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Take care of your mind
With PepPsy take care of yourself and boost your well-being on a daily basis.Live serene working relationships, feel full of energy to overcome obstacles, organize your work time without stress, have confidence in your personal strengthsIt's possible!Our 100% personalized application accompanies you so that you approach the concrete challenges of everyday life with serenity and enthusiasm.Your personal data is 100% confidential and secure, only you have access to it.• MEASURE YOUR LEVEL OF WELL-BEINGA scientifically valid mental well-being questionnaire allows you to assess your level of well-being: serenity, feeling of efficiency, quality of relationships, feeling of happiness, etc.Measure your progress by following the evolution of your well-being over time by answering the questionnaire at any time• STRENGTHEN YOUR WELL-BEINGPersonalized courses with +200 tools that give you the keys to feeling better in your sneakers: be more serene, sleep better, strengthen your resilience, develop your personal strengthsPodcasts with inspiring testimonials from personalities who will tell you about their unique experiencesArticles to go further• WHO ARE WE ?PepPsy is a 100% personalized prevention solution, centered on the development of everyone's emotional and..
Mobile App for patients to make reservation to hospitals RSUD Sayang
Mobile App for Sayang Hospital patients. Provides features: Information about RSUD Sayang; Online Reservation; Doctor's Practice Schedule; Medical Resume; Bed Usage Info and Criticisms & Suggestions
Siddha Maruthuvam Mooligai Herbal Medicine, Nattu Maruthuvam, Patti Vaithiyam
Siddha Medicine (Siddha Maruthuvam) is a traditional medicine originating in South India. It is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India3000+ Siddha Maruthuvam (Sidda, Siddha, Sidha) remedy Tips. well categorized main screen to find tips. 3000 கும் அதிகமான தமிழ் மருத்துவ (சித்த வைத்தியம்) குறிப்புகளை உள்ளடக்கிய பயன்பாடு. எளிதாக பயன்படுத்தும் வகையில் உருவாக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. Features- Offline Tamil medicine app,- 2000+ tags available for easy search - Favorite option.
Youyang Complex Sports Hall all-round APP. Weekly class schedules, exclusive course arrangements and appointments, latest activity information, etc., allow members to grasp any real-time information.
●Virtual membership card: Log in to bind the membership card, and never be afraid of forgetting to bring the card!●Weekly timetable: keep abreast of the current week's timetable at any time, and never miss any changes in the course.●Scheduled courses: coaches and members set scheduled courses synchronously, clearly grasp the course time, and create an exclusive sports schedule.●Class statistics: Calculate the number of classes in real time, and know the status of appointments and deductions.●Course introduction: Detailed introduction of dynamic and static courses, understand the training items and intensity of various courses, and then choose the most suitable course for you.●Activity information: aerobic parties, health lectures, badminton play, all activity information at a glance, easy to grasp the latest news.●Venue reservation: The information of the empty venue is updated at any time. If you want to play badminton, make an appointment now!● Coach introduction: The coach information in the venue is open and transparent, and the professional skills are at a glance.●Online customer service: If you have any questions, you can directly contact the online customer service to solve it..
Track mood, stress, & energy
Galvan is the #1 mental health tracking app—leveraging AI, CBT, and rewards to help you achieve a healthier state of mind.Backed by evidence-based methods, the app uses an effective 3-step approach to help you improve your mental health.89% of app users see a significant increase in mental health awareness and over 90% see an increase in motivation for wellness-improving activities like exercise.Yep, it’s that effective.So what are these 3 steps, you might ask?1Identify 🧠You can’t fix a problem until you’ve identified it. For mental health, there is no perfect strategy to “identify” what you’re feeling, but Galvan has a pretty good one.This may surprise you, but your voice gives you rich insights into your mental health. By analyzing your intonations and pitch—how you speak—you can learn more about your wellness than perhaps anything else.After recording your voice for just 20 seconds, Galvan’s AI analyzes your vocal biomarkers and gives you an assessment of your mood, stress, and energy levels.The assessment is HIPPA-compliant, was developed by Jeff Adams (co-creator of Amazon’s Alexa), and has 13 patents issued or pending.We call it..
