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Team Raoking New! A next-generation strategy game that combines 3D terrain and raid!
◀ Game introduction ▶■ BehemothBehemoth capture in a raid with up to 40 people!Capture the Behemoth that everyone envies and fears, and use it as the Alliance's secret weapon!Behemoth is the only one who can drive all the excitingly advancing enemy forces into a state of fear and control the outcome of the war in your hands!Hydra, Giant, Giant Bear, and even Flame Dragon! Turn the tide of the war with just one move! ■ Free treatmentIt's heartbreaking, but in war there are bound to be injuries.For the sake of their families, minimizing casualties and returning to normal life is one of the important responsibilities of a commander.However, there is nothing more deplorable as a commander than the limited number of people treated and the need for numerous goods.So [Call of Dragons] has decided to spare no effort in supporting the treatment of the injured!Fight to your heart's content and return with peace of mind! A treatment center with no limit on the number of people and no need for goods will welcome war heroes! ■ ArtifactIt is standard to..
Turn-based strategy game.
Our Empire Remake — it is a turn-based strategy game which has:• Various eras and scenarios.• Diplomacy.• Internal politics.• Organizations.• Economics.• Technologies tree.• Aviation and missiles.• Colonization.• Various types of troops and buildings.• Map and scenario editor.• Arcade/sandbox mode.• A simple editor of the appearance and the interface of the game.• Ability to play multiple players on the same device.• Ability to play as a spectator.The game is the official "remake" version of the "Our Empire" game.
You have been summoned to a school dormitory, but it is haunted.
All you need to do now is get into bed.What the hell is this, you might wonder? This is a tower defense game.Do you want to challenge yourself? Need to blow off some steam? Whatever you want, I can get it for you, as long as you get in this bed.
Looking for a heart-pumping racing experience that combines high-speed chases
Get ready to enjoy an incredible experience with realistic motorcycle physics, testing your riding skills in our challenges and travel thousands of kilometers in an open world.✪ REAL MOTORCYCLE SIMULATORShow your skills with motorcycles in Real Motorcycle Race. Go through the entire map at high speed and feel the adrenaline rush. Get all the real racing bikes, select your favorite character, and feel like a rider. Ready to play the update of our realistic simulator motorbike game?✪ TIME TRIALS WITH EXTREME MOTORCYCLES!Do you think you are a good motorcycle racing driver? Choose your favorite bike and put yourself to the test in fun time trials. With the realistic physics of the motorcycles, you will feel that you are riding the motorbike.✪ BEAT THE AVERAGE TARGET SPEED IN THE RADAR TESTSDon't get lost and accelerate to pass over the target speed in the radar tests. Make the radars jump by taking your bike to the extreme and get rewards for passing the tests.✪ EXTREME FUNIf you like doing wheelies at high speed, this is your motorcycle game! Have fun doing stunts..
Build territory, develop populations and protect the nest with allies.
With climate change and scarce resources, in order to survive and reproduce, as Lord you decide to find a new territory. After a long road, you have finally found a rich territory. However, this new territory seems peaceful, but behind it lies many dangers.--Beast Lord's characteristics--[Territory Construction]With the danger surrounding the territory, building a safe environment for the population and cubs is a key strategy of the development of the territory![Summon Beast]To protect and develop your territory in the best way, you need to increase the number of wild animals as much as possible, lead them against external enemies, scramble for resources and expand the territory![Mutant Beast]In order to compete for resources and expand the territory, in addition to a powerful beast army, you also need the support of mutant beasts. With a powerful combination of wild beasts and mutant beasts, your army will defeat all enemies with ease![Established Alliance]On this dangerous wild battlefield, in order to protect your own development and safety, you need to find the right allies to fight against external enemies and expand your territory!Contact usWe..
The flying snow shoots at the white deer, and the laughing book hero leans on the blue mandarin duck! The first all-world classic martial arts themed mobile game "Gunsxia Defense" is released!
