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Let's erase the costume!
English learning app, My Death Note!Let's erase the wrong place with an eraser!Let's challenge junior high school English!"My English book, I'll definitely fix it and look it over!!!"If you keep making mistakes, you'll fall into darkness! ! !Sound by MusMusSound by OtoLogic
Great Word Game with Friends!
Introducing Dice WordsYour Ultimate Word Challenge!Are you ready for a whole new dimension of word gaming? Say hello to Dice Words, the revolutionary game that blends the classic appeal of word puzzles with the thrill of dice-rolling strategy. Prepare to embark on a brain-teasing journey that will keep you hooked for hours on end!Dice Words redefines word gaming as you know it. Do you have what it takes to craft words from a seemingly random set of letters? Can you master the art of combining word skills with dice tactics to dominate the competition? Prepare to immerse yourself in the addictive world of Dice Words!Experience the thrill of challenging your mind, honing your strategy, and competing against opponents in a head-to-head word showdown. With unlimited games and an endless variety of gameboards, there are no limits to how much you can play. We believe in the power of play, and Dice Words offers you a playground without boundaries!Game Highlights:- Play head-to-head with friends or opponents from around the world.- Start with a hand of letters, then roll them like dice..
Form word from the tiles!
Rules:- Tap on tiles and form words!- Check if the word exists!- Open up new tiles!- Clear the board!- Solve all the levels!- Play challenges!- Enjoy!
Check your knowledge of Serbian words
How well do you know Serbian words?If you like to compose and guess the words in Serbian, then this is the game for you.Game features:1. Guess the word:- The rules are fairly simple. If you guess the right letter on the right spot, it shows up as green. If you put the right letter but in the wrong position, it will turn out yellow. If you choose the wrong letter, it will just show up in gray. The game gives you feedback after each try.- Once you guess the word, you can share the result and challenge your friends on social media.2. Create words:- Compose as many 5-letter words out of several randomly selected letters in a given time frame. Points are awarded for each hit. if you create all 6 words you will get bonus points.Download now and play for free!
Connect letters, Find Words and solve Crossword in a Word Puzzle game.
Find the Words and discover the joy of Word Puzzle Games! Dive into the addictive world of Word Connect, the innovative Letter Game that combines classic crossword puzzles with dynamic Word search challengesIt is a crossword and modern Word Game that offers a unique brain training experience for word games enthusiasts and spelling game lovers.Find every word! Test your IQ!⭐ FEATURES• Daily Surprise: Start each day with a special gift.• Simple & Engaging Mechanics: Discover the joy of a game that's both straightforward and delightfully challenging.• Automatic Progress Saving: Never lose your place, with your achievements securely stored as you play.• Offline Freedom: anytime, anywhere, without the constraints of a timerperfect for on-the-go or relaxed gaming.• Universal Appeal: Specially crafted for a diverse audience, this game is a hit for both young minds and adult puzzle solvers.• Progressive Challenge: As you advance, the puzzles evolve from simple to complex, offering a rewarding and stimulating experience.• Visually Stunning Experience: Immerse yourself in a game that pairs captivating graphics with serene scenic backgrounds.🔍 Dynamic Gameplay: Connect letters creatively to form words and..
Connections! A word sort game is here. I bet you haven't played it yet!
Are you a fan of word games? Are you a fan of match-3 games? Then you must play Word Sort! 😎In this innovative game, you will experience a combination of various gameplay styles. Unlike traditional word games, in addition to finding corresponding category words, you also need to sort them ✅, making it even more fun!⭐GAMEPLAY⭐1. Word Categorization: The game will provide the number of target words for each category. When words of the same category are moved and placed in the corresponding category area, they will trigger elimination 😍. The level is considered beaten when all category words in the level are eliminated.2. Progress through Levels: Each level will have multiple categories. As you progress, the types and difficulties of the words gradually increase.⭐GAME FEATURES⭐1. Swap Mechanics: Words in the game can only be dragged to empty spaces and cannot be exchanged with each other. This method puts players' mental skills to the test.2. Sorting Gameplay: Experience the satisfaction of clearing a category completely and enjoy the thrill of block elimination!3. Rich Variety of Words: With a wide coverage..
More than 800 levels in 40 different categories will challenge your mind!
Words SearchPremium: An interesting game that will challenge your mind. find endless Words with more than 800 levels of search puzzles with cool hints to help you, if you like word games this one is for you.⭐ SPECIAL FEATURES ⭐✔No Ads between levels, Enjoy playing without ads.✔NO WIFI Required: This offline word puzzle doesn’t require wifi.✔Multiple unique levels with amazing challenges.✔ Learn new vocabulary in English, Thousands of words.✔ Compatible with all devices.✔ No intrusive permissions and very little space needed (3.5 Mb)✔ Share your Word search with friends.✔ Hints: to help you if you get stuck!✔ Thousands of words.✔ Custom words puzzles.