Monitor your blood pressure, measure and monitor your heart rate
Blood Pressure TrackerHeart Rate Monitor is a smart application that can not only measure your heart rate but also monitor your blood pressure and heart rate the most accurately.Blood Pressure TrackerHeart Rate Monitor is the most reliable, safe and free app available today. Based on the data of blood pressure and heart rate you have provided; the application will analyze and give you a useful advice for your health.Main functionsTaking only seconds for accurate heart rate measurementsComprehensive health management and monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate in a long time.Record heart rate and blood pressure readings easilyWatch your current blood pressure, heart rate data and deeply analysis with visual chartsEasily share and export your blood pressure and heart rate data as CSV files.Sync the data securely through your google accountAlerts when high blood pressure or low blood pressureMonitor your heart rate and blood pressure totally for freeCreate reminders about the time to enter daily blood pressure and heart rate data.Provides advices on how to make dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of high blood pressure or Arrhythmia❤️..
Appointment booking for Doctor consultation
Welcome to Prac360: Innovative Healthcare Appointment Scheduling solution designed to improve the patient experience and streamline healthcare operations. Our platform is focused on reducing patient wait times at medical practices, while allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering quality care.At Prac360, we understand that the patient experience is critical to the success of any medical practice. We also understand that patients want to reduce their wait time at the practice without sacrificing the quality of care they receive. That's why we've created an appointment scheduling solution that is designed to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare providers.At Prac360, we believe that healthcare should be patient-centered, and our platform is designed to support this philosophy. We are committed to making healthcare more accessible, more efficient, and more effective for everyone. So why wait? Sign up for Prac360 today and experience the benefits of our appointment scheduling solution for yourself.Keywords: healthcare, appointment scheduling, patient experience, medical practice, reduce wait times, streamline operations, patient satisfaction, innovative solution.
Music for Fitness Instructors
The music app exclusively for Fitness Professionals. Choose the tracks for your fitness class, select the speeds, and the AutoDJ creates your seamless mix in minutes!- Browse thousands of mixes created by other fitness instructors.- Create your own mix from thousands of tracks, from 70s to the latest dance anthems.- Huge selection of 32-count tracks, ideal for most choreography.- Browse tracks by BPM or class type: Aerobics, Hi-Lo, Yoga, Pilates, Step and more.- Download directly to your iPhone / iPad.Established in 2009, FitMixPro is the officially licensed supplier of original-artist music to the fitness industry. Our patented AutoDJ lets you choose the ideal tracks for your fitness class and then mixes them seamlessly, beatmatched and in 32-count format (selected tracks). Mixes usually take about 5 minutes to compile after purchase.Tracks marked “32C” are in " 32-count " or " 32 beat " format. Other tracks are available for other classes e.g. Yoga, Spin."FitMix Pro" and "Fit Mix Pro" are Registered Trademarks of Higher House Productions Ltd, Trading as FitMixPro. All Rights Reserved.
Fitness and nutrition app
Sporting Form, the best application combining sport, well-being and nutrition As an expert in coaching, our brand had to offer state-of-the-art support to all its customers.The Sporting Form application now becomes your daily partner.Whatever your personal goals, your sport and well-being application adapts according to your level and your performance. It makes it possible to adapt in real time to your needs and your difficulties and to help you remotely to achieve your objectives, even the most complex ones. ACHIEVE YOUR SPORTS, WELLNESS AND NUTRITION GOALSDifferent functionalities will allow you to follow your progress: In your application, you will be able to access your dashboard. Get in shape, create your sports routine, lose belly, work on your cardio, do muscle building, get into sport, feel good about your body, for all these objectives. Sporting Form accompanies you through various training programs, which you can perform at home, outdoors, in the gym, with equipment and at body weight.Each exercise is explained with an explanatory video (more than 500 video exercises) of the movement, the number of repetitions to do, the weight..