The first all-world classic martial arts themed mobile game "Gunsxia Defense" is released! Integrating the heroic world of martial arts with smart fingertip tower defense strategies, famous figures from all walks of life such as Little Dragon Girl, Eastern Leader, Beggar Hua Gong, and Fairy Sister will work with you to discover the secrets of the martial arts world. The original and exciting plot will keep you going No matter how boring!"Classic world of Jianghu, join hands with legends to experience the ups and downs of Jianghu"Walking around Peach Blossom Island with Rong'er, and challenging Linghu Tang with Beggar Hua Gong. Immerse yourself in the classic martial arts world, riding horses, singing and dancing, drinking and enjoying yourself with the familiar legends!"Lay out Qimen Dunjia and use strategies to conquer tower defense mechanisms."New tower defense plot levels and ever-changing maps are waiting for you to challenge. There is no strongest knight, only the strongest strategy!"Inherit the meridians and mind methods, practice painstakingly to improve martial arts skills"Practicing secrets and mental methods, understanding the magical skills of the world, and various..
Merge PvP: Battle mages
Get ready for a game full of action, adventure and endless funMerge PvP!Mighty heroes are ready for a clash! You have plenty of cute but fearsome units at your disposal, from keen-eyed Archers and ice Mage to angry Berserkers and deadly Reaper! Merge and manage their skillsdevise a strategy around your deck’s strengths!Features:■ Real-time PVP battles with global matching.■ Become a master of strategy and deck building.■ Collect and upgrade cards.■ Season ranking events and golden trophies.■ Deep strategy! Your strategy brain won't be idle in this team fight battle simulator!Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in fast real-time battles. Ready for a fight? Rule over your team of super power HERO! Merge, Level up, and Attack enemy heroes! Start battling against players from around the world!Form your best deck of five heroes, then rush into into dynamic hero fights!Master tactics of the random battlefield sim and challenge legend royale battles.Choose unique Cards to your Battle Deck and head to the Arena for Battle! There are no “weak” or “strong” deckscollect, merge, learn to play..
Let's play with the popular puzzle-solving app
Aim to win the tournament by answering the quiz correctly!A new word game that you can play completely free!Easy operation just to select the answer. Try your brain to avoid falling into the hole!Win the battle and aim for the top ranking!*You can freely distribute and comment on this game on Youtube, Mirativ, etc. No contact required.
Be the biggest collector of mandarines for capybaras in the universe!
In Capybara Clicker your goal is to get mandarines to get upgrades that will attract capybaras so you can be the biggest capybara owner in existence!
Command troops and build tower defense! WW2 tactical battles trench war strategy
Looking for free epic tactical tower defense strategy games? Prepare for a strategic battle in the heart of World War II with “WWII Defense: RTS Army TD game”! Take command as a strategic army commander and lead your troops to victory in this war strategy game. Engage in intense strategic tower defense gameplay, unleashing a variety of troops, tanks, and equipment to hold crucial positions and repel the enemy onslaught.🔥In this tower defense real time strategy game, you’ll strategically plan your moves and capture key territories to expand your influence and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy forces. Build a formidable tower defense by deploying a diverse range of troops. Unlock powerful tanks and equipment to enhance your defensive capabilities.🏰Construct a strong defensive perimeter around your military base using an array of defensive structures, such as bunkers, tanks, and soldiers, to withstand enemy assaults. Confront waves of enemy soldiers, tanks, and aircraft as you progress through various levels. Adapt your strategies and counter their advances with precision and cunning.⭐️Immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere of World War II with..
Tactical mobile game fighting generals warriors with ultimate strength
Idle Warrior is a vertical screen general strategy mobile game with the theme of warriors with the ultimate power in legend. Possessing idle gameplay, beautiful graphics, super light capacity, the game can completely meet the experience needs of idle game believers and tactical card games. Download the game and build your legendary squad today.