Word Memory Games with fun puzzle and word memory, mind games for brain training
Word Memory PuzzleThis is the most amazing and one-of-a-kind word puzzle game that not only entertains but also improves your memorising skills. You play once and you will be hooked.Dictionary and Boxes Here you will find letters hanging depending on which level you are. Once you hit ‘Go’ button the letters will drop and hide into the boxes. Then once you scratch and reveal the incomplete word, it is possible to guess what word will be formed. If not, you can check the dictionary meaning of the word, thereafter you can complete the word by finding the hidden letters.Scratching is TrickyScratching is tricky, as your brain might focus on it and forget where the letters dropped. Now it is time to locate the letters and your memory will be tested. If you press the right box then the letter will fly up and take its intended place in the incomplete word. However, if you press the wrong button then it might cost you some hearts.Help Buttons (Powers)You can use spade, bomb or timer as a help button. Spade opens only..
The official Bastei puzzle app - your daily companion for pure puzzle fun!
Favorite puzzle or your favorite mix of puzzles? Then you can finally find your favorite puzzle on your smartphone with the free Bastei Crossword Puzzle app: your daily companion for pure puzzle fun.- More than 1000 puzzles- lots of new puzzles every day- Sweden puzzle- Grid puzzles- Countless picture puzzles- Easily solve tricky passages with jokers- Convenient input- Stepless zoom for a better overview- For beginners and experts- Daily bonuses to collect- No subscriptionRegardless of whether it is an easy or difficult puzzle, large or small format – all puzzles are created according to the motto: “We know what puzzle fans love!”Discover the joy of solving puzzles in a new dimension! Download our Bastei Crossword Puzzle app now and start your journey to unlimited puzzle fun!Daily Puzzles: Start every day with fresh, new puzzles. Our daily challenges ensure you never run out of puzzles.You can even find picture puzzles in the extensive crossword puzzle collection.Benefit from simple and intuitive operation. The intelligent zoom supports you so that you always have an overview. And if you don't know what to do,..
超人氣的益智燒腦游戲來了!這裏匯聚了網路最新熱梗,各種搞怪,詭異,細思極恐的關卡一定讓你停不下來! 游戲玩法: 1.仔細觀察關卡,找出任何不合理的物品與情節; 2.提交獲取的證據或者綫索,即可通關! 游戲特色: 1.海量有趣關卡,内含各種網絡熱門梗和各種時事詭異事件,等你來體驗! 2.各種奇妙搞怪的關卡層出不窮,開動你的腦筋,速速通關!
Word Journey: friends, mysteries, puzzles! Challenging word story game.
Welcome to Words Story: Word fun gameone of the most exciting puzzle stories! Beat challenging levels: guess the word, connect the letters to swipe it. Think you can solve these word puzzles?Connect the letters in the fun puzzle word game. We've prepared thousands of word swipe puzzle levels for you! And you'll beat them together with fantastic characters: skillful designer Mia and her cute corgi Peach. Have fun during your adventure, solve puzzles, crack codes and explore new areas!Travel all over the world with Mia and her friends to unravel the greatest mystery of her father’s disappearance. We’re going to visit Greece, stuck in the deepest jungle and find the legendary City of Gold.Word Puzzle Features:- Play an exciting word swipe puzzle: connect the letters to beat lots of exciting levels!- Get special rewards: guess the word and finish level to get stars!- Unlock powerful boosters to pass through the most challenging levels!- Traveling all over the world: follow the story to visit new countries and have exciting adventures;- Making friends: meet new characters on your way and watch them..
Play with friends, make them guess the taboo word by explaining it.
Taboo is a word, guessing, and party game published by Parker Brothers in 1989 (subsequently purchased by Hasbro). The objective of the game is for a player to have their partners guess the word on the player's card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.Taboo app is special because it offers many interesting categories like Bible, Basketball, Movies, Countries, Food and much more. New categories are added regularly.
Word puzzles for your relaxing time
Welcome to Winter Words, the ultimate word game that combines the thrill of crosswords with the visual challenge of deciphering words from photos! Embark on an exciting linguistic journey where your observational skills and vocabulary prowess will be put to the test. With hundreds of captivating puzzles, Winter Words guarantees endless hours of brain-teasing fun.Gameplay:Dive into the world of Winter Words and immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience. Each puzzle presents you with a vibrant photo, and your task is to unravel the hidden words within. As you successfully guess words, the game rewards you by revealing more letters, aiding you in deciphering the remaining words. Challenge yourself with an ever-increasing difficulty level as you progress through the game.Languages:Winter Words is designed for a global audience, offering gameplay in six languages. Whether you're a polyglot or just looking to enhance your language skills, Winter Words has you covered.Offline Play:No need for a constant internet connection! Winter Words ensures uninterrupted entertainment by allowing you to play offline. Whether you're on a plane, commuting, or simply relaxing at home, the game..
Swipe, Solve, and Conquer Puzzles!