SkinIO is a full-body skin screening tool that helps you track your skin.
DIY skin screening that lets you take early detection of skin cancer into your own hands.Monitor and track your skin health with the help of SkinIO’s AI-driven mole-mapping technology. It’s easy to do at home with your iOS device or with your doctor in-office.How it works:· Your doctor or a trusted photo taker spends ~10 minutes using SkinIO to take images of your skin. It’s as simple as taking photos with your iOS device.· Those images become part of your digital skin health record. You can review your SkinIO images in-office with your doctor, or have the images you take at home securely sent to an expert dermatologist for review. You will receive your results in a few days, letting you know whether a follow-up is recommended.· SkinIO's AI technology tracks changes in your skin over time, so your digital skin health record becomes a living resource for you and your doctor.Proactively tracking changes in your skin over time is the best way to detect skin cancer early. Get started today with SkinIO.SkinIO results are NOT a substitute for medical..
Learn detailed taekwondo techniques, kicking, striking, defending and drills
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and combat sport, very useful for self-defense and to take care of health while exercising.Learn about basic, back, intermediate and advanced kick techniques in taekwondo, martial arts techniques, classified by level of difficulty and explained through online videos organized to learn quickly. New taekwondo techniques will be added to improve the learning of this martial art.Various videos with training routines, stretching exercises, agility to be able to perform kicking and self-defense techniques in taekwondo correctly, these training routines will make your body more fitness, agile and flexible. The trainings are classified into:* Technique exercises: To learn the movements of this martial art.* Skill exercises: To have more flexibility, agility and balance.* Bodybuilding exercises: To strengthen the body, burn calories and look good.This taekwondo app and its training routines focus on the attack, speed and strength of the legs and feet, the workouts strengthen the legs, buttocks, calves and abs mainly.If you want to have toned legs, butt and abdomen, taekwondo and martial arts help a lot to achieve a functional and aesthetic fitness aspect..
Brand new X-Group app!
"Welcome to the X-Group members app! Download our app to plan and book your fitness classes. At the click of a button, you can view class schedules, sign up for classes and even invite a friend to join you! With the app, you’ll keep in touch with X-Group staff and coaches, receive notifications, news and reminders. After setting up your personal profile in the app, you'll be able to easily renew your membership, purchase X-Group merchandise and connect with other X-Group members. Download the App today!This app is powered by Arbox, the leading fitness management platform for fitness and wellness businesses.Visit for more information."
Do you Rumble?
Rumble is full-body group fitness for all levels that delivers serious results. You'll walk into a fun, high-energy class setting and you'll walk out sweat-drenched and maxed-out with an endorphin high like none other.APP FEATURES:Personalized Home Screen- Your home screen highlights the information most important to you- View upcoming classes- Set weekly goals and monitor your class dataBook Classes- Filter, favorite, and book the perfect class at your home studio - View your upcoming classes in our in-app schedule and manage purchases- Is your favorite trainer 100% booked? Join the waitlist and get notified if a spot becomes available- Explore our interactive studio map to find your nearest Rumble studioWorkout Tracking- Connect your Apple Health app so you can view all your progress in one convenient place
LAGO CLUB app: haal het meeste uit uw training, zowel binnen als buiten de club.
LAGO CLUB app: haal het meeste uit uw training, zowel binnen als buiten de club.CLUB: Ontdek alle diensten die uw club te bieden heeft en kies wat u het meest interesseert. MIJN BEWEGING: Hier vindt u uw trainingsprogramma, wat u heeft gedaan, uw geboekte lessen, uw Challenges waar u aan mee doet en andere activiteiten binnen bij LAGO CLUB.RESULTATEN: Bekijk uw resultaten en monitor uw vooruitgang.Train met de LAGOCLUB app, verzamel MOVEs, en wordt elke dag actiever. Geniet van de beste ervaring met Technogym apparatuur door de LAGO CLUB te gebruiken om in te loggen op apparatuur via Bluetooth, NFC of QR code. De apparatuur zal automatisch inloggen met uw programma en uw resultaten zullen automatisch worden opgeslagen in uw “Mywellness” account.Registreer MOVEs handmatig of synchroniseer met andere apps zoals Google Fit, S-Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag en Withings.Waarom de app LAGO CLUB gebruiken?Zie in één oogopslag wat LAGO CLUB u te bieden heeft: ontdek in de club omgeving alle programma’s, groepslessen en Challenges die uw club aanbiedt.Een virtuele coach die u begeleidt tijdens uw training:..