Can you avoid destruction of German Army Group Center? Classic strategy gaming
This is turn-limited version of Fall of German Army Group Center 1944 (Operation Bagration) by Joni Nuutinen (by a wargamer for the wargamers since 2011)In the summer of 1944 the German Army Group Center was completely wiped out after the Red Army launched Operation Bagrationcan you maneuver Germans out of the biggest disaster on the Eastern Front?The key for the success of Soviet Operation Bagration and the resulting destruction of the German Army Group Center was the difference in mobility: The US lend-lease gave the Red Army more trucks than Germany made in the entire war. Suddenly Soviet Rifle divisions moved 200 km per day instead of just 2, any previous experience Germans had fighting the Red Army was now obsolete. Meanwhile German Army Group Center had barely any Panzer or Panzergrenadier divisions left, many units were ordered to sit tight and hold stronghold cities in spite of nearby breakthroughs by Russians, and Soviet air force and partisans limited movement in the rear areas.End result of this difference in mobility: In less than two weeks, more German men and materiel..
Realm Defense. TD Like the kingdom rush. Tower Defense TD Strategy Game
Now! 😱try our new Realm Defense game!🏹TowerMadness – Fantasy td includes game modes with specific characteristics, which is a big challenge for Defenders, who is a perfect fan of 2 tower defense gamesDefender HeroesThe best Strategy gameoffline game 2022!Like the kingdom rush, this game includes 7 basic pillars including:* 🏹 archer* 🔮 magic* 🤢 poison* 🚀 rocket launcher* 👨🎤 gunmen* 🦴 cannoneer* ⚡ thunder Defenders! Will you heed the call to defend the kingdom?Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower test and specializations!Tower Defense TD Strategy Game that where you build various towers inside intricate mazes and try to stop armies of zombie invaders that are trying to conquer our world.If you like tower defense games and shooting games, you will love Tower Crush.Tower Defense Offline game. Best td game in defence genre. Play this best tower defence strategy game. Great TD among other defence games. Defend using epic and unique towers.✅The sequel to the hit tower defense strategy adventure TowerMadness is finally here. Classic Tower Defense (TD) for those who are fond of..
Super retro video game emulator saga for android.
Super Retro video game emulator saga for android.Already supported for more than 20 video game platforms.
World Secret missions with war zone games
We recommended you this world war machines games for your adventurous journey. At first, you have to type your name then start tank shooting game. The user interface of army tank games is very simple and easy. Your opponent will also throw bombs so save yourself by aim precisely. So, killed the brutal enemies of the war machine army game. Don’t wait for the enemy platoon make your tank wars clan and attack. Accelerate your tank for deadly World War 2. Save yourself from helicopter shooting and shoot the plane to become real warrior.World War Machines Tank Battle GamesUpdate your map, missions and world war machines for tank battle which is compulsory to save yourself from enemy who attack on you. During modern tank battle destroy enemies’ tank and earn coins. Equipped your panzer by increase the range percentile of your tank shooter game. Unlock the robot war machines battlefield tank that can destroy two targets at a time. The jungle mode will give you scenery of World War 2 with full of thrill. First observe your enemy then ready..
Highly rated classic strategy board game campaign: Battle of Leyte 1944
This is turn-limited version of Battle of Leyte Island 1944, a turn based strategy game set on the island of Leyte in Philippines on the Pacific theater during the Second World War. When withdrawing from Philippines in 1942 General Douglas MacArthur made a promise: The US would be back! In October 1944 American forces made a bold amphibious landing on the island of Leyte, surprising the Japanese defenders who were expecting a safe landing on one of the southernmost islands. The surprising timing (before Monsoon season) and location (Leyte is located in the middle of Philippines) guaranteed U.S. forces easy first weeks. However, Japanese HQ made the decision to settle the fate of Philippines on the Leyte and started transporting in all the reinforcements they could spare from the nearby islands. The combat on Leyte eventually escalated into massive battle requiring U.S. to commit all their reserves to stay true to their promise.Get the full version from the store
Begin a memorable adventure that will never fade!