🌟 Welcome to the thrilling world of 🧠 Word Master: CrossWord 🌈 – a captivating, FREE-TO-PLAY game that transforms learning into an exciting adventure! Dive into a realm where fun knows no bounds, and your vocabulary expands with every swipe.Unleash the power of your mind as you connect letters, swipe through diverse puzzles, and watch your word mastery soar to new heights. Each conquered puzzle propels you closer to becoming the ultimate Word Master! 🚀Game Highlights:Engaging Challenges: Navigate through a spectrum of crossword puzzles that start off easy and evolve into brain-teasing challenges. Can you conquer them all and claim the title of Word Master Extraordinaire? 🏆Educational Fun: Elevate your vocabulary effortlessly while solving puzzles across a variety of themes. Learning new words has never been this enjoyable! 📚🎉Hints and Guidance: Feel stuck? Fear not! Word Master: CrossWord provides helpful hints to guide you on your quest to linguistic mastery. Let the game be your companion on this exciting journey. 🗺️🤔Play Anytime, Anywhere: Whether you're on a break or relaxing at home, enjoy the flexibility of offline play. Word Master:..
Outspell is a word spelling game that will keep you entertained for hours!
Are you a word-lover? If so, you’re in the right place!In Outspell you build words and score points based on the values of letter tiles. But, Outspell has lots of fun twists that we know you’ll love!Online and offline word game, with fun twists on the classic rules! Play at levels from easy to expert.This addicting game combines the best of word searching and crosswords. Challenge yourself by finding as many words as you can in a game board filled with letters. Outspell is designed to engage your mind while providing endless hours of entertainment.
Multi puzzle game with word search and scramble. Play solo or with your friends!
WordSlayer is a fresh and exciting take on a classic genre. Infusing word search with phrase and scramble puzzles, mystic elements, and engaging multiplayer combat, WordSlayer will sharpen your skills and reward your senses.WordSlayer Features :• Many ways to playSolo and Multiplayer up to 4 players vs AI or human opponents.• Traditional Word Search or the exciting Mystic Mode where you use orbs to cast magical spells that disrupt your opponents or aid in your own word discovery.• Play to collect Tokens and then test your word recognition skills and earn even greater rewards in the Arena with the Scramble, Phrase, and Hidden Word Challenge Puzzles.• Become a powerhouse with 17 unique skills to develop. Collect points through reward chests or daily deals and climb all the way up to Level 10. • Use items to enhance your gameplay. Illuminate letters with the torch, knock useless letters out with the battering ram, or use the board crushing sword to cut those hidden words down to size. 4 Categories? No Problem.• Competitive Play with league ranks, comprehensive leaderboards, and monthly tournaments..
Play challenging crossword puzzle games. Find all the hidden words on the board
Try out our new puzzle and word game where you need to connect letters and make up words. Players can widen their wordstock and make their spelling better with the help of this logical connector and crossword game.HAVE FUNAn exciting game with beautiful graphics can help you relax and receive new knowledge. Train your brain and compete with your friends at any time. WOW: Word connect game will enrich your wordstock. Connect letters and make up words moving your finger over the screen. Find hidden words at every level!FOR FANS OF WORD GAMESAfter the moment you try our puzzles, you’ll never be bored again. What could be more exciting than solving a puzzle? If you are a fan of crosswords, sudoku, anagrams, puzzles and other logical games, you must download the WOW: Word connect game.HOW TO PLAYYou should look for words and make them up from given letters. Words could be made up as a line in any direction. The aim of the game is to find hidden words at a level and get a lot of bonuses.FEATURES OF THE..
Word Search Game
🔍🌟 Get lost in the world of words with "Word Trails: Word Search"a visually stunning word puzzle game unlike any other! 🎉✨Unleash your inner wordsmith and embark on a journey of discovery through enchanting landscapes and captivating levels 🌍. Our novel mechanics invite you to test your linguistic prowess in ways both exciting and unprecedented. Word Trails is not just a word search, but an immersive adventure that lets you relax, sharpen your intellect, and grow your vocabulary all at once! 🧠📚👀 Delight in our aesthetically pleasing game design. We've perfectly blended high-quality visuals and soothing sound effects to make your word hunting a relaxing, immersive experience. Reveal hidden words within splendid scenery that will leave you captivated! 🖼️🎶Every day, "Daily Levels" offer new puzzles. Seize this opportunity to master your vocabulary, learn new words, and challenge yourself daily. Keep your streak alive and witness your language skills blossom! 🗓️🚀Word Trails provides a tranquil yet stimulating environment suitable for all. Whether you're an experienced wordsmith or a novice looking to expand your linguistic skills, our game adapts to your level,..
Are you ready to discover the cryptic phrase?
To discover the cryptic phrase you need to find the answers to the given questions so that you will gain the necessary clues.This amazing word puzzle game can exercise your brain muscles like you wouldn't believe if you keep solving one puzzle after another.
Are your a Word Master!? Test your skills in this 3D, social, puzzle game!
More addictive than Boggle, more challenging than Wordle, and more highly rated than Words with Friends!Play Pals is the multiplayer, word connect game that has something for everyone! Whether you're a casual word swiper trying to improve your vocabulary, or a competitive wordsmith looking to test your skills against the best word search pros in the world, you're absolutely guaranteed to have a blast!👧👱👩🏾 Choose Your AvatarChoose between one of six 3D Play Pals to represent yourself while you play. Customize your skin tone, hair, eye color, and height. As you progress, you will unlock rare outfits to dress your avatar in, slowly establishing your own unique fashion style. Over a million possible outfit combinations are available in all!🆚 Create a GameChallenge a friend online or select "Smart Match" to pair with a random player of your skill level. Compete over the course of three rounds to determine whose avatar is the champion!🔗 Connect the WordsSearch amongst the word scramble by linking the 3D letter blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Swipe as many words as you can before the timer..