Pulse and blood pressure app to check blood pressure & heart rate, bp health app
Are you concerned about maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and improving your overall well-being?Introducing our Bp App: Blood Pressure Tracker, a cutting-edge and user-friendly mobile application designed to help you track, manage blood pressure data.With its comprehensive features and easy-to-use interface, this blood pressure log app has been satisfying millions of global users. The check blood pressure app offers a wide range of features to help you stay in control of your health, including:🌈 Daily blood pressure tracker- Fill in blood pressure information according to 3 values: Systolic (systolic blood pressure readings), Diastolic (diastolic blood pressure readings), and Pulse (heart rate measurements).- Quickly and conveniently record your blood pressure readings, along with the date, time, and any relevant notes.- Log pulse and blood pressure 🌈 Know your BP condition- Analyze according to the data you entered to see if your blood pressure is high or low🌈 Data Export:- Easily export your blood pressure data in various formats🌈 View history check blood pressure and heart rate🌈 Easy to record blood pressure🌈 Friendly interface🌈 No internet required for blood pressure checkerBy using..
for Body Karma Soul customers
If you are a client of Body karma soul fitness studio, you can be mobile with this app. Install it on your phone and you can:- always have information about your services (subscriptions, deposits)- sign up for individual and group classes on your own- reserve club resources, such as: courts, halls, fields- have a reminder about reserves- create routes to the club, see the time it will take you to get to the club- You may not carry a club card with youWith the help of the program you can identify yourself in the club- to always be aware of the latest events of your fitness club- if you are a client of a network fitness club, you will be able to see the loading percentage of each of the network clubs and plan visits based on this indicator
Alkaline diet app offers healthy diet plans and food charts for weight loss.
Are you planning on starting an alkaline diet? We have a perfect solution for you. The Alkaline app combines the perfect alkaline recipes and diet food charts to get you fit and healthy. Alkaline food recipes can be an essential part of your healthy life as they can increase metabolism. Alkaline food app consists of carefully picked healthy recipes that are low acidic-ash alkaline recipes. Healthy diet plans can bring great change to your lifestyle. As the alkaline diet app helps you to control pH levels and aid healthy weight loss.A fast weight loss diet plan can help you follow a healthy lifestyle, check ph levels, blood sugar, acidic and alkaline foods, etc. The alkaline app also provides access to diet planners for fast weight loss with an easy alkaline foods list.Diet recipes for free contain a complete list of diet meal plans to lose weight in 28 days. Alkaline recipes are personalized for you based on your health conditions and acidity. A plant based diet can efficiently control your acidic intake. Alkaline diet app free also contains vegetarian recipes..
Healthy meals, healthy life!
We are provide healthy meals with the most important nutrients, and also focusing on the quality and taste of the food provided our customers to gain their confidence with us.You can subscribe and view the packages easily to choose your favorite meals of our varied recipes and offers by downloading the application.We use health kit app to be able to know how many steps did you walk and calories so that you can gain more rewards and upgrade your life style.
This application is a crisis monitoring tool for your dog or epileptic cat.Thanks to the stopwatch button, you can simply record the duration of a crisis and then add all the necessary details.Crises are presented in the form of a dashboard (calendar) or in graph form. You have access to the history of crises. It can be printed or sent directly to your veterinarian.You can also view our articles and tips on epilepsy at any time.
Women over 40... It's time to take back your life!
