redeem at cash register and special offers specifically for the app.
Homemade food delivered to your door.

 Marketplace from home cooked food
Order home cooked food made by locals near youOn MamaFood you will find the best local home cooks and satisfy your cravings of home comfort food. Discover new cuisines and try the true flavors of different cultures with our wide range of talented chefs from all the around the world. From one home to another.* Why MamaFood? *MamaFood is an alternative to restaurants for those who are missing home cooked meals. Mama Food is perfect for people who simply don’t have the time to cook or just don’t like to. We connect you with regular people who are passionate about food and can prepare delicious meals for you. You will know exactly who is cooking your meal.At MamaFood we empower local cooks to earn money from their passion.* How to order: *Step 1: Who’s your mama? Browse the cooks in your neighbourhood and choose who will cook for you today!Step 2: Choose your mealExplore delicious home made food from all over the world!Step 3: Get deliveredGet your freshly prepared meal delivered to your door within 30 minutes—— * Love to..
Download our mobile application and register as a member now, you can easily grasp the latest promotion information and enjoy exclusive member surprises immediately!
【Main functions】at a glance:* Mobile membership card: Download the mobile app and register as an official member, you can check the latest membership points anytime, anywhere.*Member benefits: Exclusive benefits for members, detailed list of benefits, clear at a glance.* Points record: View your personal points increase and decrease records.* Latest news: Provide you with various information and promotions, and receive various wonderful surprises and limited-time discounts anytime, anywhere.
Grinders app allows you to place orders, get delivery, track rewards, and more!
Grinders Above & Beyond restaurants located in North East OhioThis app allows you to view the menu, place orders, get delivery, track rewards, load funds, and more! For more information about this app visit
Collect points and enjoy benefits and discounts at Foodie restaurants
The new Foodie Loyalty app allows you to easily collect and use points by scanning the QR code on your mobile phone screen for every order you make at any Foodie restaurant.The application provides you with a lot of useful information about novelties and special offers, and is a real link to your favorite restaurant.The mobile application is simple, easy to use and adapted to just about anyone, and at the same time it gives you insight into your Foodie points at any time.In it you can also find the locations of all Foodie restaurants in Croatia in one place.Become a Foodie Loyalty member and have your points always at hand.
Discover Italian flavors without standing in line!
Are you craving a heavenly Italian delicacy? Then all you have to do is:Order through our application and forget about standing in line.Choose one of our dishes made from quality ingredients and customize your order to your taste.Choose online payment (Bank card, Apple or Google Pay) or pay for your pre-order at the checkout.When your order is ready, you will be notified via the application and the monitor located in the restaurant, so all you have to do is pick up your favorite Bellozzo's food at the pick-up point designated for this purpose.In the end, all you have to do is enjoy the Italian flavors.Make the Dolce Vita feeling even more complete and join our loyalty program for exclusive gifts.To access the functions listed above, registration is required, which is possible by entering an e-mail address. The functions in the application require an internet connection to function and update. The Bellozzo® application can only be downloaded and used by people over the age of 16.
Easy and original recipes in French.
Welcome to our air fryer recipe app!Created with passion and without claiming to be the best, it is 100% homemade and designed to evolve thanks to your recommendations and your support.Find in our application all the content of our website, including our essential cooking guide to quickly obtain the ideal cooking times and temperatures for your meats, vegetables and industrial products. We also offer a variety of regularly updated recipes in French, classified into categories such as starters, meats, fish, sides, all-in-one meals, desserts and even a cooking workshop for children.Soon, our application will offer a discussion space to exchange tips and tricks between air fryer enthusiasts.We are also considering offering a personal space to save your favorite recipes and comments for each recipe.If you are reckless and like to create, invent and test recipes, we have provided you with a form to share your recipes with our community. You can even add a link to your social network profile to network and exchange more with other cooking enthusiasts.We are happy to share our passion with you and hope that..
The Official App of Pizzaria Duana!