This is a highly difficult and interesting riddle solving word erasing ~ brain training letter erasing ~ letter game.
The game's levels are diverse and contain thousands of unique themes, and you can complete them by collecting words that match each theme. It's easy to play, all users have to do is connect and collect theme-related words among the letter blocks, making it a letter puzzle that everyone can enjoy. Also, the game time is short, making it perfect for playing in your spare time. The way to play the game is diversified, there are mainline missions, daily high-level challenges, and at the same time many game-themed skins, classic speed racing and other ways to play have been added. In the process of the game, players can not only train their brains and increase their vocabulary, but also appreciate the world's famous attractions and enjoy the characteristics of each region's scenery. You can also participate in a speed race with friends, improve your vocabulary, and at the same time share the fun of life with your friends!Game features:- There are many themes, each stage corresponds to a different theme, and you will be able to clear the game by..
Word Search Game is unscramble words. Swipe word in word tower to be word master
Are you ready to dive into the captivating word search game? Look no further! Our app offers a unique blend of word puzzles and challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your linguistic journey, our app has something for everyone.Word Crush: Crush word challenges with precision and skill in our Word Crush mode. Conquer puzzle after puzzle and become a true word champion.Word Swipe: Swipe through letters to connect and form words in Word Swipe. The clock is ticking, and the challenge is on. Swipe your way to wordy glory by finding as many words as you can.Text Twist: Twist and turn letters to create fascinating words. Unscramble the jumbled letters and watch as words come to life before your eyes. Text Twist offers a classic yet captivating word puzzle experience that's sure to test your skills.Word Chain: Challenge yourself to create an unbroken chain of words in our Word Chain mode. Link word after word, showcasing your vocabulary and logical thinking. Can you master the art of the Word Chain?Scrabble..
Harflarni bir-biriga ulab so‘z yasang
So'z boyligingizni oshiringHarflarni bir-biriga ulab so‘z yasangQancha ko‘p so‘z topsangiz shuncha yaxshiTangalaringiz evaziga bilmagan harflaringizni ochingTanga olish uchun yashiringan so'zlarni ham toping yoki reklama tomosha qilingShuningdek, rasmga olib do‘stingizdan yordam so‘rashingiz mumkinO‘yinning afzalliklari:- 2000 dan ortiq bosqichlar- Boshlanishi oson, davomi qiyinlashib boradi- Reklama tomosha qilib ham tanga yig‘ib olish imkoningiz bor- O‘ynash uchun internet bo‘lishi shart emas- Har bir bosqich birma-bir tekshirilgan va to‘g‘ri berilgan- Har qanday yoshdagilar uchun ma’qul keladiO‘yin tillari:- Kiril yozuvi- Ingliz tiliO'yinning yanada rivojlanishini xohlasangiz do'stlaringiz bilan baham ko'ring, hamda 5 baho qo'yingni unutmang. Rahmat
Dozens of relaxing word search puzzles for the Christmas holiday season
Dive into the holiday spirit with our enchanting Christmas Word Search, the ultimate word search game for the merriest season of the year! Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland of joy, challenge your mind, and discover the magic of Christmas words hidden within beautifully crafted puzzles.🎄 BIG 2023 HOLIDAY UPDATE! 🎄🎅 Double the number of puzzles!❄️ Selection preview and larger touchpoints help make it easier to select words🍬 Remove ads forever with a single in-app purchaseNOW 30% OFF🎁 More updates on the way!🌟┈┈┈┈🎀┈┈┈┈🌟🎁 Features:🔍 Challenging Puzzles: Unwrap the excitement with a plethora of Christmas-themed word search puzzles that will test your vocabulary and keep you entertained for hours.🎅 Festive Design: Immerse yourself in the holiday cheer with delightful, handcrafted backgrounds and a charming Christmas soundtrack. Experience the joy of the season with every swipe!🤶 Holiday Vocabulary: Explore a wide array of holiday-related words, from classic Christmas carols to beloved festive treats. Learn new words and expand your holiday lexicon.🕹️ User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly design that makes navigating through puzzles a breeze. Perfect for players of all ages,..
Google Play Gift Cards ( Redeem Code )
Google Play Gift Cards Is The Real Gift Code Provide For Our Customer's So Download And Check It.Google Play Gift Cards Redeem Code'sDear Friends Are You Get Free Google Play Gift Cards Redeem Code's For Absolutely Free So Try This Application For Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards Redeem Code' It's Really Good Application Try This.It's Real Or Genuine Application For Earn Google Play Gift Cards Redeem Code's Are You Get Free For Earn Please Check It.Unlimited Google Play Gift Cards Redeem Code's150+ LevelsIt's Good For Earn Google Play Redeem Code'- Simple And Attractive Game!- Complete With Your Friends And Reletive!- Lots Of Attractive Levels!- Regular Updates!If You Any Questions ?So Mail [email protected]'t Forget Give A Good Feedback.Thank You
Can you find all words?