Unleash Your Inner Trainer! Embark on an Epic Card Battle Adventure!Collect, train, and strategize with a diverse roster of powerful creaturesUncover their hidden potential through leveling, evolving, and combiningAssemble your ultimate team, conquer challenging quests, and rise to the top! The battle for victory starts now!Enter a World of Legendary Creatures and Tactical Battles!Forge your path as a master tactician in this captivating card battle gameDiscover a universe filled with awe-inspiring creatures, each with unique abilities and skillsUnleash devastating combos, outsmart your opponents, and dominate the battlefieldAre you ready to become the ultimate champion?
Post-apocalyptic survival in the Underground. Offline RPG with Tower Defense!
Introducing an adrenaline-pumping game that combines the addictive mechanics of an idle tower defense games with thrilling RPG elements: heroes, weapons and levels. Prepare yourself for an epic battle against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies as you take on the role of a heroic train driver on a mission to survive the undead apocalypse.In this post-apocalyptic world, your objective is to navigate your fortified train through the endless waves of zombies. With each passing td level, the intensity grows, and your strategic skills will be put to the test. But fear not, for you have the power to assemble a team of mighty heroes who will stand by your side and wage war against the oncoming horde. Choose each of your hero wisely from a diverse cast, each possessing unique abilities, weapons, and stats. As you progress, unlock additional towers, add rpg warriors and enhance their skills to unleash devastating attacks on your undead foes. Upgrade your hero's level right on the train, making them even more formidable against the every monster!.Strategize your warrior placements and make use of their individual..
Wild Western gunfighter cowboy fps shooter on horse riding in west cowboy games
Wild West cowboy games with gunfighter mafia redemption shooting to be outlaw in wild western cowboy games. A cowboy life simulator Wild west gunfighter survival shooter loves horse racing in cowboy shooting games. Play multiple wild west missions of redemption shooter cowboy fps shooting on Arizona desert wild frontier lands western gunfighter will be horse racing with cowboy gunfighter shooting games. Western style shooting games to save the cowboy town in horse simulation wester cowboy game. Get excited for this western frontier lands to shoot & fight with robbers in online multiplayer cowboy horse games. A rodeo adventure of brave cowboy shooting on red dead island and wild west cowboy hunter in great bounty hunter of cowboy shooting 3d games. Western cowboy adventure to shoot the robbers & wild west survival in cowboy wild west sheriff or cowboy town shooting & horse games. Play this cowboy hunter online rpg Wild western gunfighter to fight in red dead island horse shooting & cowboy gunfighter wild western shooting game. Take revenge from sheriff bounty hunter mafia gangs in wild western gunfighter cowboy..
Experience wild crocodile animal simulator to attack forest animals in sim game.
Welcome to the wild and thrilling world of "Crocodile Game" and its anticipated sequel, "Crocodile Game 2"! Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding experience of the Animal Attack Simulator and take on the role of a formidable crocodile in the vast and dangerous swampy area. As an adventure category game and one of the best simulation games in the market, "Crocodile Game" and its family simulation counterpart, "Crocodile Family Simulation," offer you an unparalleled gaming experience. Step into the scaly skin of a "monster crocodile" as you embark on a quest to survive and thrive in the treacherous wilderness.Prepare yourself for the ultimate alligator simulator 2023, where you'll encounter various challenges and adversaries. Be sure to stay vigilant as you'll face a plethora of wild creatures, including the "Hungry alligator" and other "angry animal" opponents. The realism of this Real Animal Attack Simulation Game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Experience the excitement offline with Offline Simulation Free Games, allowing you to play this thrilling animal simulator anywhere and anytime. Discover the wonders of the untamed swamp, fulfill..
Play gunship strike air war & win gunship battle in airstrike helicopter games.
Gunship strike helicopter game gives you the most realistic gunship battle modern warfare with action-packed gunship strike offline game that will provide you with the thrill of heli war games. Let's start with air strike games offline free to enjoy helicopter strike game offline with realistic gameplay of air war games offline 3d. Gunship war offline games bring back sky warriors offline air attack gunship strike with mission bases story of sky warriors airplane games in this modern air combat jet warplane and gunship battle helicopter game. This gunship strike helicopter game gives you endless fun of gunship battle games offline and now you can enjoy offline gunship attack with this helicopter games 2023. We brought these fighter jet games with missions of air strike so develop your new war strategy of gun ship battle helicopter 3d by playing these air war games online in this gunship battle air force war games. Enjoy new modes of gunship strike helicopter game with new function of air force battle game and gunship battle helicopter game to enjoy full of thrill in gunship..