Now you can place your order with much more convenience in the Pizzaria Duana app.Order directly by cell phone without complications and receive your order wherever you are.To use is very simple:1Select the products: browse the categories and choose your favorite items.2Check your order in the cart: see the items you have included.3If this is your first visit, we will need some information to be able to send your order.4Choose the payment method and finalize your order.5You will be notified of the status of your order via email.Make your wish!
Download our app today and unlock a world of sweet new features.
Introducing the all-new Heavenly Desserts app! Indulge in the ultimate dessert experience by downloading our app today and unlock a world of sweet new features.Ordering your favourite heavenly treats has never been simpler with our innovative order-to-table feature, exclusively available on the app.Whether you're on the move or savouring them in the comfort of your own home, say goodbye to waiting in line and enjoy your desserts hassle-free with our Click and Collect feature. Every time you purchase a delightful dessert through the app, you'll be rewarded with loyalty points. Stack those points like pancakes and redeem them when you fancy a special sweet treat!Discover your nearest Heavenly Desserts restaurant, conveniently find directions and check opening hours before embarking on your sweet adventure. And that's not all! You can also Shop Our Instagram to order those grid-worthy treats from your screen to your table with just a few taps.
Delivery Bambols!
The Bambols app is a convenient way to order food to your home or office! Always on our menu: burgers, starters, french fries, rolls, desserts.We prepare our dishes with quality fresh ingredients and deliver food quickly and carefully.Choose and order delicious food with delivery in just a few clicks!Evaluate all the convenience of the functionality:intuitive and varied menu,convenient shopping cart and quick checkout,choice of city and delivery zone,choice of payment method,personal account with order history,signup bonuses,promo codes, discounts, promotions,order status notifications.Download our app, place an order and enjoy your favorite food wherever you are! Enjoy your meal!
The easiest way to order your food.
Food Eat is a mobile application where you will find food from your favorite restaurants and you can order it in just a few clicks.Step 1Download the app and registerStep 2Find your favorite restaurants.Step 3Choose your restaurant, then choose your food.Step 4Choose your delivery method and your payment method.READY!
Stay organized! All stocks in the budget at a glance.
Never forget the minced meat in the back corner of your freezer! Prevent the spoiling of your goods with just a few clicks.
Download this app with confidence! Eat, travel, shop, cheap, Halal, all over Thailand.
Makan Halalguide ( We are a personal guide application for Muslim brothers and sisters. that helps to find various styles of halal restaurants, hotels, accommodation, tourist attractions all over Thailand which has been presented by the Makan team and reviews recommended by Muslim brothers who have been to those restaurants in the past, including reviews of great restaurants Halal Recipe Tips Great price promotion Meet all your lifestyles
Become a better home chef with meal planning and groceries, all in one app!
Meal planning and groceries, all in one app!Start your free trial now and get quick and easy recipe ideas aligned with your taste, dietary preferences and nutritional goals. Transfer your Kitchenful cart to your Amazon or Wamart account and checkout with Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, or Walmart pickup / delivery. If you prefer to shop yourself, simply generate a shopping list to buy your groceries in-store, such as at Trader Joe's or Walmart, whenever or wherever suits you!Save timeEnjoy less time fretting over the weekly shopping trip. Delicious recipes tailored to you at your fingertips plus integration with Amazon and Walmart allows you to combine your weekly grocery shop with any other household items you require. Save MoneyOnly select the recipe ingredients you actually need. Greater flexibility than traditional meal kits means you have full control over what you purchase.Eat BetterGet healthy and delicious recipe suggestions tailored to your preferences and goals, plus full access to our entire range of cataloged recipescovering all types of diets such as plant-based, low-carb, less-sugar, protein rich and many more. Check out our top..
Delicious pizza in a couple of touches!
We are located in Chuguevka, Primorsky Krai.In the application you can:* Check out the menu* Form and pay for the order* Earn and spend bonus points. You can pay with points up to 100% of the order value.* Leave feedback* Participate in loyalty programs* Learn about promotions, discounts, raffles
Food delivery in Lutsk
- Quick order with instant confirmation via the app.- Payment of the order with bonus points.- Current promotions and discounts.- Large selection of dishes.Developed by Foodpicasso