Welcome to the exciting world of "Word Connect"! This captivating word connection game with crossword elements will not only expand your vocabulary but also provide intriguing puzzles at every level.Each level starts with a few letters and a mysterious clue. Your task is to connect the letters, create new words, and solve the crossword. Can you find the right words and unravel the mysteries at each stage? The answers may be right in front of you sometimes, but in other cases, you'll need to put in effort to solve clever puzzles.Game Features:🔤 Puzzles and Word Combinations: Develop your vocabulary by connecting letters and forming words.🤔 Mental Challenges: Each level presents a new puzzle that will test your intellect.📚 Learning and Development: Improve your skills, discover new words, and enhance your language proficiency.Immerse yourself in the exciting world of "Word Connect" and test your ability to connect letters and create words! Explore new horizons, solve puzzles, and enjoy the crossword challenge at every level.Join the adventure now and give your brain a workout in this captivating game!
Scan puzzles from paper using the camera, gallery pictures or screenshot images
* Scan *1) Capture a picture of your Word Search puzzle using the using the camera live preview or by importing a picture or screenshot image from your gallery.2) Automatic character recognition (OCR) will attempt to interpret each character in the picture.3) Manually correct and complete whatever OCR failed to detect.Search *Once scanned, you can search for words in the Word Search.The findings can be right or left, up or down and either of the diagonals.
Decoding Master: Play word game, win logical puzzles, decipher hidden messages
Cryptogram: Number & Word Puzzles — Decode, Deduce, Conquer!Get ready for a cerebral challenge — this is Cryptogram! Dive into a world where decoding meets conquest and discover logic games, word puzzles, crosswords, and so much more to ignite your mind and test your deduction skills.This isn't any brain workout. Instead, it's a challenging game where you'll decipher secret codes using symbols and letters, play puzzles and unlock new levels that will keep on testing you. Are you up to the challenges? Let's see what other exciting features are waiting for you.- Intrigue, mystery and fascinating quotes to unravel- Endless challenges, including word scrambles and logic puzzles- Gameplay that makes brain workouts fun, never boringDownload Cryptogram now and embark on a journey to decode, deduce, and conquer!
Crack the answers & match the words in this tricky trivia quiz word search game
Word Search Trivia Quiz Game is the ultimate brain training experience. That puts your general knowledge and vocabulary to the test! Play your way to the top in this Trivia quiz and word search game. While enjoying relaxing brain teasers and anti-stress gameplay. With the ability to educate yourself and unleash your inner smart player. You'll improve your intelligence and become a smarter player. You can increase your IQ level, improve your vocabulary. Relax and unwind with challenging brain teasers. Start your brain training journey today by playing Word Search Trivia Quiz Game!This brain and puzzle game will test your IQ level with tricky puzzles. Check your general knowledge so be the trivia tricky puzzle master. This Quiz Brain Question trivia game will start with easy questions. Get difficult as you answer more & level up. Because all questions are filtered with difficulty. It is the most tricky puzzle game for the trivia quiz brain lovers. Read details to educate yourself in this brain test quiz for practice. Increase your knowledge while playing this interesting puzzle brain quiz game.Experience the..
Daily Competitive Word Search
Whether you’re a crossword contestant or just an active anagram athlete, Hex Words will help you fill your day with more word finding fun!Why find only a handful of words when you can find them all? Compete in the Daily puzzle to see where you rank amongst word-wise users worldwide.Or if competition isn’t your cup of coffee, try Adventure mode! Each puzzle hides 6 related words, and it’s your challenge to find them. There’s only 19 letters on the board, how hard can it be? 🟢 Boost your brain and build your vocabulary as you connect letters in the hunt for new words! 🔵 Outscore your friends in the Daily or try your hand at one of 50+ Adventure puzzles! 🟣 No ads, no distractions. Just pure word search goodness!If you like word searches, crossword puzzles, or solving anagrams, look no further and give Hex Words a try today!*Get an extra hint a day by tapping the player icon in the Daily section of the help screen
Compose words from the letters of word by playing train your mind and erudition
Word search game in word 2023 is a modern version of the puzzle with making new words from the letters of another.Compose words, pass levels, increase the level of erudition, train your memory, and if you come across an unfamiliar word, then study its meaning.The current version of the game has many levels with different difficulty and words of different lengths. As the application develops, new ones will be added.Game Features:- Light / dark theme- widget on home screen- hints for opening letters- information about the game with the number of words, their length from and to- hintsyThe game turned out to be easy or, on the contrary, difficult, is it interesting to play or something is missing?We will be glad for your feedback and suggestions.
Challenge your mind, answer questions and find the key phrase with FunCross!