When Space Shooter meets Tower Defense
ATTENTION DEFENDERSMILLIONS OF ENEMY SHIPS WILL DIE!Kind Heart DEFENDERS is a space shooter and tower defense game set in a vibrant universe of space islands that are invaded by enemy ships. You cannot let them destroy the kind heart!Choose your plane, build your turrets, defend the heart and let the invasion begin!★ 4 super planes★ Lots of waves of aliens★ 4 types of upgradeable turrets to kill your enemies in styleTest your skills in this new game! Defend your base against countless waves of enemies while shooting from your plane!Made with the support of the Aldir Blanc Law noticeSecult-ES
Car dealer mechanic sim game 23 Try Car saler simulator 23 & car dealer job sim
Welcome to New Car For Sale Simulator Game 2023! Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Car Dealer Job Mechanic Simulator 2023 where you can take on the role of a car dealer for Car Mechanic Simulator 3D. Delve into the exhilarating challenges of the Offroad Car Mechanic Simulator Game 2023 a truly immersive and ultimate car dealer tycoon game. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of virtual billionaire car dealers, as envisioned in the dynamic landscape of Car Mechanic Simulator Games 2023. Car for sale simulator 2023 is specially designed for the lover of car dealer job mechanic sim 23 & car dealer simulator game 2023. In car for sale simulator game you can create your own car tycoon for Car Saler Job Mechanic Sim 23 & Car Saler Job Simulator 2023. Enjoy Car for sale simulator 23 in car dealer job mechanic sim 23. Car saler simulator 2023 try car dealer job mechanic sim 23 & car dealer job sim. Car dealer mechanic sim game 23 Try Car saler simulator 23 & car..
Craft, fight and become the ultimate Battlesmith in this fun strategy RPG!
Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge is a fun strategy RPG that invites you on an epic journey. Free your town, craft powerful weapons and armor for your fighters and battle dangerous enemies! Hone your tactics, acquire rare resources, create even more powerful items and conquer the opponents in various modes, including a captivating story campaign and a challenging real-time PvP arena.CRAFT YOUR WAY TO VICTORYThe game offers a comprehensive crafting system with lots of options for weapons, armor, and artifacts that can help you in battle. This system adds depth and complexity to the game and gives players a chance to hone their strategy and make their heroes even stronger. Apart from creating powerful items, you can pick and change the classes of your heroes and give them new abilities using various runes. Winning requires you to be wise about allocating your time and resources while preparing for battle. Your characters fight automatically in this strategy RPG battler, but the outcome of each battle depends on your strategy and tactics. Choose the right gear, place your heroes wisely, and use consumables..
A roguelike tower defense! Evolve Heroes to defeat enemies and win the war!
A mysterious egg with a mysterious power appears in the wilderness.🥚You must defend the Egg Heroes' castle from those seeking the ancient power within the mysterious Eggs! Egg Monster is a legendary roguelike tower defense game! A tower defense game that anyone can play with ease!Enjoy the simple controls that even beginners can useDestroy enemies with the help of the adorable silly Eggs’ advice!Transform Egg Heroes into fearsome beings by merging them. Each battle brings new strategies, destinies, and fun!Egg Heroes take to battle in a new batch each timeStrategically target enemies with different Attributes to winExperience the offbeat charm of a gameplay loop that’s anything but boringBecome a legend alongside your Heroes through infinitely different strategies. Command the Eggs summoned to battle with your own tactics and grow together!Select 4 Egg Heroes as your primary strategic core.Make the best decisions to enhance Egg Heroes and awaken their potentialUse the synergy of various legendary Egg Heroes to increase total powerAssemble Egg Heroes to create a powerful and legendary army Charming Egg Heroes!Fall for the charm of the unique Egg HeroesDiscover..