Women over 40It's time to take back your life. Join the Cara Fitness method and find your mojo.Lose weight, tone up, lose belly fat & reignite your energy levels! Cara Fitness Premium Plan monthly or as a 3 month subscription1. Follow a proven step by step program with the daily plan2. Set your goals and track your progress 3. Get the real time 15 minute workout library4. Join the monthly challenges. We go through it together as a team5. Find your calm with our quick meditations6. Stretch & flow to give you back your flexibility7. Midlife Mayhem for all things midlife, perimenopause & menopause. 8. Weight loss & hormone balancing nutrition & recipes9. Specific courses including Golden Power beginner 10 minute workouts10. Join the Cara Fitness community and find women just like you!Cara Fitness Basic monthly1. Get the real time workout library2. Set your goals and track your progress 3. Join the Cara Fitness community and find women just like you!LET'S DO THIS!Download the app for free today!
AI driven app for Psoriasis helps users track, manage and care for Psoriasis
Beat- Psoriasis is one of its kind Artificial Intelligence-based free app for users exclusively created with a purpose in helping people suffering from Psoriasis and their caregivers. Download the app for Free comprehensive and effective management of psoriasis. Note: The app is dedicated to patients who have already been diagnosed or know that they suffer from Psoriasis and not intended to confirm or diagnose Psoriasis. This app leverages AI technology in enabling effective chronic skin care managementThe user-friendly design of beat-psoriasis allows the user to evaluate the skin image providing the severity rating of psoriasis in just a couple of mins. The app is crafted in a way which not only provides the best way to manage psoriasis but also to get timely and care and monitoring from their own Dermatologists. Now that makes beat psoriasis a complete package of psoriasis management and clinical care in your pockets accessed from your finger-tips. App Features Care Plan: One of the most exclusive features of the app •Keep track of which treatment you use and how often you use them. •Select from..
Pedometer, keep track of your daily steps
StepFortune is a user-friendly app that enables you to monitor your daily steps and calories burned. The app presents this information in a compact and easy-to-read graph. 🚶♀️🚶♂️- StepFortune is completely free! You can enjoy all of its features without any hidden fees.- Tracking your daily steps is effortless with StepFortune's convenient start, pause, and reset features for the step counter. - The best part? You don't need any wearable devicejust your mobile phone. 👍StepFortune's simple step counting interface is designed to provide an exceptional user experience. Download the app now and start tracking your steps! 🎁
Take your spin training to the next level with advanced visual analysis
Power Zone Plus provides advanced visualization of your Peloton ride dataSet monthly, annual, or custom goals by mileage or number of ridesSee all of your personal bests, favorite instructors, and FTP progressPower Zone Plus is a companion app designed to enhance your Peloton experience but is not affiliated with Peloton in anywayYou must own the Peloton, ride data is not available for app users.
All in one Meditation app with Counter, Relaxing Meditation Musics & Breathing
Meditation counter is a wonderful meditation app to practice all kinds of meditation. This app has features like Mathra counter, breathing ( Pranayama) exercises with guided voices and beautiful relaxing musics, Meditation timer etc that serves as a starter pack for the people who start their journey with Meditation.
App offers techniques for mindfulness using self-hypnosis/meditation techniques.
This app offers tools and techniques for personal and professional mindfulness using self-hypnosis / meditation techniques. Guided meditation is a simple way to leverage your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and increase your potential! In addition, it offers soothing meditation music, sounds and breathing techniques.Your mind is your most priceless asset—it holds the key to your ultimate success and happiness. Like any valuable belonging, your mind requires care and attention in order to function at its optimal level.Get ready to update your internal software for success with Ricky Kalmon’s App! Ricky will be your personal mindset coach as he guides you through simple techniques and topics that resonate with you! Turn your best of intentions into action and results!Choose to Be Less Stressed!Choose to Sleep Better!Choose to Be Optimistic!Choose to Be Remarkable!Choose to Be Happier!Choose to Change the Way Your Think and You Will Change Your World!Ricky Kalmon is a mindset expert, motivational speaker, and celebrity hypnotist who delivers high-energy and motivational keynote programs. His programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development...