🔍 "Answer the questions, find the letters and reveal the secret password! Join the fun while exercising your mind with FunCross. 🎩💫🤔 "Each puzzle will exercise your mind! Solving the code by putting the letters together will entertain and delight! 🧩✨🎯 "Your goal is to discover the mysterious password! By solving puzzles with FunCross, you will open the door to secrets and experience the victory of your intelligence. 🔍🎉🌟 "Excitement at every level! FunCross invites players of all ages who love solving puzzles to a fun adventure. 🚀🏅🔥 "Come on! Join the world of FunCross, discover the power of letters and pursue the most exciting mysteries! 🌈✨
Brain-training puzzles
Available exclusively for Netflix members.Train your brain the fun way! Connect scrambled letters to create words that fit into a crossword-style puzzle. Level up to solve daily challenges in this relaxing, worldly brain game.When a crossword with no clues meets a word search with no grid, you get the brain-teasing fun of this puzzle game. Find words within the group of letters provided and overlap them in a crossword-style shape to complete each puzzle. Relax with the endlessly zen, letter-swiping pace of numbered levels or test your vocabulary with limited-time challenges.Features:• Play through hundreds of puzzling levels inspired by real-life locations like Brazil, Canada, Japan and more. • Find bonus words on each level to earn extra prizes.• Challenge yourself with daily puzzles that reward you with coins, power-ups and fun facts to further train your brain. - Created by Playsimple.
Do you like anime? Then try to guess their names by pictures and screenshots!
This is a great quiz for fans and viewers of Japanese animation, anime and manga! 😍 150 anime are waiting you in this application. You need to guess the anime from the picture, poster or screenshot and type its name by letters.Challenge yourself, go through 10 levels from the easiest to more difficult and guess all the anime! 😼🌟 GAME MODES 🌟In this quiz, in addition to the main game mode, there are 3 more modes! You always will find something to do.✪ The «Guess the Anime» mode. The game shows you a screenshot, you need to choose the correct one from several options of anime names.✪ The «True or False» mode. The game shows the picture and the name of the anime. And you need to understand whether this picture is suitable for the name or not. Give an answer as quickly as possible.✪ The «Arcade» mode. The picture consists of several closed blocks. The fewer blocks a player will open for giving right answer, the more points the player will receive.In these modes, you can compete with other..
A crossword that lets you learn trivia!
Are you ready to take on Tabikuro?Tabiklo offers a unique and fun experience that combines classic crosswords with modern elements. You will have the opportunity to travel all over the world and learn about different cultures! Get amazing rewards every time you solve a puzzle!Download Tabikuro now!merit:Each stage has a theme.Clear each stage and receive great rewards.The game is completely free to play.The cute graphics and colorful design will make you feel relaxed.Provides an immersive gaming experience with captivating music.No need to wait any longer! Download this super fun puzzle now and challenge your brain anytime, anywhere!Please let us know what you think. If you have any questions or comments, please use our customer service email [email protected] can contact us at.
A new and innovative game that stimulates your mind.
Rotate Word Puzzle: A new and innovative word puzzle game that is relaxing while stimulating your brain. Its wheel-lock mechanism is uniquely engaging! Perfect for keeping your mind sharp and reducing stress, the fun and original gameplay is an ideal way to learn spelling and vocabulary.Scroll the letters on the dial to find the word related to the 2 hints given.If you are a word game lover and like to play brain games to improve your vocabulary, Rotate Word Puzzle is the best choice to help you exercise your mind!How to Play:- Check the hints and scroll the dials to guess the hidden words- Find each word to move on to the next level- You can tap the “Hint” button to reveal random lettersFEATURES• Fun and easy game-play!• Original design!• Beautiful visual experience!• Unique 3D puzzle mechanic!• A variety of skins available!• Challenge your brain and build vocabulary!• Play online against friends in multiplayer mode! (Coming Soon)• A wide range of topic areas!• Available for smart phones and tablets!
Build your own crossword puzzle. Compete daily for the highest score!
Tired of the old word games? Try WORDLACE, the boss of word puzzles, a brand-new game that delivers the best of crossword’s making. Forget long waits, annoying time limits, regrets on past moves: you can drag letters anywhere on the board to make words, rearrange them, change strategy as many times as you wish until you are ready to submit your final board. No stress, you have 24hrs. And no luck either: everybody in the world gets the same letters.WORDLACE is as hard as you want it to be; it satisfies the needs of the beginners, the laid-back word gamers, and the most competitive word masters depending on how you decide to play it. You can play WORDLACE by yourself or social-play it with one or more friends as a fun daily challenge by sharing your board (with or without letters to make it more interesting). You can also play WORDLACE with a larger number of people you decide to follow, a feature you will find in the Menu Page, or play against the whole English-speaking world to see how..
Most up-to-date Answers for 4 Pics 1 Word Always visible In Floating Mode
NEW DESIGNThis app optimized for 4 Pics 1 Word App from LOTUM GmbH.You love the game 4 Pics 1 Word? And you already stuck indefinitely at so many levels?If your answer is "yes", then this app is really what you want"Which word is meant these 4 Pictures here?" To answer this kind of questions you don't have to bother your friends, colleagues and relatives anymore or wait for an update of your favorite cheats app. The "4 Pics 1 Word Solutions" app can help you immediately if you are at a lost in a wordplay.You don't need help from others, no telephone joker and you don't have to ask the audience.You can find the answers with this app without exiting your game. With the pop out mode you can use the app at the same time with "4 Pics 1 Word Answers and Cheats" to find solutions. You just use your game as usual while the "Four Pics One Word Answers & Cheats" app is started in a popup window, which can be minimized, maximized and closed.How to find solutions..
Sharpen your brain daily, with the ConnectTheWords word connections game.
ConnectTheWords (formally Connect4Words) is a brand-new word puzzle game, designed to stimulate the brain and provide a fun and engaging daily activity. The only word connection app of its kind!Test your puzzle-solving and wordplay skills and see if you can re-order our 16-square Grid into four groups of four connecting words or terms. Simply select four squares whose words are connected; do that correctly four times and you move to the next Round; every eight Rounds, you move to a new Level; each Level gives you a new Rank. Stimulate your brain, with our fun Daily Challenge. Find the word connections and see how long you can keep your ‘Daily Streak’ going (even if you only play once a day!)Every Round or Daily Challenge you play earns you more Points and more Coins. Earn even more Coins for each Level you complete. Coins allow you to buy Hints, which help you if you get stuck on a Round!Think you’ve cracked the game? We have thousands of free word Grids, and each offers a new challenge, so the game gets harder..
Word puzzle games, train your brain reaction speed, increase your vocabulary.
Word puzzle games,train your brain reaction speed and exploring mysterious underwater villages, roaming the underwater world at the same time, increase your vocabulary, and easily memorize words, starting from playing Word Ocean games, come and play with me!
Word Crossed - Enjoy Offline Games
Offline Games is your best choice for games that you can play anywhere and anytime for free.With Word Crossed, you will enjoy the best Crossword, with lots of levels and words, one of the best Crossword games for Android.All of our games are free games, so you can play them without any cost.In Word Search, you will have to swipe letters to create words that connect to each other under a beautiful design. This free game can be considered an educational game, it will help you improve your vocabulary and language skills.Off course this is an offline game, so you can play the game without internet or wifi.It's 100% free, Play Now!
A new sensation training game that solves mysteries and grows girls!
[Game outline / elements]・ Solve the mystery and nourish the girl・ As you solve the mystery, the girl evolves and changes its appearance.・ You can play for free until the end* In case you get stuck, we have a function to see hints and answers.[Synopsis]When I woke up in the morning, there was a strange object in the room.There is a letter next to the object that looks like an egg."The name is Eiri, a girl. When you solve the mystery, it absorbs the power of Hirameki and evolves. Please raise it carefully."When you were confused, a girl popped out of the egg.You have no choice but to start solving the mystery for the girl.[About Just Idea]We mainly deliver escape games and puzzle-solving games!I will do my best to deliver popular games!
The very popular word game Hangman is now on your phones!
The classic Hangman, the word game that both entertains and teaches for years, is now on your phones. Play the hangman game, which consists of 7 different categories and hundreds of words, test your knowledge and learn the words you do not know.Privacy Policy: Sayfa/privacy-policy
Unleash your word power in the ultimate crossword challenge
Welcome to our brand-new crossword puzzle game! Get ready to dive into a world of words and embark on an exciting puzzle-solving adventure. Whether you're a seasoned crossword aficionado or new to the game, our carefully crafted puzzles will challenge and entertain you. Expand your vocabulary, sharpen your wit, and indulge in the satisfaction of unraveling each clue.SPECTACULAR CROSSWORD JOURNEYSelect letters in sequence to uncover placed words within the puzzle.Use hints and clues to assist you in conquering each puzzle.Elaborately crafted puzzles at varying difficulty levels.Boost your rewards by discovering bonus words.Delightful surprises and rewards.Stunning graphics and animations.Addiction-inducing puzzles designed to keep crossword enthusiasts hooked.Prepare for an exceptional crossword puzzle experience, complemented by breathtaking nature photographs. Join us, where words will guide you to stimulate your mind with relaxing puzzles.
Word swipe puzzle with romantic travel stories.
Are you a big fan of word puzzles? Swipe the words you find and search for more! Tease your brain with more than 15,000 words categorized by fun topics. As you solve the puzzles, you'll discover the romantic travel story of Jerry and Shelly.Test your intellect and see how far you can go. More than 1000 stages are waiting for you. HOW TO PLAY- Swipe hidden words once you find them- Fill up the blanks in the story- Use the hints if you get lost in the lettersFEATURES:- Collect bonus words and get rewarded.- More than 1000+ stages available.- Offline gameplay anytime anywhere.- No network required to play.- Fun for both kids and adults.- Compare your rankings with your friend.- Touch the answer word to check meaning in the dictionary.- Complete stages to get different themes by country.- If you are stuck, use telescopes, light bulbs, or shuffle items for help.- Collect various skins by country and try them out.This game supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Vietnamese.[Guide to Access to Smartphone..
Clear the board in this engaging 3D word matching game
Introducing "Word Tile Match 3D", the immersive and brain-boosting free-to-play mobile word game that redefines your puzzle-solving experience. Embark on a captivating journey where your wits and word prowess are put to the test.✨How to Play ✨In Word Tile Match 3D, your objective is clear: decipher clues by strategically tapping 3D letter blocks. Challenge your cognitive abilities as you navigate through a world of 3D elements and mind-teasing puzzles. Your brain is your most valuable asset in this immersive word adventure.Explore a rich tapestry of 3D letter blocks, from playful elephants 🐘 to delectable cakes 🎂. Word Tile Match 3D offers a diverse array of tiles in various colors and shapes.Key Features:· Powerful Power-Ups: Access a range of power-ups to assist your quest.· User-Friendly Gameplay: With an intuitive drag-and-tap system, Word Tile Match 3D is accessible for all, making it easy to pick up but hard to put down. Strategy is your path to success.· Crafted Puzzles: Dive into meticulously designed puzzle levels, each featuring unique 3D elements that will engage you for hours.· Cross-Platform Play: Enjoy word-solving on mobile..
Unlock a World of Words: Set Off on an Unforgettable Word Search Journey!
Welcome to Word Search!, a delightful and stimulating game that stretches your cognitive abilities and enhances your vocabulary! 🌎Embark on an enthralling word-hunt adventure that entertains and educates simultaneously. Dive into endless hours of classic word-search amusement that's perfect for word game aficionados and language learners of all ages and skill levels.FEATURES:⭐ Effortless Gameplay: Simply swipe across letters to uncover words.⭐ Extensive Word Library: With a myriad of words spanning various categories, your vocabulary acquisition is bound to soar.⭐ Power-ups: Use boosters to find words when you get stuck.⭐ User-oriented Design: Immerse yourself in the sleek, visually captivating layout that’s easy on the eyes and primed for smooth gameplay.⭐ Offline Availability: Dive into the word hunt adventure anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.WHY PLAY?💡This fun word search game lets you show your word finding skills by exploring unique levels with a variety of themes. It’s easy, just search and swipe them right, left, up, down or in diagonal to earn special rewards. If you appreciate the tranquility that comes with reading, you are going to fall in love with..
Hey! Loved by All - Dive into 100+ New Levels - Start having fun now, Play Now!
WHAT TO EXPECT?1) Discover the magical world of Alphabetty Scape! 2) Join us on a fun adventure with letters and words. 3) Explore beautiful places, solve cool mysteries, and play with letters to make words!GAME FEATURES1)Vast Landscapes: Travel through beautifully designed worlds, from mystical forests to ancient temples, each presenting unique word puzzles to unravel.2)Test Your Vocabulary: With thousands of levels, each more challenging than the last, you're sure to stretch your vocabulary to its limits.3)Powerful Boosters: Stuck on a tricky level? Use diverse power-ups and boosters to help you navigate through challenging puzzles and keep the adventure going.4)Connect with Friends: Invite your friends to join the journey and compete to see who has the sharpest word skills. Share hints, challenges, and accomplishments as you progress.5)Regular Updates: Stay engaged with new levels, features, and challenges added regularly. The world of Alphabetty Scape is ever-expanding, ensuring endless word fun.6)Sleek and Intuitive Design: With easy-to-use controls and a user-friendly interface, dive right into the action, whether you're a beginner or a word game veteran.7)Offline Mode: No internet? No problem! Enjoy Alphabetty Scape..
So'zlarni toping va miyangizni mashq qiling!
Harflardan so'z yaratish va parollarni qidirishni yoqtirasizmi? O'yin sizga yoqadi degan umiddamiz. Chunki o'yinda topishmoqni yechish uchun yashirin so'zlarni topish kerak.Qanday o'ynash kerak:- Doskadagi harflarni bog'lash kerak. Agar siz so'zni to'g'ri topsangiz, so'z o'yin maydonida paydo bo'ladi, agar siz barcha so'zlarni to'g'ri topsangiz, jumboq to'liq echiladi. Har bir daraja krossvordni echishni qiyinlashtiradi.Oilangiz bilan krossvordlarni yechishdan zavqlaning. O'yin barcha yoshdagi odamlar uchun. Dam olish kunlarini yaxshi o'tkazing. O'yinni internetsiz o'ynashingiz mumkin. O'YINNI BEPUL YUKLAB OLING.So'z topish o'yini so'z boyligingizni oshiradi. So'zlarni topish uchun siz miyangizni ishlatishingiz kerak. Miyangizni yashirin so'zlarni topishga o'rgating. O'yinda bir nechaming so'z ishlatilgan. Sizning intellektingizni oshiradi.Agar siz ko'p so'zlarni bilsangiz, jumboqni hal qilish oson. So'z boyligingizni oshiring. Har bir daraja bilan sizning so'z boyligingiz va so'z boyligingiz ortadi.O'yinda bir necha mingdan ortiq so'z bor. Unutilgan so'zlarni eslab qoling. Miyangizni yodlashga o'rgating.
Test your vocabulary skills in this addictive Word Battle Game.
If you like the word search or crossword game, this newest word finder game "Word Battle" must be your best choice! Once you play this puzzle game, you won’t be able to put it down!Want to Test your vocabulary and brain skills by connecting words in this addictive word game? Show it off in this new word-based battle game available now! Word building will be really fun!Words Battle is a creative crossword puzzle game which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. It includes all the essences of word scramble games to make you feel totally ADDICTIVE & ENTERTAINING New & Fresh Look: If you like to play board games and puzzle games, you must love the clean and fresh BOARD UI for your first sight.Fun and Challenging!This game is all about Brainstorming word search. It is fun playing with your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. Sometimes finding the word is more challenging for you in this word Search games as levels go up so that you need more than one person to figure out the word. Each level of..